You can tell a lot about a person by their kitchen. Whether it’s a quaint galley in a rustic farmhouse or a spartan kitchenette in a New York City pad, there is something thrilling about nosing your way into another person’s kitchen. If today’s featured home reveals anything about its owners, it’s a love of color, a reverence for food and a profound appreciation for friends, family and good conversation. So sit back, relax and take a peek inside a truly inspiring transformation.

Photography by Wiff Harmer

When I inquired about the guiding principle behind the composition of this kitchen renovation, local designer Sally Truit said she let the family inspire the design and inform her process. Her jumping off point was a sample of a Southwestern terra cotta tile stained with ambers and blues. Sally wanted to incorporate these rich hues in a manner that wouldn’t overwhelm the space. Her solution was to allocate light blue to the ceiling and introduce the complementary orange through accent furniture like bar stools. The kitchen was made complete by custom paint finishes by Robin Campbell Designs.

The boldest colors were introduced through interchangeable pieces, like chairs. Though they are a focal point of the kitchen, the bright stools don’t monopolize the other notable features, but rather, add energy and modernity.
This colorful kitchen is great for a family. Check out the blue ceiling!
The balance between white surfaces and colorful accents makes the kitchen look polished but not stark. If the pup didn’t give you a hint, this is a place to recline and unwind.

The renovation invoked the keen eye of Van Pond of Van Pond Architects and relied on the diligent workmanship of Paul Hammond of Hammond & Brandt Builders. A wall was demolished, new appliances and fixtures were installed, and counters were resurfaced, among other cosmetic procedures. The island was repositioned to face the stovetop and window, allowing for traffic to flow more easily through the space and encouraging dwellers to congregate at the polished marble counter. The stove received a facelift of sorts with a new backsplash that reflects the New Orleans heritage of the residents. Sally stressed that it’s the subtle incorporation of these warm elements—the exposed brick, upholstered seats, interplay of painted and stained woods—that imbue this space with both charm and modern sensibility.

Orange bar stools, blue ceiling ... I love this colorful kitchen!
Don’t be afraid of pattern. When applied to a small area, a festive wallpaper can bring an unexpected panache to a sophisticated space.

This is the second time the homeowners have used Hammond  & Brandt Builders for a renovation, and they couldn’t be more pleased with the results!

Here’s a look at the before:

BEFORE: Here's a look at the kitchen prior to renovation.
BEFORE: Here’s a look at the kitchen prior to renovation.

And the after:

White cabinets make for a beautiful kitchen
The spacious pantry is disguised by soft white cabinetry. The open spaces are curated like a bookshelf with artful accents, vases and serving ware.
This marble countertop on the kitchen island is amazing!
Contemporary light fixtures not only brighten the room but also direct focus to the gorgeous countertop surface, a place to prep, cook and entertain.
Blue ceiling, white kitchen, exposed brick ... what's not to love?
The renovated kitchen is more contemporary than adjacent rooms, but blends seamlessly thanks to intimate decor. Two large French doors open onto a screened porch which is used year round.
Stained and painted wood warm the kitchen while keeping the aesthetic predominately modern. Coupled with an eclectic mix of furniture, the elegant wooden table lends itself to more than just dining.
Stained and painted wood warm the kitchen while keeping the aesthetic predominately modern. Coupled with an eclectic mix of furniture, the elegant wooden table lends itself to more than just dining.

A special thanks to the homeowners for welcoming us into their fabulous kitchen!



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