When considering a kitchen makeover, it’s natural to look to rising trends. Things like open shelving, exposed brick and statement range and vent hoods are hot right now and bend more toward modern design, though we suspect they are not fleeting. Both functional and eye-catching, these trendy design elements can elevate any kitchen and enliven the overall aesthetic. So whether you are looking to update your kitchen, or are just dreaming of doing so, let these images, pulled from projects by local designers and builders, inspire you.

TREND: Statement range and vent hoods

“Range hoods can evoke the heart of a home. This is where the cooking happens,” says Ridley Wills of The Wills Company, speaking to the incorporation of statement range hoods. “Whether it is a standout feature or concealed, a well-vented hood should be a necessity for any kitchen that hopes to function well for actual cooking. To me, it is fun to create a design statement with the hood whenever a kitchen’s style calls for it!”

Previously hidden and disguised, this necessary piece of kitchen ventilation is now taking center stage in many homes. Fashioned with interesting metals, stone and tile, these range and vent hoods are begging to be noticed. Below are examples of some of our favorite statement range and vent hoods, but you will be sure to spot them again when married with open shelving and exposed brick trends featured later on in this article.

Statement ranges and vent hoods are only one of three kitchen trends we love right now

The copper hood adds texture, old-world charm and warmth to this 150-year-old Victorian home. Designed by Beth Haley Design, this kitchen is covetable, and the range hood makes it even more so. Image: Beth Haley Design

Take a look at this black range!

The black range hood is nestled between light-colored cabinets, which allows it to stand out while fitting into the overall design. Thanks to the team at Van Mol Restoration, the hood makes a statement without detracting from the other elements in the space. Image: Van Mol Restoration

Even in with its muted tons, this range stands out

Natural, cream and gray hues and soft lines make this kitchen livable and welcoming. The range and vent hood complements the color palette and draws the eye to the ceiling. Roger Higgins, of R. Higgins Interiors, never ceases to amaze us with his design talent, and this kitchen is no exception. Image: R. Higgins Interiors

Statement ranges are all the rage

A variety of textures and materials are incorporated into this kitchen, which keeps your eye moving around the room. It is no surprise that our eye kept coming back to the vent hood cover and the stunning tile backsplash. “We have been eager to install this French Blue Lacanche Range for quite some time and could not be more pleased with the outcome. Very grateful for an adventurous client who trusted the outcome would worth the wait,” Mark Simmons of Mark Simmons Interiors tells us. Image: Mark Simmons Interiors

The vent hood is the centerpiece of this kitchen

“The pecky cypress cabinets, reclaimed floors and beams and tile backsplash create the backdrop for this painted-metal hood,” Michael Marchetti of The Marchetti Company says of this lake house kitchen design. He commends Landy Gardner for the choices in tile, cabinet materials, colors and of course, the stunning hood. Image: The Marchetti Company

A unique statement range that acts as a piece of art

This kitchen renovation, a project by The Wills Company, resulted in a space unlike any other. What makes it so unique is the Celtic cross ensconced above the range hood. The design creates a strong visual impact and functions as a work of art in an unexpected way. Image: Wiff Harmer

We love how this range is framed by rich, wood cabinets

Whites and grays are offset by the rich wooden cabinets, which encase the elegant vent hood. This project, with architectural plans by Allard Ward Architects and design and development by Dreaminc., shows us the ability to mix and match materials for a stunning, cohesive look. Image: Allard Ward Architects, LLC

TREND: Open shelving

There has been a rise in incorporating open shelving in kitchens over the past few years, and folks are jumping at the opportunity to make their shelving a focal point. “Open shelving in kitchens is the perfect solution to maximizing the size of a kitchen. By eliminating upper cabinetry, the room feels larger, and also offers the homeowner a place to display beautiful or sentimental items,” says Julie Couch of Julie Couch Interiors of the growing trend. “My clients are asking for more simple, straightforward designs, so the uniformity and repetition of white dishes or silver pieces creates a functional, elegant and timeless kitchen.”

Open shelving is one of our favorite kitchen trends

The clean, contemporary lines of the subway tile backsplash, chevron floors and bare windows are accentuated by the open shelving in this kitchen. Renovated with the help of the folks from Broderick Builders, Inc., this space provides a functional design without sacrificing personality. The shelves perfectly frame the gas range and vent hood and allow the family to display some of their prettiest pieces. To see more of this open-concept kitchen, click here. Image: Wiff Harmer

Pair open shelves with covered cabinets

As many kitchens do, this one marries open shelving with the more traditional closed cabinetry for the best of both worlds. By having both, homeowners can more easily pick and choose which items to display. With the help of Pfeffer Torode Architecture , this kitchen is designed to embrace the trend of open shelving while not steering too far from the norm. Image: Nick McGinn

White, bright and open!

“This bright and open kitchen features lots of storage. The open reclaimed wood shelving provides interest against the shiplap-clad walls and ceiling. Brass plumbing fixtures and shelving brackets warm the space. The open shelving is functional and provides an area to display special pieces,” explains Sara Ray of Sara Ray Interior Design of the design. Image: Alyssa Rosenheck

store more than dishes on your open shelves

Don’t be afraid to incorporate non-kitchen items into your shelving display. Keep things interesting by decorating them with art of all shapes, sizes and mediums. Image: Alyssa Rosenheck

Open shelving at its finest

During the redesign of this Richland-area kitchen, the homeowners wanted to update the space without losing the integrity of their historic home. With open shelving, subway tiles and additional design elements, the team at Trace Ventures was able to do just that! Image: Trace Ventures

TREND: Exposed brick

Many times, exposed brick is synonymous with farmhouse — or rustic — living. We are always thrilled to see exposed brick in this setting but are nothing short of elated to notice the trend being incorporated in a variety of designs. “Brick is easy to care for, making it a very practical choice for all ‘chefs’ … it is a great choice for backsplashes because it can blend in so many different styles of kitchens: Southern traditional, industrial and European,” a designer at Christopher Architecture & Interiors shares.

Kitchen inspiration (including the exposed brick trend) right this way!

The stunning copper hood only solidifies the intent of making this functional element an eye-catching design feature. The copper tones complement the brick backsplash and add warmth to this lake house, designed by Christopher Architecture & Interiors. Image: Christopher Architecture & Interiors

Incorporate exposed brick into your kitchen by pairing it with a range of materials

“This project was a complete overhaul on the space, from the floors to the appliances. We used dark cabinets to help blend the colors of the wood floor and the brick. The functional brick oven is a great conversation piece, as it was used for everything from pizzas to hamburgers,” Derek Van Mol of Van Mol Restoration says of the kitchen renovation. “The mason jar fixture was picked to light the kitchen and adds to the country/cabin feel of this open gathering space.” Image: Van Mol Restoration

Color, exposed brick, pattern + light = the perfect kitchen

The colorful accents found in this kitchen offer a modern touch that is warmed by exposed brick and rich wood tones. Designed by local designer Sally Truitt, with renovations from Hammond & Brandt Builders, this kitchen combines modern, traditional and practical design that packs personality. To learn more about this kitchen renovation, click here.

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