Partner’s Tea Co. produces tea that is good to drink all year round.  But with names like Love, Sweet Friend Blend and Goodnight Kiss, this tea might be the perfect addition to a Valentine’s Day routine.

I grew up drinking tea with regularity. Blame it on my family’s pride of arriving on American soil in the year 1634.  Yes, we’re that type: the type that actually knows the day our ancestors hit this continent.  The type that keeps up family records and bestows upon our children names that have been engraved in silver and etched on tombstones for hundreds of years.  Hit the Eastern Shore of Maryland and see how many old grave sites have Mary Eliza (my christened name).  Cool to some, creepy to others.  The fun part of all this history, was the time spent over tea, as that is what has been done in my family since tea became mainstream in England, which was around the mid 17th century.  We all drank it the English way: cream and honey or sugar.  Sugar cubes have slowly been replaced by blue and pink packets.  The choices always included Earl Grey.  I did not become a fan of the iced variety until I moved to Nashville when I was 17.  Now, I love it all.  But, I just found a tea that eclipses all teas I have ever had – bold words to be sure, considering the background I just gave you!

Tea picking from a Fair Trade tea estate in North India.

I am completely thrilled to write today about Partner’s Tea Co. You may have heard of them since they did win Best Tea in the 2009 Nashville Scene poll.  I had heard of Partners but I was cruising along pretty happy with my Yogi teas.  Then, a little gift appeared on my front porch a couple weeks ago with a note “Share this tea with Mary Blake (my oldest daughter, now 11) on her birthday and enjoy!”  Well, we did and I was stunned – really, I’m not hyperbolizing here, STUNNED at how good my first taste of Goodnight Kiss was.  You can flavor with honey and cream, but I love it straight up.  Replace that late afternoon glass of wine with some Goodnight Kiss and see if you are not similarly relaxed while feeling more at peace.

Partner’s Tea Company is a local Nashville company owned by Sarah Scarborough.  The teas are organic and Fair Trade Teas.  Sarah has been working since 2001 with various Fair Trade tea companies all over the globe.  In fact, she set up Scarborough Fair in 2004 and this company is now the largest Fair Trade company in New Zealand and Australia, producing coffee, tea and chocolate.  I know, she’s very impressive, isn’t she?  Sarah is introducing tea to the States in a way where flavors shine, and ethics are held high.  A cup of tea helps your own health and nourishment while also supporting the health and nourishment of communities across the ocean in need.  I love win-win’s. She also gives 1% of every purchase to organizations empowering women through education.  I mean, really, can this story get any better?   YES – if you add drinking tea to your daily life!  To read more about how impressive Sarah is, and why we all should care about Fair Trade, click here.

Partner’s Tea Co founder Sarah Scarborough

Isn’t it great when a nice company is also the one producing the best?  We think so too.

You can purchase your tea locally at Bread & Company, Davis Kidd, The Produce Place, Social Graces, Whole Foods and more.  Check out the website for a complete listing of locations and tea offerings.

And for our East Coast readers (we know you exist!), order online.  You need it with your 40+ inches of snow.

Love with a Good Night Kiss.  Off to brew some more.  Let’s hope 375 years from now that these teas are still available and that my family traditions will include Partner’s Tea Company.

Tea Recipes:

Ok – I hear some of you still thinking that you can’t give up that evening cocktail.  How about this: 1 cup Goodnight Kiss, brewed + 2 ounces Baileys Irish Creme Liqueur.  Yummmmm.

Want to make a special love potion #9 for Valentines Day? (or a bridal shower, wedding or anniversary!)  Here’s how:

Love Tea-tini

  • 2 parts Love tea, brewed and iced
  • 1 part fresh pomegranate juice
  • 1 part organic vodka
  • .5 parts Thatchers Organic Artisan Liqueurs Blood Orange Liqueur (or Cointreau or White Creme de Cacao)
  • Shake with ice and sere with a piece of chocolate.
  • Rim glass with cacao powder, if desired.

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