Today we welcome Tina Adams of Tina Adams Wardrobe Consulting. She has some rules to discuss… Men, are you listening?


Did you know that we have actually saved some marriages by getting men to stop wearing dad jeans and jorts? You may think I’m overstating the importance of good clothes, I mean we’re not curing cancer. But seriously, if we can eliminate one snide comment or rolling of the eyes in a day from your significant other, by simply changing the jeans he wears, we’ve made a difference.

Here’s how we change lives every day: we teach men (and women) what to wear to feel and look great and what to avoid like the plague to keep from feeling lousy and looking silly.  For our women readers, you know by now that mom jeans and capris are evil. For men? Top of the list are dad jeans.

Also on the list? Jean shorts, aka jorts.

Just say no to long jean shorts with white socks.

On a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being really awful, men in jean shorts all get a 20, especially when paired with the chunky dad sneaker and mid-calf sock. Image: Levi Jeans

So, now you’re wondering, “What else is on the do not wear list for grown men?”

Anything that reads frat boy (stone khakis + graphic t’s + flip flops = frat boy) or intern (stone khakis +striped ties + penny loafers = intern).

And enough with the skinny rolled pants unless you are still in college and are a bonafied hipster. I guess if you live in 12South or LA or someplace totally cool, you could pull it off, though. But if you don’t, STOP.

Just say no to skinny jeans.

It’s a no from us with the super skinny jeans. Image: 7 For All Mankind

Approach trends cautiously. You age yourself when you dress too young (ironically) or too old (duh). Just as too trendy doesn’t work on the 50-something woman, neither does it work on the 50-something man, unless you are a rock star or have the attitude of one.

J. Crew Trousers

I just think these trendy trousers are too short. I never thought I’d have to start an anti-capri campaign for men! Image: J. Crew

The biggest pitfall by far when it comes to men’s clothes (after the wife beater tank, which should go without saying) is fit. Repeat after me: Fit is first.

For dress shirts, no extra fabric in the chest area, back area, or arms.

Dress shirts should be tailored to fit like this...not too baggy or too tight.

Dress shirts should be tailored to fit like this…not too baggy or too tight. Image: Nordstrom

What about trouser length?

Trouser lengths

The ones are the left are too long. The ones on the right are prefect. See the long break? Image: ASOS & Calvin Klein

So, now let’s talk about what you SHOULD be wearing!

Men, it’s time to dress like a grown-up, even if you work in graphic design or some other cool profession where suits are a no-no.

If you’re the dapper type and enjoy shopping, you can go for bright colors, cool patterns and hip shoes. If you shop once every 5 years, better stick with the classics like a navy sports coat to get a longer shelf-life out of your purchases.

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Men’s Classics:

Choose a dark honey khaki, flat-front, no cuffs, instead of the ubiquitous stone color. A navy blazer goes anywhere, especially over a crisp white fitted dress shirt. These items will get you far worn together or separately.

Classic staples that every man needs in his closet.

Here’s all the classics! The navy jacket is from Nordstrom; Khaki pants are from Nordstrom; White shirt is also from Nordstrom; And the shoes are from Cole Haan.

And if you want a little oomph, throw a watch on.

Silver watch at Macy's.

Find this watch at Macy’s.

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Fun Summer Classic & Casual:

Dress up a dark rinse jean with a lighter blue sports coat for summer, or dress down with a linen shirt, worn untucked and the sleeves rolled up.

Here are your four summer essentials.

Here are your four summer essentials. Find the jacket at Men’s Wearhouse; White shirt at Lucky Brand; Jeans at GAP; Sneakers at Cole Haan.

The one piece every man needs?

A charcoal sport coat in a season-less fabric. Charcoal grey because it goes with both summer and winter tones, so basically every dress shirt and sweater you own, and it goes with every trouser you own.

Here are the everyday essentials that every man needs.

Check out these every day necessities. Find the silk pocket at Nordstrom; Wool suit pant at Banana Republic; Dress Shirt at Nordstrom; Khaki pant at GAP; Silk tie at Nordstrom; Sport Coat at Nordstrom as well.

What about what to wear in the sweltering heat of summer?

Choose a no-curl collar, fine cotton (not pique) polo, or a long sleeve (no short sleeves!) button up and roll the sleeves. Wear both untucked for a casual look with leather flip flops, or tuck in and wear loafers for a bit dressier look. Shorts should be plain front – no pleats, cuffs or cargo shorts! Choose a dark khaki color over the ubiquitous stone khaki.

You find all of these summer items at Nordstrom.

You find all of these summer items at Nordstrom.

Thanks, Tina!