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Cementing an even greater presence within the changing city, Nashville’s design community welcomes the creation of a sanctuary of design: the Nashville Design Collective.

“We believe in building stronger relationships within the community, but also creating a space where we can come together to serve the end-user and create beautiful spaces,” Textures Flooring owner Andrew Denny says of his decision to open a showroom in the space. The 45,000-square-foot luxury design center in the Wedgewood Houston neighborhood will house interior designers, architects and industry professionals of the highest caliber under one roof.

Nashville Design Collective recently opened in Wedgewood Houston.

Textures Nashville is a Nashville-based company known for one-of-a-kind flooring and being a to-the-trade provider of unique, design-inspired flooring and flooring materials. The Nashville Design Collective will be home to the brand’s second showroom in the city. Andrew says he believes in the vision of the Nashville Design Collective because he wants to give the incredibly talented people of Nashville additional resources that will only further enhance the work that is already being done. “Our design community should be celebrated,” he says emphatically. “Creativity is part of Nashville’s very essence, and over the last 10 years, the existing design community has demonstrated excellence time and time again in creating the design landscape that makes Nashville what it is today.”

The already-strong foundation of a design community is what will make the success of the Nashville Design Collective possible. “We are here to show that Nashville is not just musically creative,” co-owner and general manager of the space Anne Puricelli says. Anne recognizes the city’s sophisticated design community while simultaneously acknowledging a previous lack of resources for its members. At the very least, the collective means fewer trips to Atlanta and Chicago for those in the industry.

“We wanted to create space that really enhances the design community and provides additional resources (meeting spaces, learning opportunities),” Andrew adds. “World-renowned companies are coming to our city to offer a completely fresh perspective — that means new ideas, new styles and new looks that Nashville has not seen in the past. A new perspective is something that is very valuable. You may have seen the companies’ offerings online, but now you will be able to touch them, feel them and be inspired first-hand by the different products.”

The glass-front showrooms in the Nashville Design Collective invite guests in.

Textures offers an elegant and inspiring space within Nashville Design Collective.

Those new to Nashville include Circa Lighting, Francois & Co., Kolo Collection, Brown Jordan, Christopher Peacock of Peacock Home, Design Galleria Kitchen & Bath Studio and Waterworks, which will be joined by the not-new-to-Nashville Textures Nashville and Peacock Alley — plus others who will later be announced. For design enthusiasts drawn to quality, luxury designs, these names are already familiar. A nationally recognized name on the list, Design Galleria Kitchen & Bath Studio is one of the best in the industry. A company that often works in collaboration with Textures Nashville, Design Galleria officially joins the Nashville design community and Nashville Design Collective with Richard Anuszkiewicz at the helm.

“Right now, the city is seeing a huge renaissance, and there is so much opportunity,” Richard says, sharing his first impressions of Nashville. “As a newcomer to the city, I have been encouraged and overjoyed with the open arms of the design community. There is a noticeably warm welcome from people, and that is something I am sincerely grateful for.” Relocating from Annapolis, Maryland, as lead kitchen designer for the Atlanta-born company by Principal Matthew Quinn, Richard commends Nashville’s already-existent design community but, like Anne, saw people in the community leaving the city for trips to ADAC in Atlanta or Merchandise Mart in Chicago to source materials. “That is how the conversation started for the collective,” he explains. “It came from recognizing the presence of a strong design community, but also that all of the resources were not present here.”

Design Galleria’s showroom will display seven full vignettes that run down the main corridor of the space. Richard details the design, saying, “Each vignette is a total room environment, meaning that each has a different floor, different cabinet styles and different finishes. It is intentional that they are all different and range from the most traditional/classic to the most contemporary. It is important to show people that we wholehearted believe in enhancing client’s styles, and we can hit any note with our work. Coming into the Nashville market, it is exciting to showcase different styles and bring a more global perspective into the city.”

Design Galleria, like other showrooms within the collective, is designed to be an asset to designers, architects and builders to help deliver a more heightened vision for their projects, but it is meant to inspire the community as a whole. “We love the idea of collaborating and working with other strong people in the design community to bring really special [designs] to life,” Richard notes at the end of our conversation.

Inspiration and collaboration are at the core of the collective, as it is a place for the design community to gather and welcome design enthusiasts to draw inspiration in a tangible way. “For the community at large, it means being able to see the newest and the best,” Andrew says. “As a company, it will allow us to be more creative and more cutting edge, and to serve our clients better by being in a place surrounded by other creatives.”

Textures Nashville will occupy a light-filled showroom with 2,000 square feet devoted to custom hardwood flooring, custom rugs and custom stair runners. An open concept display of more than 250 styles and types of custom hardwoods and 500-600 custom rug styles will be chock full of inspiration. In addition to featuring hardwood and carpet displays, the showroom will house a podcast studio. Sharing the stories and people behind beautiful places, the podcast aims to influence people in the larger community who are impacted by design and to discuss ways to make the industry stronger while also reaching peers within the design community. “We get an opportunity to start from scratch and have a new beginning in showcasing the most beautiful products available in the industry,” Andrew says with a notable sense of excitement. “We get to bring these products to market in a way that is very different.” You will be able to find the showroom in the center of the building, and it has interior and exterior access.

Quality flooring awaits at Textures.

While the showrooms will be open to the public, the majority of items will only be available to purchase for members of the trade (architects, interior designers and builders). Those outside the profession are encouraged to embrace the collective as a hub for innovation and inspiration.

“As the old saying goes, ‘iron sharpens iron.’ We are incredibly fortunate to be a part of the collective and to foster a community where everyone is serving the same goal,” Andrew says.

Nashville Design Collective is located at 510 Merritt Ave, Nashville, TN 37203. Learn more about it at Learn more about Textures at

This article is sponsored by Textures. All photography by Leila Grossman.

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