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Like many women, when Alexis Jones became a mother, everything changed — wants and needs, of course, but also how she shopped. “I had never been a big online shopper until I was a new mom,” Alexis tells us. “I quickly realized that returns were not fun.”

A former nurse, Alexis always loved helping people, and her business, Noted, does just that. Launched in August 2021 as a solution to her distaste for the inconvenience of returns, this tech and logistics company helps save families time and money with online return reminders and in-person return and donation services. “COVID changed a lot of people’s shopping habits,” says Alexis. “More and more people are shopping online now, and returns can pile up.”

Woman holding Noted returns outside.
Noted offers in-person return pickups in the greater Nashville metro area. Just leave your item outside, and Noted drivers will take care of everything — from packaging and labeling to dropping off the return!

The technology behind Noted syncs with members’ emails and scans for retail purchases, keeping track of return windows and sending reminders before missed deadlines. Members can view all purchases and deadlines in their online dashboard and schedule in-person pickups or donations. With just a few clicks, their team will pick up items from customers’ homes or businesses (no boxes or labels required) and make returns or donations for them. This frees up time for customers to take care of business or enjoy the things they love.

Alexis co-founded Noted with Ryane Pamphile, whom she met while their husbands played for the Tennessee Titans. From the moment they met, Alexis says they just clicked. “We saw eye-to-eye and worked really well together,” says Alexis. “I’m more visionary and structured, and Ryane is so creative.”

With that partnership established, Alexis and Ryane set out to make shoppers’ lives easier and give them back their most valuable asset: time. “With Noted, customers don’t have to waste [time] making returns themselves,” Alexis explains. “Members can shop better and save money on items that might otherwise go unreturned due to unknowingly missing the return window or simply not having the time.”

Noted employees, including founders Ryane Pamphile and Alexis Jones
Noted co-founders Ryane Pamphile (center) and Alexis Jones (right).

While the online reminder service is free to use, Noted offers several different membership options for in-person pickups and returns: the “Diamond” level for $229.00 a year, which includes 15 return pickups, and the “Emerald” package for $155.00 a year, which includes nine pickups. With an annual membership, customers can spread their pickups throughout the year. The “Ruby” level is a pay-as-you-go option for $19.99 for each return pickup.

Members can leave their returns outside for pickup, and Noted drivers will take care of everything, including packaging, at no extra cost. Not only is Noted convenient for members, but it’s also eco-friendly — drivers use recycled cardboard boxes as much as possible. In-person pickups are currently available Friday through Monday. However, Alexis says the company has plans to move to same-day pickups and returns soon. “The business is evolving. We recently partnered with many local businesses and luxury condos now offering Noted as a concierge service,” Alexis shares. “We’re growing quickly, so we’re hoping to hire a larger team in the near future.”

Woman picking up a Noted returns box.
With just a few clicks, the Noted team will pick up items from customers’ homes or businesses — no boxes or labels required.

Alexis says that starting a business has been a learning process, but overall, she loves the excitement of being an entrepreneur. “I love the unexpected nature of it,” she says. “I think that’s what drew me to nursing originally. I never knew what the day would hold. I didn’t think it could be that way with business, and I’ve been pleasantly surprised.”

Noted has a heart for helping its customers and giving back to the local community. Members can donate their returns, like unused clothing and home items, to Noted’s charity partners, including The Next Door, Oasis Center, and Mother to Mother. Alexis and Ryane live out this commitment to charity by serving on boards for several local organizations. “Tennessee is ‘The Volunteer State’ after all,” says Alexis. “Giving back and supporting our local community however we can is important.”

Noted team at The Next Door.
In addition to returns, Noted also collects donations for charity partners, including The Next Door, Oasis Center, and Mother to Mother.

With the holidays just around the corner and in the spirit of giving, Alexis says now is the perfect time to try Noted. “Returns are especially insane during the holiday season,” she admits. “Plus, return policies are always changing this time of year — the window is shorter or longer than usual. When you’re spending time with family, the last thing you need to think about is returns!”

Noted is gearing up for the busy season and hiring drivers in the Nashville area. Currently, in-person services are only available in the greater Nashville metro area, but their online tracking and reminder technology can be used anywhere. They have users as far away as Los Angeles and are looking to broaden their Southern reach into cities like Charleston.

“Taking Noted’s services to our hometowns would be nice,” Alexis said. “I’m also obsessed with Charleston! I would love to take Noted there as well!” We’re just glad Nashville is part of their inaugural service route!

All photography provided by Noted.


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