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Do you ever catch yourself revisiting certain Instagram feeds over and over again because the images are so captivating? Us, too! From inspiring interior design and fabulous fashion to stunning cityscapes and tantalizing dishes that make you drool, here are 10 Nashville-based accounts to follow that will not only beautify your Instagram experience but offer a welcome distraction from the daily grind, too!

Don’t see your favorite? No worries, we’ll be back in a few months with more!

10 Nashville Instagram Feeds to Follow This Summer

1. @heywanderer

If you possess an adventurous spirit and an affinity for DIY home projects, this is the account to follow. Casey Freeman and Savannah McNeill started a blog not long after forming their friendship in 2011, and their brand has been evolving ever since. “We’d just become friends, realized we both loved doing DIYs, and knew blogging could be a job,” says Savannah. “So we figured we’d blog about DIYs and see where it took us.”

These days, they excel at everything from raising chickens and road-tripping to creating homemade glamping experiences.  “All of our favorite [posts] are usually tied to some experience we loved,” says Casey, offering a recent example: “There’s a photo of Savannah standing on a fallen tree in the middle of a forest (on a section of the Benton Mackaye Trail) that’s pretty epic.” In our opinion, everything they do is pretty epic!


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2. @pencilandpaperco

Trading in corporate America for a lifestyle makeover, Gen Sohr took her love of fashion and interiors and turned it into a full-fledged brand. “Pencil and Paper Co and P + P Creative Club combine all the things that I love,” says Gen. “Launching our Instagram feed was a natural progression to share what I love with all of our color- and pattern-loving friends.” Indeed, she does. Each image is a vibrant splash of color that will make you rethink your wardrobe style and home design, and there’s a little something for everyone — from travel excursions to entertainment inspiration. (Image: Jessica Amerson)

3. @baileyraeskitchen

Bailey Rae knows how to make food look (and taste!) amazing, from sourdough waffles to brie-stuffed sweet potatoes. Her feed is filled with mouthwatering images and recipes, along with precious photos of her son’s taste-testing endeavors. “I adore cooking for others and entertaining,” she says. “I hope to inspire people to get into their kitchens, open up their homes and create memories around their tables. I often hear how overwhelming and intimidating entertaining can be for others. I believe that with the right recipes, tips and tricks, anyone can become an incredible host.” If you’re looking for recipe inspiration, this is the feed to follow!


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4. @ameliastyles (and @shopameliastyles)

Already dabbling in fashion while she was in high school, Amelia Burnett has been sharing her style savvy for years. And her Instagram feed is an extension of that; light, bright and airy, it’s full of tranquil visuals, from picturesque picnics and florals to classic wardrobe ensembles and adorable pics of her daughter, Meriwether. “On my blog and Instagram page, readers can find different topics to discover — style inspiration, interior talk, family moments, gardening and travel content,” she says. “My favorite thing to photograph and post about is classic fashion. For me, the details in the garments are what make them special, and sharing fashion has been my lifelong passion — I don’t see that changing anytime soon!”


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5. @terricajoy

What started as a new mom’s creative outlet has morphed into Eden and Vine, a source for all things home and garden. Terrica Joy takes stunning photos of everything from fresh eggs to flowers on a foggy morning. She says her favorite thing to photograph and post about is anything and everything botanical. “Garden-themed means we’re drawn to anything floral or green,” she tells us, “be it home decor, gorgeous travel landscapes, farm life, houseplants, and of course, any and everything quite literally in the garden.” Honest snippets from her daily life mixed with pretty pictures and faith-based motivational quotes will have you scrolling through time and time again.

6. @abeautifulmess

From beautiful, whimsical home interiors to DIY projects that deliver colorful creativity for a rainy day, sisters Elsie and Emma have a profound knack for capturing just the right vignette and photo angle. Self-proclaimed homebodies, the bloggers have branched out into everything from a podcast to e-courses on how to elevate your Instagram feed and begin your own podcast. For a daily dose of inspiration, this feed is where it’s at!

7. @mollysohr

Molly Sohr launched an Instagram page to showcase her wedding and events business. Little did she know it would take off. “I love to share good details that tell a story,” says Molly. “From the invitation to the party, tabletop linens that coordinate, and the small details that tie it all together. Plus, I love sharing a great outfit find or my vendor sources to help people planning on their own.” Her page is chock full of florals and pastels so that you can get your fill of springtime no matter the season. (Image: Lele Fain)


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8. @alyssarosenheck

Leave it to an architectural photographer to offer up dreamy photos that make us swoon. From perfectly manicured landscapes and impeccably designed interiors to lifestyle photos that reflect her creativity, author and photographer Alyssa Rosenheck shares her daily journey through her captivating Instagram feed. “Seven years ago, I taught myself photography, and I haven’t looked back since,” says Alyssa. “Social media has been an incredible outlet to share my inspirations while also cultivating community.”


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9. @kbstyled

Lifestyle blogger Brooke Webb is the quintessential “woman next door,” offering beauty tips, fashion ideas, home decor advice, and a whole lot more. The Franklin-based mom of two touts the accessibility of style on a budget, and she makes it look easy. From breezy kimonos to summer entertaining pieces, this Instagram feed is a go-to for anyone who’s looking for affordable seasonal style inspiration.

10. @southernfatty

From a strawberry cream crêpe cake to lamb feta meatballs, Phillip Fryman can single-handedly make you crave anything he posts, be it savory or sweet. Though he started his career as a cancer research biologist at Vanderbilt, he’s now eight years into his full-time job as a commercial photographer and food blogger. “With a name like Southern Fatty, you can probably guess that my favorite recipes to make and photograph are desserts,” he says. “I have a serious sweet tooth and love the process of baking. Pastry is my absolute favorite, which is another nod to my detail-oriented, scientist self.” Comfort food has never been so enticing.


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