Dreams of outdoor activities in the warmer weather abound! Whether you’re gearing up for hiking, camping, gardening or simply enjoying some socially distanced front porch time with your nearest and dearest, here’s a list of locally found items to help you embrace the great outdoors and get excited for spring!


Gardenista gardening book

Find out more about your personal garden style with this beautiful hardcover book that offers stunning photographs of gardens from around the globe that boast personality and pizazz galore. With oodles of design tips and even some do-it-yourself project suggestions, you’ll be stepping up your gardening game in no time. Find it for $40 at Flora Plant Shop.

Nashville FINDS March: Gardenista hardcover book

Gardenista, $40, at Flora Plant Shop | Image: Flora Plant Shop


When you’re working in the garden, keep your hair out of your face with this super-stylish bandeau. With UPF 50+ UV protection and quick-drying, high-performance microfiber material, you’ll be able to wear this well into the summer months. Available in 16 designs and two sizes, treat yourself to more than one. Find this bandeau for $28 at SB Shop.

Beach bandeau at SB Shop

Bandeau, $28, at SB Shop

Indoor/outdoor bench

A well-tended garden is worth admiring, and what better way to appreciate it than on a beautiful bench? This teak wood stunner is a bit of an investment, but it can serve as your favorite spot for years to come, whether it’s positioned inside your foyer or outside in front of your tulips. Find it at Merridian Home Furnishings for $1,095.

Teak bench from Merridian

Wood slat-back bench, $1,095, at Merridian Home Furnishings | Image: Merridian Home Furnishings

Bug bite soothing balm

Puttering around in the garden can be therapeutic … until you’re covered in bug bites. Fortunately, Murphy’s Bite Relief Soothing Balm offers a natural remedy for your case of the “itchies.” Find it for $8.99 — along with you many other gardening needs — at Gardens of Babylon at the Nashville Farmers Market.

Nashville FINDS March: Murphy's big bite relief balm

Murphy’s Bite Relief Soothing Balm, $8.99, at Gardens of Babylon | Image: Gardens of Babylon

Kneeling pad

A lot of time spent in the dirt can take its toll on your knees. This memory foam kneeling pad gives you a little buffer from the ground and keeps you comfy and continuing to plant all season long. Find it for $19.99 — along with a wide variety of plants and flowers — at Bates Nursery.

Blue garden kneeler pad

Memory foam kneeling pad, $19.99, at Bates Nursery | Image: Bates Nursery


Wanderer’s compass with carrying case

Nothing says nostalgia like a pocket compass. Regardless of where your travels take you, this handsome brass gadget, complete with a leather carrying case, will help keep you on track. Find it for $24.99 at Ten Thousand Villages.

Nashville FINDS March: compass for adventures

Wanderer’s compass, $24.99, at Ten Thousand Villages | Image: Ten Thousand Villages

Monogrammed tool kit

No one wants to encounter a “worst-case scenario,” but it’s always good to be prepared if you do, and having a toolkit on hand can be a lifesaver. The perfect gift (whether for yourself or someone else), this South of Hampton monogrammed canvas roll-up case comes with a 20-piece toolset, complete with an LED flashlight! Find the set for $48 at SB Shop.

Nashville FINDS March: Monogrammed tool kit

Monogrammed roll-up fix-it tool kit, $48, at SB Shop

Camouflage sanitizer holder

We all know how quickly hand sanitizer has climbed the ranks as the must-have item to always have readily available. Offering both fashion and function, these cute camouflage-print carrying cases make it easy to have a bottle of sanitizer close by at all times. The mini carabiner clip makes it easy to attach one to your carryall or keychain, or stow it in your glove compartment. Find them for $19 each at Sanctuary South.

Camouflage hand sanitizer carriers with carabiner hook

Camouflage hand sanitizer holders, $19 each, at Sanctuary South | Image: Sanctuary South

Apropos t-shirt

The perfect hike deserves the perfect hiking ensemble, and this t-shirt featuring the famous Tolkien quote is on the nose. Available from extra small up to 2XL, the super-soft American Apparel shirt will keep you comfy no matter what your adventure may be. Find it for $25 at Southernaire Market.

Not all who wander are lost T-shirt

“Not All Who Wander Are Lost” t-shirt, $25, at Southernaire Market | Image: Southernaire Market



If you haven’t seen your friends since fall, make a great first impression for the season with these spectacular sunnies from Oak Hall. These stylish and practical sunglasses feature a grip coating, which means you can put them on and they’ll hardly budge. Plus, they contain UV400 protection and block 100% of UVA and UVB rays, so you can stay outside all day long. Find them for $25.

Memphis FINDS March: Hot pink Goodr sunglasses at Oak Hall

Sunglasses, $25, at Oak Hall | Image: Oak Hall

Perfect porch swing

Whether gathering with family or friends, a comfortable porch swing is the outdoor furniture of choice. This handmade swing doubles as a bed and comes in “crib,” “cot,” or “twin” sizes, with the option of a memory foam mattress. It also comes in several different colors. Find it from $1,100 (the price is based on your custom options) at Franklin-based Southern Swing Co.

Nashville FINDS March: Southern Swing Co. Riverton porch swing, featuring a dog and 615 pillow

The “Riverton” swing, from $1,100, at Southern Swing Co. | Image: Southern Swing Co.

Porch rules pillow

You’ll definitely want a throw and a pillow for that cozy porch swing, and this “porch rules” pillow is simply perfect! Not only does it add a touch of comfort to your outdoor design, but it’s a good reminder to live in the moment and enjoy the little things. Find it for $34 at Hot Pink Gifts.

Pillow with porch rules

“Porch Rules” pillow, $34, at Hot Pink Gifts | Image: Hot Pink Gifts

Wine carrier basket

What’s a porch hang without a little something to sip on? This beautiful rattan carrying case elevates your wine presentation and keeps a second bottle close by in case the conversations linger. Find the whitewash finish option for $45 at Epergne.

Nashville March FINDS: Wine basket from Epergne

Two-bottle wine basket, $45, at Epergne | Image: Epergne

“Wine is my therapy” mask

A mask tops the list of socially distant meet-up must-haves, so you might as well have one that makes you (and everyone else) smile! This one is not only amusing, but it’s also comfy, with double layers of cotton and adjustable straps. Find it for $6.99 at Cool Springs Wine & Spirits.

COVID mask that says "wine is my therapy"

“Wine is my therapy” mask, $6.99, at Cool Springs Wine & Spirits | Image: Cool Springs Wine & Spirits


Mosquito net

Don’t let mosquitos ruin a perfectly good night of sleeping under the stars. This portable mosquito net shelter is the perfect thing to throw over your sleeping bag for instant protection. The mesh material offers great airflow while keeping you bite-free all night long. Find it starting at $44.95 at Cumberland Transit.

Nashville FINDS March: Mosquito net for outdoor camping

Mosquito pyramid net, starting at $44.95, from Cumberland Transit | Image: Cumberland Transit

Safety matches

Starting a campfire has never been so festive. Spark some nostalgia with these four-inch-long matches. The ideal thing to tuck into your camping kit, they offer both safety and style. Find the 60-count box for $5 at Alexis + Bolt.

Extra long camping matches

Camping safety matches, $5, at Alexis + Bolt | Image: Alexis + Bolt

Hydro Flask

With all the work you’ll do setting up your camp, make sure you’re staying hydrated in style. A slew of new Hydro Flask styles and colors are now available at Bink’s Outfitters. The patented design ensures the hot beverages stay hot and the cool stay cool. Prices vary.

Hydro Flasks at Bink’s Outfitters, with locations in Franklin (pictured) and Hill Center Green Hills | Image: Bink’s Outfitters

Spot EZ Catch football 

If you’re bringing your four-legged family member with you on your camping adventures, wear them out before bed with this fun football. With the chew-proof handle, fetch has never been more fun! Find this Spot EZ Catch football for $12.99 at Hollywood Feed.

EZ-Catch football at Hollywood Feed

EZ Catch football, $12.99, at Hollywood Feed | Image: Hollywood Feed

Wishing you an abundance of outdoor adventures this spring!


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