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With literally 20 minutes to spare, a quick trip to Marti and Liz was on my agenda. You do know about Marti and Liz shoes, right? I truly love this store because you can walk out with a BAG of shoes for about $100 — which is exactly what I did.

Marti and Liz brown flats

Taryn Rose brown flats from Marti and Liz

My shoe size is 7.5-8M: pretty darn common as shoe sizes go. The good news at Marti and Liz is their selection of all sizes is impressive with the exception of super narrow widths.  I walked up and down considering what I had from last year and what I NEEDED (now that’s a concept — need not want) and glanced down. There were a pair of Taryn Rose brown flats for $39.99! (Yep, the same Tayrn Rose whose shoes are normally in the $395-$695 range … )

Taryn Rose is truly one of my favorite designers because her shoes speak volumes to the wonderful Italian craftsmanship skills.  The detail is always complete, the workmanship superb and the style timeless yet sophisticated.  The story on Taryn Rose’s background is that she actually started out as an orthopedic doctor and saw first hand the damage women incurred from wearing high heels.  In fact, she loved heels so much herself that she would log in 14 hours shifts wearing them!  She decided to leave medicine to start designing comfortable and stylish women’s shoes- for women who actually walk.

Her shoes remind me of a Channel Suit, if you can just get your hands on one, you’ll never give it up. Once I found the brown pair, I raced up and down the aisles looking for a black pair.  Bingo!  Same shoes with a slight modification including a wonderful black patent leather trim for- you got it-$39.99.  The GREAT news is Marti and Liz currently has a decent inventory of Taryn Rose shoes in all sizes.

Marti and Liz black patent leather Taryn Rose shoes

Love the black patent leather detail in this Taryn Rose shoe at Taryn Rose brown flats from Marti and Liz.

I want to show you the other shoes I scored. A pair of Joan and David pumps for $18.99 and a pair of delightful wedge sandals in tan suede edged with a small trim of purple by Aerosole. They are comfy and inexpensive at $23.99.

It’s worth the drive down to Cool Springs because all these fab shoes are in the store RIGHT NOW: nifty green patent Cole Haan loafers, cute jeweled black flats by Nine West and an absolutely amazing pair of tan Frye boots (Fortunately for all you size 6’s, I left those boots on the shelf.)

Marti and Liz gets their shoes from all sorts of places including overruns, runway shows and movie or video shoots.  With my brown paper bag full, I walked out of the store with a total bill of $103.   Not bad for a 20 minute shopping trip.

Marti and Liz — Aerosoles

Tan suede wedges with a hint of purple by Aerosoles

A classic Joan and David shoe at Marti and Liz

A classic Joan and David shoe

Don’t you just love new shoes? Or in Marti & Liz’s case, gently worn ones?

Marti and Liz Shoes is located at 2000 Mallory Lane, Franklin, TN 37067. Learn more at (615) 435-8126.


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