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We have watched our city flourish into a culinary mecca that has made a name for itself through creative dishes, hot chicken, specialty cocktails, fresh, local ingredients and coffee shops with that oh-so-Nashville hipster feel. With a plethora of dining options at our fingertips, we still find ourselves making dinner plans and thinking, “Pizza, please.”

In true Nashville style, the restaurants below have taken an American classic and added a twist. From pizzas that will make you feel as if you are tucked away in a small Italian town, to thin crust, foldable New York-style pizza, and pizzas with creative toppings such as eggs and figs, the list below is a curated selection of our favorite pies from our favorite pizza joints across town:

A Little Slice of Italy

The Fig and Pig, Pomodoro East

The Fig and Pig pizza at Pomodoro East screams ITALIA, with a twist. Handmade and baked in their wood-fired oven, it’s piled high with prosciutto, figs, jam, goat cheese, mozzarella, balsamic and dressed arugula — an interesting blend of flavors that creates the perfect balance of sweet and savory.

List of the 22 best pizzas in nashville

The Fig and Pig at Pomodoro East

Bianca, Porta Via Ristorante e Bar

This White pizza from Porta Via Ristorante e Bar leaves out the tomato sauce, but we can assure you that there is no lack of flavor. With prosciutto crudo, arugula, shaved Parmigiano-Reggiano, mozzarella and extra virgin olive oil your taste buds will ignite and you will be transported t Italy.

List of the 22 best pizzas in nashville

Bianca Pizza at Porta Via

Salsiccia, Bella Napoli Pizzeria 

Each weekend, we wait to see the creative Pizzaiolo Egidio’s Specials at Bella Napoli but we can never stray from our favorite: the Salsiccia pizza. All ingredients are imported from Italy to create an authentic Neapolitan style pizza. Fresh mozzarella, homemade Italian sausage, broccolini and fresh garlic give the Salsiccia an authentic, Italian flavor.

List of the 22 best pizzas in nashville

Salsiccia | Image: Bella Napoli

Pizza Tradizionale di Napoli, Desano Pizza Bakery

Desano Pizza Bakery will take you on a trip to Naples for the small price of $15 (for a small) or $22 (for a large). Try the Nashville-famous ‘Desano Pizza.’ It comes piled high with sausage, peppadew, garlic and buffalo mozzarella and speaks to the Napoli flavor that Desano’s captures in each pizza.

List of the 22 best pizzas in nashville

Desano Pizza | Image via: Desano Pizza Bakery

Best by the Slice

The Last Request, Mafiaoza’s

All Mafiaoza’s pies are cooked in the traditional brick oven and can be customized to your liking, even individual slices (great for a group of picky eaters). Choose from their large array of toppings, or go for one our favorites, The Last Request. This comes with all the best toppings: black olives, extra cheese, pepperoni, salami, Italian sausage, portobello mushrooms, sun-dried tomatoes, garlic, green peppers, red onion and jalapeños.

List of the 22 best pizzas in nashville

The Last Request | Image via: Mafiaoza’s

The Gladiator, Joey’s and Manny’s House of Pizza

The Macca brothers gave us not one, but two New York-style pizzerias, which serve up fresh, family made pizza which you can get by the slice. Manny’s House of Pizza and Joey’s House of Pizza share recipes that were handed down from their Sicilian grandma. Manny is serving up whole pies and slices downtown in The Arcade and Joey is treating the folks on Elm Hill Pike to similar pies and slices packed with flavor. Try a slice with your favorite toppings — we like the Gladiator!

Gladiator | Image: Joey’s House of Pizza

A Taste of New York

Woodstock Classic, Five Points Pizza

Nashville meets New York at this East Nashville pizza joint. We like Five Points’ thin, hand-tossed crust accompanied by fresh toppings. The Woodstock Classic has a base of hand-crushed plum tomato sauce and house shredded mozzarella and is topped with mushrooms and pepperoni.

Woodstock Classic | Image: Five Points Pizzas

The Kitty, Two Boots Pizza

Two Boots Pizza really touches the heart of Music City with “The Kitty Pizza” (pictured below, right). The Kitty pizza is topped with Hattie B’s Hot Chicken, blue cheese dressing, jalapenos and served with a side of pickles to give this New York-style pizza a little Nashville flair. While they serve whole pies, we love to pop in and see which slices they are serving up.

List of the 22 best pizzas in nashville

‘The Kitty Pizza,’ on the right, is a tribute to all things Nashville. At Two Boots Pizza 

More Cheese Please, NY Pie Nashville

NY Pie Nashville is the real deal New York pizza joint. The signature, fresh, homemade dough is tossed daily into a thin and crispy crust and thrown into the brick ovens, resulting in the perfect pie. While their menu has creative, original pizzas, we like to stick to the classic NY Cheese. NY Pie’s fresh sauce, made from imported Italian tomatoes, and the premium grade mozzarella cheese make this pizza a true work of art. Okay, sometimes we add the sliced sausage when we’re feeling the need for meat!

List of the 22 best pizzas in nashville

Cheese Pizza | Image: NY Pie Nashville

The Deepest Dish

Meat Lover’s Capone, 312 Pizza Company

312 Pizza Company is an Italian-American pizza joint in Germantown that pays homage to the beloved Chicago-style deep dish that we have all grown to know and love, but haven’t actually seen in Nashville. This is it — meat lovers rejoice! The Capone is topped with sausage chunks, pepperoni, Italian beef and bacon making every bite a meaty, magical moment.

Meat Lover’s Capone at 312 Pizza Company


Belly Ham Pizza, City House

City House creates delectable dishes and ensures that each bite is packed with fresh, Italian flavors. Gather some friends and delve into the pizza topped with house made belly ham, mozzarella, Grana Pandano, oregano and chilies. And, don’t forget to add an egg.

Belly Ham Pizza at City House. Image: Rock City Eats

Fresh Veggies, Nonna Pizzeria & Wine Bar 

Tucked away beside Caffe Nonna in Sylvan Park, Nonna Pizzeria & Wine Bar is serving up wood-fired pizzas with creative toppings. In a world of gooey cheese and heavy meats, Nonna Pizzeria offers a refreshing take on pizza. Atop a crispy, paper-thin crust, veggies take the center stage on their 10-inch pies. Fresh banana peppers, tomatoes, spinach feta and olives make a delectable combination.


Vegetable Toppings | Image: Nonna Pizzeria & Wine Bar

Farmers Market Fresh, Bella Nashville

Bella Nashville is open Tuesday-Sunday at the Nashville Farmer’s Market inside the Market House from 11-3 p.m. We love all the pies cooked inside wood-fired ovens and we always have to try the weekly, seasonal pizza that includes a local meat and vegetarian option. Added bonus: each pizza is paired with a house-blended soda.

List of the 22 best pizzas in nashville

Always fresh at The Nashville’s Farmer’s Market. Image: Bella Nashville

LT Pig Pizza, Lockeland Table

Pig out at Lockeland Table with their wood fired Pig Pizza. The combination of Italian crushed tomato, house-made sausage, pancetta, pepperoni, ham, house-smoked mozzarella and pepperoncini, is one that we previously had not tried and will now never forget.

List of the 22 best pizzas in nashville

Pig Pizza | Imag: Lockeland Table

Pepperoni, Amerigo

Amerigo‘s extensive menu offers hearty, Italian dishes that blend modern American flavors and traditional Italian character. The Pepperoni skyrockets way above average with the addition of roasted red bell peppers and gourmet mushrooms atop the thin, crispy crust, savory sauce and gooey cheese.

List of the 22 best pizzas in nashville

Pepperoni Pizza at Amerigo

Easy and Delicious Pick-Up Pies

Margherita, Castrillo

The dough on Castrillo’s pizzas was once described by a friend as “ever so soft and delicious” and truer words have never been spoken. For 13 years, Castrillo’s has been whipping up pies that are available for pickup or delivery from their two locations at Riverside Village and Sylvan Park. Order up the Jordan pizza, a community favorite.

Jordan | Image: Castrillo’s Pizza

White Pizza, Coco’s Italian Market

Coco’s Italian Market continues to introduce the community of Nashville to the culture of Italy. Plan a family night and pick up their White Pizza — made with smooth ricotta and garlic and topped with mozzarella cheese, tomato slices and oregano — and enjoy a real Italian culinary experience.

List of the 22 best pizzas in nashville

White Pizza | Image: Coco’s Italian Market

Best with a Side of Entertainment

Good ‘Ole Pepperoni, Pizza Perfect 

With locations in Hillsboro Village and Bellevue, Pizza Perfect has become the perfect joint for delicious pizza and family fun. In addition to offering laser tag and a game room, their pizzas are handmade and baked-to-order. The Specialty and Deluxe pizzas are topped with some scrumptious meats and veggies, but sometimes we like to sink our teeth into a good ‘ole pepperoni pizza, and Pizza Perfect knows how to satisfy us.

List of the 22 best pizzas in nashville

Pepperoni Pizza | Image: Pizza Perfect

Thanks to Mafiaoza’sTwo Boots Pizza312 Pizza and Castrillo’s, all the gluten-free folks out there can enjoy a piece of some of Nashville’s best pizza pies.

List of the 22 best pizzas in nashville

Pizza selections at Two Boots PIzza

Did your favorite pizza make the list? If not, email us so we can check it out. My goodness, one little office can only eat so much pizza, so suggestions, delivered nicely, are always welcome! [email protected]

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