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The month of May makes me hyperventilate.  Once the calendar flips to May 1, emails start flyin’, and we can expect the following: end-of-the-year sports tournaments and banquets, class parties, dance recitals, field trips, and the much-anticipated teacher-student conferences. That’s just for the kids. For the adults, there’s Steeplechase, spring weddings, outdoor dinner parties, a ton of pay-for-play parties to choose from, and don’t forget graduations.

For  many of us, we just want to surrender, pull every livin’ hair out of our scalp and say in unison, “Shoot me.”  But wait, before we load the Smith & Wesson, just say instead – “Takeout.” Takeout tonight. Takeout tomorrow.  The only way to navigate the month of May is to give up some of our daily rituals, and I suggest we start with making dinner for the family. Let it go ladies. Just give it up for 31 days.

So in order to survive May, here are some of my favorite takeout places in Nashville. I hope you enjoy them!

Zoes Kitchen-This eatery in the Hill Center offers plenty of food at a great value.  Both Liza and I love the family meal of chicken kabobs, rice and salad.   For about $25 dollars, you get eight kabobs, rice, pita bread and a huge Greek salad.  It easily feeds a family of four.     Zoes offers three other types of family meals to go:  Roll-up combo dinner, Greek Chicken Marinara and Grill Chicken dinner. In addition, you can grab their take-home tubs of chicken salad, pasta and tuna.  If you want to try a great sandwich while you’re there, their grilled pimento cheese is divine, and there’s not a more refreshing drink than Zoes freshly squeezed limeade.

Seriously, the chicken kabobs have great flavor and are quite filling.

Zoes salad–more than enough for a family of four.

Lazzaroli’s- For under $40, I was able to feed my family an incredible meal of homemade ravioli, fresh baked bread and two types of sauces.  This quaint shop is owned by Tom Lazzaroli and located in Germantown.  The case of homemade raviolis (most of which have been made that day) is plentiful, with selections such as beef short rib and Chianti, black truffle and Marscarpone and goat cheese and pear.  I chose a safer combination of spinach, four cheeses and roasted vegetable ravioli since my kids’ palates aren’t highly evolved (yet).  Lazzaroli’s had an assortment of sauces, fresh baked breads, pastas, cheeses, and prepared ready-to-pop-in-the-oven items like spaghetti and lasagna.  For the real foodies out there, Tom makes fresh mozzarella every Saturday.  If you’ve been to the Mad Platter, go past it to 5th Avenue and take a left.   Lazzaroli’s is located a block down on the right.

In addition to homemade pasta and ravioli, Lazzaroli’s has all the fixins’ for a great Italian meal.


Corner Market- When we said good-bye to the Corner Market on Highway 100, we said good-bye to one of Nashville’s beloved institutions.  Emily and Jim Frith’s eatery was way ahead of its time with its incredible selection of olive oils and cheeses, as well as their take-out offerings of sumptuous beef tenderloin, salmon, twice baked potatoes and soups.

Emily serves up a scrumptious poached salmon

Twice baked potatoes, roasted veggies and stuffed peppers-oh my!


So, it is wonderful to find that they have re-opened Corner Market for take-out foods at a new convenient location at 850 Hillwood Boulevard (at the corner of Hillwood and Charlotte, on the way to Costco).  They are housed in a small strip center anchored by Baskin Robbins and adjacent to another fabulous Nashville institution, Dessert Designs.   On a recent visit, I picked up a curry squash soup, Emily’s world-famous toasted sesame vinaigrette salad dressing and a just-from-the-oven tomato-basil mozzarella  pie.  In Corner Markets’ case, you can find plenty for a gourmet takeout dinner: planked salmon, roasted asparagus, deviled eggs and a multitude of salads–everything from chicken salad to artichoke and rice.  I don’t know about you, but I am tickled pink to have Corner Market back in the neighborhood.

Women of Nashville unite. Let’s declare the month of May National Takeout Food Month.  Flee from your kitchens, enjoy a truly jammed packed month and say “ Amen!” when we flip the calendar to June 1st.




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