Brentwood and great shopping have not always been synonymous. Yes, Brentwood has one of the best TJ MAXX’s in the country. Yes, the income per household in Brentwood is high. But, even residents have felt compelled to shop in Franklin or Nashville, until recently. Today, we highlight some of the incredible, locally-owned home stores in the vicinity of Brentwood’s Town Center, as well as two restaurants that are both a stone’s throw from these stores: Soy Teriyaki Bistro and Local Taco. Nashville and Franklin residents now have ways to “shop local” in Brentwood.

The roundabout in Brentwood


While Brentwood Interiors and Inside-Out have existed in this section of Brentwood for ages, the newest crop of stores has made this turn off Franklin Road even more fun. Plan to spend some time at these stores – they’re worth it.

Vignette and Fresh Style: Both are found directly on the roundabout. They are connected through an interior hallway and the both store owners are delightful. In fact, I stayed about 90 minutes longer than I had planned, gabbing away.

Ask owner Lisa McHugh to describe her store, Vignette, and she immediately says, “It’s a lifestyle store.” I was amazed at the great assortment clothing, jewelry, gifts and home furnishings. Most of the furnishings and home accessories are calming with tone-on-tone colors that soothe the soul. While the downstairs is mostly clothes (through company Raine) and jewelry, the upstairs furniture simply makes you sigh – really.  It’s just lovely. I immediately had to ask Lisa to list her favorite decor blogs, as her aesthetic is very similar to mine. So, all blog lovers take note: Greige, Velvet & Linen, Cote de Texas, Habitually Chic, Willow Decor and Trouvais. This is a store for women of any age and the gift possibilities are endless.

Downstairs at Vignette showcases like a boutique, with some home furnishings and jewelry throughout.

Upstairs at Vignette, you’ll find treasures like this bird cage.

The upstairs has gorgeous items throughout.

 I really think these pillows belong on my own bed.  Made by “Shades of Grey” from Belgian linen.

Fresh Style is the colorful counterpart to Vignette. Filled with bright and cheerful furniture, as well as great prices, this store is guaranteed to make you feel happy. From lighting, pillows, upholstered and painted furniture to original local artwork, owner Nanette Williams has beautifully captured the essence of decorating with color in a sophisticated, yet fun way. Fresh Style is also full of gift ideas for teachers and friends… and for yourself. I especially love how the owners of Vignette and Fresh Style are such obvious friends.  Women need to support each others’ businesses. It is evident that this is happening here. I also saw to customers come in and run to hug Nanette and Lisa. Love that.

The colorful yin to Vignette’s neutral yang

Color reigns. Much of the artwork here is local.

Love these pillows

The Snooty Fox is found just beyond Vignette and Fresh Style.  The owners, Craven Thomas and Gregg Akin, originally met while working at Williams Home Place on Edmonson Pike.  Combining their backgrounds of lighting, furniture and accessory buying, they have created a store filled with an “old world” aesthetic with prices ranging from a mere $5 to upwards of $2500 (for their finer furniture or chandeliers).  I particularly loved some of the artwork, the barware, the lighting and the dinnerware.  When asked what they are best known for, the answer was easy, accessories.

This lighting fixture caught my eye and made me wish for an enormous kitchen in which to house it.  Notice what the owners did to the ceiling.  Nice, huh?  Love attention to detail.


The works of Knoxville artist Jonathan Howe look right at home in Nashville.

I looked for 2 years for a piece like this trolley and could never find it. Oh, well. My need has passed, but I still feel the need to highlight this, and the barware. Great gifts for men.

Spruce Living is not a new name for long-time readers of StyleBlueprint.  We have written about this store several times, and our cars seem to all have a magnetic pull to this gifts and home store whenever the zipcode hits 37207.  A perfect place to shop for art, gifts, baby gifts, home decor, clothing and jewelry, we are simply big fans of the choices Spruce offers.  Note: one of our favorite local jewelry lines, GoodmanSpalding, can be found at Spruce.

A calming color palette flows throughout Spruce

Pretty, huh?


Spruce owner, Alicia Helm, has been so inspired by the new crop of local stores that she has put together Town Center Saturdays. The next one is June 18th and will take place on the roundabout. It’s a combination of a farmer’s market and a marketplace offering wares from many local shops — all outside with a backdrop of live music.  Be sure to check it out!

Town Center Days- Brentwood

Town Center Days- Brentwood

Music at Town Center Days- Brentwood

With all the neighborhoods in Brentwood, there are lots of hungry mouths to feed.  Today, we want to highlight two restaurants that are fast, fresh and friendly: Soy Teriyaki Bistro and Local Taco. Both are all locally owned and fabulous (I had to keep the alliteration going….)

Soy Teriyaki Bistro is found on Maryland Farms Boulevard, close to the intersection with Franklin Road. Soy Bistro takes a fresh approach to Asian cooking and ensures a speedy delivery. With a definite emphasis on homemade foods and sauces, using the freshest of ingredients, many now find the choice to head to Brentwood for lunch or dinner an easy one.  Japan is represented with edamame, miso soup and teriyaki. Korea with Korean inspired tacos with spicy slaw, and Vietnam with the pork sandwiches. You will even find salads to make the American-Asian fusion complete. Take out is readily available for individuals, families and large parties.

Owner Hannah and her husband Chris of Soy Bistro.  Hanna is holding the Pink Salad (strawberries, lettuce, edamame) with shrimp and Chris is holding their ever-popular Korean tacos.

Teriyaki chicken with steamed brown rice

Local Taco first opened in Sylvan Park and then branched out into Brentwood. Each location is different and has it’s own appeal.  The Brentwood location is better for me because when it comes to dinner, I prefer to sit down and order from a waitress so I can relax, know my kids are seated and wonder just how soon my margarita will arrive. I don’t want to be sidetracked with strategies on grabbing the perfect table the instant I finish ordering. So, Brentwood answers the dinner call with a full waitstaff and plenty of seating. For lunch, expect 2 options: full service OR the order-at-the-counter layout. (I like this scenario for lunch. My brain is still functioning this time of day.)

Another note about the Brentwood location: the menu is different, and I dare say better.  And, the place oozes cool with it’s funky architecture looking like a perfect fit for the Gulch but housed in the ‘burb of Brentwood.  Really.

Here are my favorites: the lamb meatball taco with cucumber slices and the roasted vegetable taco slathered with an herb goat cheese!

We know we left plenty of favorite places off this list, so let us know about them. Brentwood simply offers so many options for shopping and dining now, it’s hard to cover them all! Count on StyleBlueprint to be better about covering this area regularly from now on.

Lastly, if you are looking for news and happenings in Brentwood, check out the Brentwood Homepage, an online daily newspaper.


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