I just returned from the DC area after leaving Nashville Saturday morning.  The first thing I did was head to Harris Teeter for the FREE 3 GALLONS OF WATER that they are offering.  I then bought just a wee bit more:

I now feel safe. I promise I’ll recycle the plastic.

I arrived here in Nashville today with some survivor’s guilt upon seeing the devastation. The stories of those who have lost everything are far too pervasive.  Nashville, the rest of the nation may be unaware, but as my chosen city, the emails I saw and the help offered made me swell with pride.  You may be hurt and wounded, but you are my city.  You care.  I will happily donate to the Middle Tennessee Red Cross and then put coins and dollars into every jar in Nashville for every needed surgery, damaged home and community in need.  This is what Nashville does.  We mourn together; we celebrate together; we volunteer together.  I left a beautiful day in D.C., my birthplace, full of clean water and headed home to Nashville as I’d rather boil water here – if it comes to that – than drink from the tap anywhere else.  I love you Nashville and I’m so glad to be home.

(And I’m so proud of my husband for joining volunteers through Hands On Nashville to sandbag Metro Center.  Hands on Nashville is coordinating all the volunteer relief efforts in Davidson Co….just in case you don’t know.)

I love how people are flocking to Facebook and posting messages to out of town friends: “Nashville is in trouble, Text “REDCROSS” to 90999 & a $10 donation will be charged to your cell bill” with links to pictures and videos.  If you are unhappy with the media’s help in getting the word out about Nashville, you do have an option: social media.

It’s hard to say this, but life does go on and many of us are uneasy with that right now.  This weekend will still have Steeple Chase and I have two parties to attend.  Emails about “things” are already starting.  It may sting, but it is true.  Just like my friends who had babies on 9-11 (or my joy having one just 10 days later) and my Vanderbilt sorority rush that bitingly continued during the start of Desert Storm, life does go on even when we want it all to stop.  The rest of the nation may not truly understand what is happening here, but, in middle TN,  We Are Nashville (from blog section303…you want to read this if you haven’t; trust me.)

And now for some information you can actually use:

If you are not aware of local blog Nashvillest, we’d like to make an introduction.  Nashvillest, meet StyleBlueprint readers; readers, meet Nashvillest.  This local news blog offers great recaps twice a day and right now, they are doing the great service of keeping us all informed on what organizations need help, what supplies are needed and what you can do.  Their post “So Nashville is flooded, what can I do to help” is a blog being updated with information as it comes in.  Elizabeth and I were going to write a similar thing, but you know what?  Nashvillest is doing such a great job so we’d like to direct you there.

Thursday, life will go on for StyleBlueprint as well. We will be back with Mother’s Day Gifts, even if that seems trivial – and we know it does – in light of this week’s events.  Our Thursday, Mother’s Day Top 5 List has changed significantly in the past few days, that is true, and our choice to move forward will hopefully benefit stores that need business and moms everywhere who would still like a little something.  Of course, if the situation here takes a nose dive, this may be our last post until next week.

To all of our readers, if anyone is in great need, please comment and let our great community help you. There’s no point in having this blog community if we can’t help each other out.

And to all of readers who don’t live here in Nashville…and we know there are quite a few of you, watch this video.  It’s a window into our pain.  For us in Nashville, grab yet another tissue:  YouTube

Peace and Love, Liza and Elizabeth.