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We all have those friends who have the scoop on just about everything. Where do I find a great caterer?  What paint glaze looks good on wicker furniture?  Where do I find a guy to clean my windows?  Some how these people know SOMETHING about just about EVERYTHING.  That person in my life is my neighbor Linda.  Her resourcefulness is next to none.


My tale of woe began when my rescue Golden Retriever decided to “mark” her territory on my new seagrass rug in the dining room.  Once she had one “accident”, it reminded her so much of the backyard that she presumably just thought,”Hey, it’s cold and rainy so why make the trek outside?”  Well, I was beside myself as I would glove up with Nature’s Miracle and try to navigate the woven areas of the stained rug.  Finally, I declared, “THAT’S IT. I’M DONE.” I hauled the rug to the dumpster next door.


My dining room is BIG.  It needs bigger than a 9’x12′ carpet, so I must go custom. It has lots of wood and in an un-carpeted state it reminds you of an unwelcome showroom in the dead of winter.  The sobering reality hit me that I could NEVER put a seagrass, sisal or any type of CHEAPER grass-like rug in my dining room ever again.


I hauled the so-so oriental from my parents’ old house from our upstairs den and gave it a new home in the dining room. It’s not great, but it isn’t that bad either.

Next dilemma and next solution:

The playroom floor is equally as big and equally as bare in its rug-less state.

Here’s where Mill End Carpets comes in.  Linda, in her typical research mode, found Mill End Carpets – in Madison of all places.  Without a doubt, they have the best drop dead carpet prices for rooms like a bedroom, an office or even a large family room or den.  80% of their inventory is in cream, taupe or variations of both – mostly neutrals and definitely versatile.  I felt like I was in Trading Spaces with insider knowledge on these great brands at even better prices.

A bolt of Frezie, which is the new Berber carpeting since Berber is definitely out of style, is about $16 a square yard compared to close to $30 at most carpet outlets. If you need to special order of, say, a pink shag for your daughter’s bedroom, they will undercut the competition.  The owner has connections in Dalton after residing there for 17 years.  I found my rug for my upstairs and I’m really happy with both the quality AND the price!

Milt carrying my den carpeting

Milt carrying my playroom carpet

Tons of selection at low prices

Tons of selection at low prices

As I was leaving, I spied the most gorgeous WOOL creme carpeting.  I mean it is so dang beautiful as it should be since it is normally $45 per square YARD!  It would be soooooo beautiful in a bedroom.  And, they are selling it at over 50% off. “THAT IS GORGEOUS!” I exclaimed.  Milt explained that a VERY FAMOUS COUNTRY MUSIC SINGER purchased the carpet and decided to put in hardwood instead.  Who is it?  He told me, but said I couldn’t mention his name due to the source they bought it from.  “Can I at least give a few hints?” I asked.  Permission granted.

First, he is truly a BIG name.  Second, he just played at the Sommet Center and probably doesn’t want white WOOL carpeting because his wife just had a baby and (third clue) the baby may have a Koala bear (think…what continent do Koalas live on??) as a stuffed toy.

Bottom Line:

If you buy the entire bolt – it’s really gorgeous- you can get it over 50% off the cost at $20 a square yard!

Deal of the day!  -Elizabeth

Mill End Carpets
1248 Gallatin Pike
Madison, TN  37115-4613

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