Let’s face it. We’ve all spent far too many hours digging through consequent Craigslist or Ebay pages hoping to find that perfect shabby-chic bureau. While both are fantastic resources for finding bargains on specific items, they aren’t necessarily the most convenient options when you factor in shipping or the potential for long drives to retrieve your new-to-you purchase. Luckily, there’s another avenue for thrifty shoppers to explore, a consignment trend on the rise thanks to Facebook and the ability to form private groups within. The buy/sell/trade phenomenon is at an all-time high in terms of popularity, and here are some of our favorite options for uncovering great deals from locals.

Chanel earrings never go out of style.

Luxe items like these never-worn Chanel earrings are sold each day on Facebook through groups like Green Hills Buy Sell Trade. Image: Facebook


There are rules that are specific to certain groups, but generally speaking, they’re all about the same. If you have something you want to sell, you must post a high-quality photo of the item. You must also include a brief description and the price. When someone is interested in buying the item, they must write “interested” or “sold” beneath the photo. The buyer then has 12 hours to decide whether they want to purchase it. If they decide not to purchase the item, it goes to the next potential buyer. The seller has the authority to move to the next potential buyer once the 12 hours has passed. Once an item is sold, the post must be deleted. It is then up to the seller and the buyer to contact each other to finalize the transaction.


A mixed bag

There are groups that sell a variety of things. These blossoming Facebook groups, such as Green Hills Buy Sell Trade, feature a wide selection of items that locals want to sell. At any given time, available options may include furniture, NFL tickets, DVDs, wall decor, kitchen utensils, baby clothing and so much more. (Yes, now is the chance to snag your neighbor’s chaise lounge that you’ve always coveted!)

This vintage inspired chest of drawers is posted for sale on Facebook.

There are loads of gently used, well-restored furniture pieces, such as this vintage-inspired chest of drawers, on Green Hills Buy Sell Trade. Image: Facebook

Everyone could use a shabby-chic nightstand to enliven their bedroom.

This custom-made nightstand with a weathered finish was posted for sale on Green Hills Buy Sell Trade. Image: Facebook

Riudavet Sandals are sold at a discounted price on buy sell trade groups on Facebook.

Find the latest women’s fashions at great prices on Facebook. These Riudavets sandals, which are sold at Nordstrom Rack, were listed on Green Hills Buy Sell Trade. Image: Facebook

School uniforms

School uniforms don’t come cheap, so if you can snag some gently used options, why not?! A great Facebook group for buying and selling school uniforms is Nashville, TN School Uniforms. Genius, right? Here, you can browse shoes, tops, pants and even school-themed accessories. The requirements for buying and selling are essentially the same: post a picture of your item with a brief description including the price, and wait for those interested to comment beneath. Selling is up to the discretion of the owner, but is typically determined on a first-come, first-served basis.

Get a whole stack of boy's khakis for your clan!

Snag a selection of khakis (at a really great price) for all of your growing boys. Found on Nashville TN School Uniform. Image: Facebook

This CPA jumper was posted for sale on Facebook for cheap!

This girl’s size 5 Christ Presbyterian Academy uniform could be yours if you have a little one in need of a new jumper. Sold on Nashville TN School Uniform. Image: Facebook

Find St. Paul shirts and other uniform items on buy sell trade FB groups.

Get St. Paul Christian Academy polos for your whole clan for $8 each on Nashville TN School Uniform. Image: Facebook

Furniture & housewares

If you have specific items that you’re looking for, it’s best to join groups that are more exclusive or selective with their inventory. For example, there are groups that focus solely on furniture and housewares, such as Furniture & Home Goods of Middle, TN. Here, you can not only acquire quality sofas, chairs, lamps and desks, but you can also discover unique pieces, like this baby grand piano and antique drawing table.

The baby Grand Piano is gorgeous.

Endorsed by The Nashville Piano Room, this new Signature Series Hallet Davis Baby Grand Piano was posted for sale on Furniture & Home Goods. Image: Facebook

This Antique drawing table is a great addition to your study.

Find unique items, like his gorgeous antique drawing table. Image: Facebook

As with most things, there are pros and cons to buying and selling in this fashion, but we think the positives outweigh the negatives. Plus, shopping via local buy/sell/trade sites gives you a chance to get to know people within your community and, in many ways, creates an intimate microcosm where people can exchange quality goods with people they feel they can trust. Furthermore, it’s a very “green” way of shopping, as it allows items to be recycled rather than discarded. As the saying goes, “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.”

Intrigued? Here are a few more popular groups in and around Nashville:

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