From April showers to Earth Day, we’re celebrating the sights and sounds of the season through these 18 local FINDS. Take a look, and get out and shop local!


Garden owls

Bring a touch of whimsy to your garden this spring with the addition of an adorable garden owl. These avian-inspired rocks have chiseled owl features and perfectly placed eyes, and their heavy weight ensures they’ll stay put even during the windiest of spring days. A bit of a splurge? Perhaps. But the joy they’ll bring is priceless. Available in small and large sizes starting at $200 at Creekside Garden Center.

Garden owls, $200 (small) and $400 (large), at Creekside Garden Center | Image: Instagram

Seed starters

These Pollinator Push Gardens not only offer you the chance to plant a curated selection of perennial wildflower seeds, but they also support the bees, butterflies and hummingbirds that face extinction. Choose from three different blends — butterfly, hummingbird or bee — and 10% of each sale goes toward Pollinator Partnership, a nonprofit organization devoted to protecting pollinators and their ecosystems. Find them for $7 each at The Getalong.

Nashville FINDS April: Pollinator Push Gardens from The Getalong

Pollinator Push Garden, $7 each, from The Getalong | Image: The Getalong

Original Joshua Sage Newman watercolor

This eye-catching original watercolor from Nashville native Joshua Sage Newman will bring a touch of spring to your home. Created with watercolor, quill, and sumi ink on watercolor paper, the 18-by-24-inch piece is framed, signed by the artist, and comes with a certificate of authenticity. Find it for $350 at SB Shop.

Joshua Sage Newman original watercolor floral

Joshua Sage Newman: Original watercolor floral, $350, from SB Shop

Floral rain boots

Springtime in Nashville is chock-full of reasons to own a pair of rain boots. Add some fun to your puddle-jumping with these colorful floral Roma Chelsea rain boots from Tin Cottage. Waterproof and sleek, they’re also vegan, eco-friendly, and have a quick-dry lining. Plus, for every pair of boots sold, a pair of boots is also donated to a child living in poverty. Win-win! Find them for $69 at Tin Cottage in Franklin.

Nashville FINDS April: Black short rain boots with colorful floral pattern

Roma Chelsea rain boot, $69, from Tin Cottage | Image: Tin Cottage

“Naughty” needlepoint

Snarky needlepoints are all the rage, and this one has just the right mix of delicate embroidery and bold sass. Handmade, this piece is 9 inches in diameter, and it’s guaranteed to make everyone smile — whether you gift it to someone or hang it on your own wall. Find it for $36 at Old Made Good.

Needlepoint with flowers and "Be happy, it drives people crazy"

“Naughty” needlepoint, $36, from Old Made Good | Image: Old Made Good

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Children’s long-sleeve rainbow top

Rainbows seem to be popping up on everything from keychains to clothing. This precious long-sleeve girl’s shirt is made from 100% cotton, and it’s perfect for spring’s transition weather. The colorful stripes mean it’s bound to be a spring wardrobe favorite. Find it for $35 at Patch Nashville.

White children's sweater with rainbow stripes

Children’s top, $35, from Patch Nashville | Image: Patch Nashville

Rainbow chocolate bark

Bang Candy Company always delights with their unique and delicious confections. The Rainbow Bark is no exception, and its sweet and salty combo merges dark and white Belgian chocolate with popping candy and sprinkles. Equally exciting, 2% of each sale goes to The Oasis Center, helping youth in our community. Find the Rainbow Bark “mini” for $16 at Bang Candy Company.

Rainbow chocolate bark from bang candy company

Rainbow Bark “mini,” $16, from Bang Candy Company | Image: Bang Candy Company

Colorful sunglasses

Blocking out the sun has never been so colorfully chic. These oversized Arlequin sunglasses make just the right statement with their fun, hand-painted cloisonné enamel sides, offering an elevated way to protect your peepers from the sun. At $640, they’re a bit of an investment, but worthy of the spend, for sure! Find this pair coming soon at Barton Perreira.

Nashville FINDS April: Sunglasses with yellow, red and green embellishment

Arlequin sunglasses, $640, from Barton Perreira | Image: Barton Perreira

“Over the Rainbow” watering can

Watering your houseplants just got a little more fun and festive. This matte stoneware “Over the Rainbow” watering can from The Golden Slipper may not make your thumb any greener, but it will certainly make it more interesting to give your greenery some TLC. Find it for $28 at The Golden Slipper.

Rainbow watering can

“Over the Rainbow” watering can, $28, from The Golden Slipper | Image: The Golden Slipper


Reusable cutlery set

You’re already making a dent in “going green” by shopping locally, but why not take it a step further? This reusable cutlery set from Sage Refill Market is a wonderful accompaniment for your meal, whether you’re out for a picnic or eating at home. The eight-piece set is made from sustainable bamboo and includes everything from utensils and straws to chopsticks. Find the set for $11 from Sage Refill Market.

Reusable cutlery set in cloth wrap

Reusable cutlery set, $11, from Sage Refill Market | Image: Sage Refill Market

Reusable silicone straw

Disposable plastic straws are not only a threat to the earth but also to wildlife. Be a part of the solution when you bring along your own reusable silicone straw. Available in several colors, each straw comes with its own tin for clean carrying. Find it for $4.95 at The Kitchen in Belle Meade.

Reusable silicone straw, $4.95, at The Kitchen | Image: The Kitchen

Custom wall art made from reclaimed wood

Have you ever wondered what becomes of the remnants of the historic homes that are torn down in Nashville? In some cases, the answer lies with 1767 Designs. Founder Patrick Hayes takes an eco-friendly approach to his art, honoring Music City’s architecture by using reclaimed wood from historic homes to create his custom and made-to-order rustic works. Find this stunning piece, called “Freda Nox,” for $275 from 1767 Designs.

1767 Designs art piece made of recycled wood

Custom wall art, $275, from 1767 Designs | Image: 1767 Designs

Sustainable cloth napkins

Made with unbleached and unprocessed cotton, these hand-block-printed napkins from Thistle Farms are a practical and beautiful addition to your spring table. Super absorbent, they’re the ideal replacement for paper napkins … and environmentally friendly and functional, too. Find this set of four for $36 from Thistle Farms.

Nashville FINDS April: Hand block-printed cloth napkins from Thistle Farms

Fairtrade, sustainable cloth napkins, $36 for a set of four, from Thistle Farms | Image: Thistle Farms

Compostable bandages

Did you know there’s a natural, compostable alternative to bandages? Made from 100% bamboo fiber and mineral-based adhesive, these hypoallergenic, chemical-free adhesive strips come in several options such as activated charcoal, aloe vera and “coconut oil KIDS” for sensitive skin. Plus, the kids’ bandages come in a cute panda print, and all strips, wrappers and packaging are compostable or recyclable. Find a package of 25 for $7.75 at The Good Fill.

Nashville FINDS April: Patch compostable bandages

Compostable bandages, $7.75, from The Good Fill | Image: The Good Fill

Plastic wrap alternative

Any time we can swap out something plastic for its recyclable equivalent, we’re in. This decorative, wildflower-adorned food-grade wrap from Serendipity is a great alternative to plastic wrap — perfect for covering refrigerated foods and wrapping up picnic sandwiches. Made with beeswax, they are washable, biodegradable and reusable for up to a year! Find this set of three for $25.75 from Serendipity.

Beeswax food wrap in floral print

Beeswax food wrap, $25.75 for a set of three, from Serendipity | Image: Serendipity

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“Warmth of Spring” candle

With a name that perfectly complements the season, this “Warmth of Spring” hand-poured soy-blend candle from Evolve Scents and Candles will infuse your space with a beautiful combination of pomegranate, florals and amber. Not to mention, the gorgeous ruby vessel is an elegant standout on your bedside table or home office desk. Find it for $30 from SB Shop.

Evolve Warmth of Spring candle sitting on a wood coaster

“Warmth of Spring” candle, $30, from SB Shop

Natural Glow finishing mist

A great springtime addition to your makeup bag, this Natural Glow finishing mist from Seven Seven Cosmetics will set your makeup in no time, leaving you with a radiant glow as you face a day of work and play. Find it for $25 at SVM Boutique.

Nashville FINDS April: Natural Glow finishing mist in a spray bottle

Natural Glow finishing mist, $25, from SVM Boutique | Image: SVM Boutique

Healthy glow mask

If the changing weather has your face feeling a little “meh,” Woo Skincare and Cosmetics has you covered with this healthy glow sheet mask from Patchology. Made with pear fruit and seaberry extract, it works to brighten your skin after only 10 minutes of application. Find it for $5 at Woo Skincare and Cosmetics.

Just Let it Glow mask in a yellow pouch

Healthy glow sheet mask, $5, from Woo Skincare and Cosmetics | Image: Woo Skincare and Cosmetics

Have a beautiful April, Nashville!


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