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With South Beach in Miami calling my name for Spring break, I decided it was time to check out Marti and Liz shoes.  I had read about it several times, knew it was in Cool Springs (not necessarily a positive) and thought, “Is it worth the gas, time and effort to find out?” Resoundly:  yes, Yes, YES!  Where else can you find an incredible selection of designer shoes for the average price of $20-$25 a pair?  NOWHERE.

I walked in and immediately went to the 7’s thinking, “these will be picked over, for sure.”  Not so.  I found an entire rack and half of my size.  These shoes looked odd in that they were all slightly worn like display shoes at the store.  I was perplexed and here is the skinny as I understand it: Marti and Liz shoes are worn on movie sets and runway shows or are slightly damaged and repaired, or overstocks.

I scored three pair for my trip to Miami and couldn’t have be happier.

My first score was a pair of white and grey casual shoes by Privo ($25).  They are incredibly comfortable and easy to pack.  Next, I couldn’t resist the pair of Daphne flats in pale yellow ($24.99) to go with my capri pants and bright orange trench (unfortunately my youngest threw up on it as we landed in Miami! Note: dry cleaning is INCREDIBLY expensive in Miami.  But, I digress…) Finally, I picked up a pair of Marc Fisher brown wedge sandals ($24.99) to wear out on the town.

Marti and Liz gets in shoes on Thursdays. The weekends are jammed with shoppers.  So, as it is Thursday today, go ahead and make the trip!  They are located in the Kroger Shopping Center in Cool Springs- you know the one with JoAnn Fabrics.


Marti and Liz Shoes
2000 Mallory Lane
Franklin, TN  37067

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