Despite the plethora of Halloween kitsch that hits stores long before the October holiday, designing a good costume always seems like a serious undertaking. Today, we give you 11 ideas for costumes that require little more than wardrobe staples you already own and a handful of accessories you can find on the cheap. From classic stock characters to modern movie figures, this list features costume interpretations that are flattering and comfortable. We break down the basics of each look, but feel free to wear additional pieces you deem fitting!

Rosie the Riveter

Who: The cultural icon that encouraged women to volunteer during World War II

What you need: Your favorite denim shirt, a red bandana and the confidence to flex your guns!

Rosie the Riveter Costume

Denim shirt and red bandana? Easy costume … boom! Done!


Rosie the Riveter poster

Rosie the Riveter | Image credit: Wikipedia

Cat Lady

Who: The lady next door (or perhaps an estranged aunt), who spends her time in tacky knit sweaters, oversized denim and the company of her cats

What you need: Cat sweater, high-waisted jeans, white sneakers and a cat

last-minute halloween costume

Cat sweater, Mom jeans,  and a stuffed cat create the perfect Cat Lady costume

Mona Lisa

Who: The famous lady with the elusive smile painted by Leonardo da Vinci

What you need: A large, empty frame, a peasant blouse and a wrap

Mona Lisa painting

Three simple ingredients are the perfect recipe for this costume classic. Image credit: 

Fortune Teller

Who: The creepy character who looks into a crystal ball to reveal your life’s pending fortune … or misfortune

What you need: Head wrap or towel twist, gold jewelry, patterned shawl

last-minute halloween costume

Your future looks festive with an amazingly easy costume: Head wrap, gold hoop earrings, gold statement necklace  and a tasseled shawl


Who: Vintage Parisian street actor who performs without speech

What you need: A black-and-white striped shirt, suspenders, a black beret, white gloves and face paint

last-minute halloween costume

Striped shirt, Suspenders and a beret speak loud and clear. Just add white gloves!

Image credit:

Image credit:

Where’s Waldo?

Who: The striped-clad children’s book character who travels the world leaving his belongings behind

What you need: A red-and-white striped shirt, hat, glasses and blue jeans.

last-minute halloween costume

Red and white striped shirt, blue jeanshat and glasses, and you have a stand-out costume.


Image credit:

Wednesday Addams

Who: The stoic daughter of the Addams Family

What you need: A black dress with white collar, braids and a scowl

Last-minute halloween costume

All you need is a simple black dress with a white collar.

Bank Robber

Who: Infamous character who steals from banks and dashes away with the loot

What you need: A black turtleneck, black mask, black boots and a sack to carry your coins!

Bank Robber

Back turtleneck, drawstring sack, black mask, black boots, and black gloves add up to the perfect crime!

Mia Wallace, Pulp Fiction

Who: Uma Thurman’s drug-abusing character, who stars alongside John Travolta’s Vincent Vega in Pulp Fiction

What you need: An oversized, white button-down, black pants, black flats and red lipstick


Oversized white button down, black pants and black flats show that personality goes a long way!

mia wallace 1

Image Credit: Adventures of an Indoor Girl

Morton Salt Girl

Who: The young girl in yellow who has graced Morton Salt canisters for decades

What you need: A yellow dress, an umbrella and a container of Morton Salt (add a blonde wig and yellow shoes for extra authenticity)

Last-minute halloween costume

Yellow dress, umbrella and yellow shoes add flavor to any Halloween party.

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Image credit:

Garth from Wayne’s World

Who: One half of the hilarious duo from the ’90s cult classic film, Wayne’s World

What you need: T-shirt, ripped jeans, black Converse, a flannel shirt and black-rimmed glasses


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