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For those readers that trekked to Abbottsford for the Big Sale ( this past October with Kippy Leland, Maggie Troutman and Charlotte Terrell only to find the show CANCELED here’s the back story: Due to circumstances beyond anyone’s control, the exclusive gated community of Abbottsford wanted to keep their gates just that, gated, so adventurous and curious shoppers were out of luck.

The great news is the show has been rescheduled at 4102 Sneed Road for this weekend with the some fabulous additions joining in with the original trio. Betsy Hindman will be there with her gorgeous  collection of vintage charms bracelets,  Jimy Nichols with his clay botanicals and Peter Nash presenting fine portraits of people and pets.  Also, Kippie, Maggie and Charlotte have many new items for you to see.  As anticipated, this show will not disappoint you and we promise, the door will be open for business ALL WEEKEND LONG.

Before we talk any further about this show, Liza wants to pipe in.


“Yes, you can go to any of these trunk shows even if you don’t know the women holding the show.  REALLY!  I’ve had several people ask me that over the past few months.  We would not write about it if we, in any way, thought you would feel uncomfortable popping in and seeing what each show was all about!  I  So GO!  Have FUN!  No need to feel intimidated!”

Now, back to Elizabeth’s post:

Plum Charm Bracelets

Betsy Hindman’s new business venture, opens up a  new world of English and vintage charm bracelets that will delight the eye.  When most of us think of charm bracelets, we think of the charm bracelets that marked personal events or happening in our life.  However, in England, in the 40’s through the 60’s, charm bracelets were made with charms so imaginative and creative, they are now considered collector’s items.  Many of the bracelets were based on themes and all were made in high quality silver and gold — many with mixed metals creating gorgeous patinas.  Plum Charm Bracelets

Where modern charms are one-dimensional, vintage charms are more complex with a sense of elegance and whimsy.  Many charms have movable parts and open to reveal something unexpected.  Imagine a church with a tiny bride and groom inside, or martini shaker with a red devil winking at you;  the creators’ sense of playfulness and intricate design continue to marvel us decades later.

1960's english charm bracelet with 13 sterling teapots

1960’s english charm bracelet with 13 sterling teapots

This bracelet with over 100 big band instruments would look great on Taylor Swift!

This bracelet with over 100 big band instruments would look great on Taylor Swift!

Betsy Hindman wearing one of my favorite bracelets

Betsy Hindman wearing one of my favorite bracelets

Here is what I adore about these one of a kind charm bracelets:  their history is fascinating; they look fabulous & fun with a casual over-sized sweater or sophisticated with your little black dress; if you are in need of an ice breaker or conversation starter, just jingle your charm bracelet.  As the trend of chunky, bigger than life  jewelry continues, these bracelets will define any outfit. Betsy finds themed charm bracelets entirely made up of musical instruments, cooking utensils, sporting equipment, the 50 states and more.  If you are looking for a specific theme, Betsy’s sources – spanning several countries – are incredible so ask her to research a bracelet for you.  You will not be disappointed by the craftsmanship and detail of the bracelets in her collection.

Jimmy Nichols

Jimy Nichols is a master of deception.  At first glance, I thought. “Oh, what a twist, the show will have some fresh flowers and plants for sale.”  But with further inspection, I realized all of the images are made of Tennessee and Kentucky clay!  Jimy was trained at the prestigious Parsons School of Design and continues to amaze his colleagues.  Each petal is formed by hand, painted with numerous layers of glaze and assembled meticulously.  His foxglove clay creation can have as many as 400 pieces.  All the containers you see are made by Jimy.  Decorators like Mario Buatta, Jane Shelton and Charles Faudree consider themselves followers.  Truly, if you are shopping for a person that has everything, (the one that you lose sleep over about what to buy every year), consider one of Jimy Nichols’ clay creations.  I think his clay botanicals are the most original art I’ve seen in a long time.

Hollyhock in clay:simply gorgeous

Hollyhock in clay:simply gorgeous

A clay botanical of foxgloves by Jimy Nichols

A clay botanical of foxgloves by Jimy Nichols

Peter Nash

Peter Nash will compete for your beloved pets’ attention.  Nash, one of Nashville’s top celebrity photographers, can capture your pooch’s attention with incredible skill… and I’m sure patience.  He has gained a national following for these portraits.  I know so many friends that consider their pet their soul mates; the gift of a portrait will inspire for years to come.  For more pet portraits, see Peter’s website:

"without loving your subject there is no passion and without passion you shouldn't be photographing"-Peter Nash

“Without loving your subject there is no passion and without passion you shouldn’t be photographing.”-Peter Nash


And back to the original three: here are some pictures to inspire by Kippy Leland, Maggie Troutman and Charlotte Terrel!

Dusk over water by Charlotte Terrell

Dusk over water by Charlotte Terrell

Shell collages in bronze frames

Maggie Troutman has such an eye for wonderful vintage prints.  There should be some unwritten rule:  if you find a series of almost anything in the way of old prints, BUY THEM.  Not only do they completely command the wall they grace, they can be used almost anywhere in a home.  These are fabulous!  Shell collages in bronze frames

Nouveau-Deco Chair from Kippy Lealand

I LOVE the chair.  As many of my friends and StyleBlueprint readers know, chairs are my passion and nemesis.  Can one really have too many chairs?  Nouveau-Deco Chair from Kippy Lealand

Green Hills Sale: Art, Antiques & Acquisitions

Where: 4102 Sneed Road

When: Thursday, Friday, Saturday / 10:00AM – 5:00PM
Thursday- Twilight Sale / 6:00PM – 8:00PM
Sunday / 12:00PM – 4:00PM

For more information call:  Maggie at 615-210.6195I

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