As the days slowly but surely get longer (hello, again, 5 p.m. sunshine!), we’re on the lookout for any and all ways that we can free up even just a few more minutes so we can truly feel present with our friends and family and enjoy that precious time after work and on the weekends. Enter: these three unique services. These are ones we’ve recently discovered or consistently lean on to keep us from running around frazzled in our free time. Services like these that can help better allocate our time so we can focus on the things in life that truly matter. Hope you find them useful, too!

3 Nashville Services That Make Life Easier


Filling up our car with gas all-too-frequently gets pushed down and down and down on the to-do list until the last-minute scramble to find a nearby station when the indicator finally hits empty. Mitigate this issue evermore with Yoshi, a company that brings the gas to you.

While it’s not new to Nashville (Music City was one of its very first launch cities in 2015!), it’s a service that’s gaining awareness and can save you some time and, believe it or not, some money. Through its incredibly user-friendly app, users are able to request weekly gas fill-ups to their car, as well as add-on services like a car wash, tire pressure check, oil change and more. The Yoshi team will come to you — whether that’s at work or at home — and service your car. They source the lowest-priced gas in town, partnering with ExxonMobil, and they also offer special discounts and promotions.

The entire process is mobile-operated. The team communicates with you via text to set up appointments, and the app will keep you posted on the status of your car service. Imagine those mornings you find yourself on empty, late for a meeting and crossing your fingers to pull into the parking lot without running out of gas (surely, it’s not just me). Instead of returning to your car to scramble to a nearby station, you arrive to a full tank and, if you’d like, a clean car. That alone is worth the subscription!

Yoshi also works with employers to keep their employees moving by offering two different packages, both at discounted rates, that offer employees the chance to use Yoshi through their workplace. Arriving to the office and servicing the cars at once, it can be a huge added benefit for employees.

The service costs $20 per month, and they’re currently offering your first month free. From there, users are able to add on additional services, like car detailing, windshield wiper replacements, oil changes and more. Each service added on, applies a discount to the price of gas – a true win-win!

Yoshi’s gas delivery service is the life-saver we didn’t know we needed!


Each of us has used a convenient app-based service for deliveries at one time or another. With Kroger Clicklist, we can get our groceries dropped at the door, and with Postmates our favorite Thai food from across town can arrive in minutes. However, there have been a few occasions when our favorite adult beverage has run dry, and we have found ourselves in need of an alcohol delivery. Whether we forgot to restock our collection of “hostess wine” to take to a party or what was intended to be a quiet night turned into a wine-fueled game night with friends (it happens!), on more than one occasion, we could have used the service.

And, apparently, others have had that need too.

Now, we have Drizly. This alcohol delivery service delivers your wine, beer and liquor straight to your door. The company was founded by three Boston College graduates after the realization that you could essentially have anything delivered to you, anytime … except for beer. With an obvious gap in the market identified, they set out to fill it.

The app-based service is now available in cities across the United States, including Nashville, and delivers booze (and even other party supplies like cups, snacks and wine openers) in an hour or less. Uniquely, the company does not take a cut from the orders themselves or tack on markups to the products sold. Instead, they charge the liquor stores a monthly fee to stay on the app and rely on advertisers for profit. So, you can feel confident that you’re not just receiving convenience, but also the best price possible.

So, next time you find your liquor cabinet empty and there’s food in the oven, rely on the ease of Drizly (instead of calling your guest who, let’s be honest, is probably running around themselves!).

Drizly orders can arrive at the door in as little as 30 minutes!

The Blowout Co.

Blow out services are no secret anymore. We’re loyal fans, setting aside time when we can to head over to The Blowout Co. Not only are they great for dolling up for a special occasion, but they also save us a little time getting ready in the following mornings. They are an indulgence we love to enjoy when we have the time!

However, we just learned a little hack that we’re excited to try. The Blow Out Co. will come to you! Instead of battling traffic, or setting aside several hours to get to and from, you can set up an appointment to have one of their stylists meet you at home. Whether you need a simple blowout, a full makeup application or even some amazing braids (have you seen what they can do?!), their team is happy to come to your home and simplify the whole process.

The house calls cater to needs of all kinds. Of course, here in Nashville, the stylists are always available for groups like bridal or bachelorette parties. But what we really love is that they also accommodate smaller, simpler requests. Moms who have the kiddos at home and can’t leave, or women who are working with time constraints can set up a house call (with as little as two days notice during the week!) to have a stylist come to them to primp for an important event, a date night or just a few moments of self-care.

Bring the blowout home! Image: The Blowout Co.

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