Comfort food is my favorite kind of food, so naturally when it comes to sweater weather, I like to make my most favorite comfort dish of all: chili. I also love trying out new recipes and tweaking them to my liking. For instance, I found this Kentucky Bourbon Chili recipe in my newest cookbook purchase, Kentucky Bourbon Cookbook by Albert Schmid, but since I prefer my chili to be more meaty and not as spicy, I adapted its strong flavor foundation to accommodate my preferences. And the result? Delish!

Kentucky Bourbon chili is the perfect sweater weather meal.

Kentucky Bourbon Chili is the perfect sweater weather meal.

The addition of bourbon boosts the flavor, but doesn’t carry that burn that bourbon usually does, as most of the alcohol cooks out. For example, bourbon balls have a little bourbon burn because the cream is not cooked, but rather refrigerated. I also added a few extra ingredients such as diced tomatoes, garlic, sour cream and cheese, as well as an additional half pound of ground beef and an extra tablespoon of chili powder. Since the recipe yields such a large batch, there was plenty left over for lunch the next day and to freeze.

Kentucky bourbon is the perfect addition to this delicious chili recipe.

I used Evan Williams Kentucky Whiskey Bourbon, however, you may use any type of bourbon you would like.

With a unanimous vote from family and friends, this new recipe is here to stay!

Sidenote: This cookbook is full of mouthwatering recipes and is definitely worth the purchase! I got mine at the Evan Williams Experience on Main Street, however, you can find it at any bookstore across Louisville.

Sold locally at the Evan Williams Experience or Carmichael's Bookstore

Sold locally at the Evan Williams Experience or Carmichael’s Bookstore

Now for the greatness:

styleblueprint kentucky bourbon chili

Kentucky Bourbon Chili

styleblueprint kentucky bourbon chili (5)

It’s a little messy, but worth it.

styleblueprint kentucky bourbon chili (1)

Friends agree that it’s a winner!



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