I don’t know about you, but I want to shop at stores where the owner appreciates my business. This is truly the case at Lumen as when it comes to both inventory and customer service, Lumen gets a five-star review.

The first impression you get when you walk into Lumen is a visual treat – serious eye candy – and since shopping for lamps rates high on the fun meter, you can’t go wrong at Lumen.

Simply gorgeous!

To me, shopping for lamps is like shopping for a dress—you’re looking for the right fit, and when you find it, you feel great.  Lumen’s staff understands you want a perfect fit, and they make it easy to find it.

  • If you want to take lamps out on approval, it’s hassle-free, they want it to be right.
  • If you’re on a budget, the Lumen staff will work with you to find a lamp in a lesser price range.
  • If you need a lamp retrofitted with a new shade, Lumen has a huge selection of shades.
  • If you want Granny’s lamp updated, they repair lamps in-house.

We all know there are competitors to Lumen and some more established than Clay Isaacs’ lighting store which he opened in 2002.  But Clay opened his store seeing a niche in the market place–giving customers a great experience from the moment they walk through the Lumen’s door.

Clay (on left) discusses a lamp design.

When I got here in 1986, I employed a decorator to help me with my 1930’s bungalow on Whitland Avenue (the first of two houses I’ve lived in on the same street).  My decorator gave me an assignment to review the lamps she had put on hold for my bedroom and dining room.  I was directed to the only lamp shop in town at the time and came away thinking, “Wow, I just spent a ton of money, I got what I wanted, why do I feel so bad?”  Because the store didn’t act like it mattered if I shopped there or not.

Fast forward 20+ years, I hire another decorator with the same task: find lamps for my new bedroom and family room. But this time I had quite a different experience.  I still spent a ton of money at Lumen, but this time as I was leaving, someone said, “Thank you for your business. Come back soon.”  Yes, I am now a customer for life.

Garden stools are great on porches, bathrooms and dens.

Clay’s decision to add e-commerce to his new Web site is proof of his commitment to make shopping with Lumen as easy as the click of your mouse.  You can even upload images of your home and tap into Lumen’s design consultants to find the perfect lamp.

Lamp shades galore!

Good customer service pays off as Lumen has been selected as a finalist in the 22nd Annual ARTS Awards.  This award is a huge deal and recognizes excellence in a variety of categories including sales, manufacturing and retail.  It’s a nod from the industry to celebrate the best of the best.

If you believe in karma, and I do, please send Clay Isaacs and his incredible staff good thoughts and wishes for Annual ARTS Awards this January at the Dallas market.