With so many dining options in Nashville right now, it can be overwhelming to select where to go. When hunting for recommendations, we found that everyone has their go-tos, their favorites and their must-try destinations. We wanted to challenge these local folks a bit by asking not for their favorite restaurant but for a meal that recently wowed them. Needless to say, the responses made our mouths water and now we have nine more dishes on our list to try.

Guenievre Milliner of Little Gourmand

“My best recent meal was probably at Sinema. We had dinner there without any specific expectation and were astonished by the quality of the food, service and sommelier. I had delicious truffle arancini followed by an exquisite parmesan chicken. We have already returned — and Sinema is now on our list of best restaurants in Nashville!”

Ed Nash of Ed Nash Art

“At Jack Brown’s Beer and Burger Joint in Germantown, I had the Greg Brady burger (Wagyu beef topped with barbecue potato chips and mac ‘n’ cheese) and finished up with a deep-fried Oreo.”

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One thing is for sure, the Greg Brady burger will fill you up! Image: Jack Brown’s Beer and Burger Joint

Bailey Rae of The Local Vegan

“I am going to have to go with a pizza from Bella Napoli I had two weeks ago. They out-did themselves with the best vegan pie I’ve had in town. It featured garlic, tomatoes, olives, fresh arugula and was drizzled with olive oil to finish. The crust was perfectly blistered and chewy. I was in heaven!”

Dig into this pizza tonight!

Bella Napoli’s pizza pies are some of the best in town. Vegan? Just ask for it without the cheese! Image: Bella Napoli

Scott Witherow of Olive & Sinclair Chocolate

“My best last meal was at Husk Nashville at the bar. I had oysters (with michelada mignonette, chili and lime), crispy pig ear lettuce wraps, crispy chicken skins, pimento cheese, fried squash bread and a couple “Back Porches” (a Husk bourbon cocktail) and “Fit for a King” (a new cocktail featuring Amer Picon from 1904 — holy moly!). It was double dang delicious! I might have had some other items but that is my typical gluttonous spread! I love that place.”

Butch Spyridon of Nashville Convention & Visitors Corp

“Fortunately for me, my last best meal was this past weekend at the Music City Food + Wine Festival. To see how far Nashville’s culinary scene has come, in one fell swoop, was mind blowing! I’m not sure I can name one place in particular but when you can go from meat-and-three and burgers to paté and sushi and from barbecue to gourmet “ice cream sandwich,” you know it’s a good day.”

Music City Food + Wine Festival = YUM

Held this past weekend, The Music City Food + Wine Festival showcased the city’s culinary talents!

Renata Soto of Conexión Américas

“Last Saturday, I had dinner under the stars at Jose’s Taqueria food truck on Nolensville Pike across the street from Conexión Américas/Casa Azafrán. I had plato de pollo (chicken plate): juicy rotisserie chicken, rice, beans, salad and freshly made tortillas (corn tortillas, of course). It is the best value in town, too; only $8, tax included. And I have to say this: I love #tacotrucksoneverycorner!”

Jill Melton of Edible Nashville

“I will have to say the cheeseburger and the strawberry phosphate at The Pharmacy in East Nashville. The phosphate was perfect and refreshing. Our service was also amazing, which never hurts. The burger was super moist and the bun was great, which is what I find lacking on most burgers. I love the friendly vibe of the place, too.”

The Pharmacy's super moist burger is one to try!

The Pharmacy’s super moist cheeseburger is a must-try! Image: The Pharmacy

Clay Greenberg of Silo

“That Yazoo beer yeast crouton at The Catbird Seat created by chef Trevor Moran was the single tastiest bite I’ve experienced anywhere in town. Nashville is so lucky to have a restaurant like that. I love it!”

Deb Paquette of Etch and etc.

“My last great meal was Japchae at Korea House. I love that dish/place!”

Thank you to these local tastemakers for sharing their last best meal in Nashville. Now we all have a list to start checking off. 


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