Nashville is filled with a tremendous amount of culinary talent with a long list of local restaurants offering creative and flavorful menus. We tapped three local establishments — Tavern at Bobby, Fort Louise and Nicky’s Coal Fired — to get some of their most popular recipes that we can create at home. If you can’t make it out, enjoy an amazing meal at home.

Sorghum Glazed Pork Chop

Tavern at Bobby offers an in-town dining experience at one of Music City’s most unique boutique hotels. Here, Chef Jeff Axline opens his recipe box to share this flavorful recipe that he serves up to diners each night. Find the recipe for his sorghum glazed pork chop HERE.

Click HERE for the sorghum glazed pork chop recipe from Tavern at Bobby. Image: Lisa Diederich

Fort Louise Shrimp & Grits

Does it get more Southern than shrimp & grits? Some of the most delicious shrimp & grits in town can be found at Fort Louise, and today, they’re sharing the recipe so you can whip some up at home. A delightful combination of white cheddar and chipotle grits, spring onions, cherry tomato, mushrooms and Gulf shrimp yields an incredibly flavorful dish. Get the Fort Louise shrimp & grits recipe HERE.

Click HERE for the recipe for Fort Louise’s shrimp & grits. Image: Fort Louise

Nicky’s Coal Fired Sweetcorn Gelato

This sweetcorn gelato recipe comes from our friends at Nicky’s Coal Fired. The creamy, savory and sweet treat is a delicious dessert or anytime-indulgence. Click HERE for the Nicky’s Coal Fired sweetcorn gelato recipe.

Click HERE for the Nicky’s Coal Fired sweetcorn gelato recipe. Image: Nicky’s Coal Fired

Enjoy your meal! And if you’d rather enjoy a meal out, be sure to check out our SB Guide and peruse the list of amazing local restaurants around town. Click HERE.

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