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The idea of a juice detox continues to entice people. I have my own ideas as to why:

  1. You don’t have to think too much about what you are eating/drinking. In our modern times, food is much discussed and over analyzed. Sometimes you just need a break from food, but of course we need food. When you feel like this, a juice detox sounds especially appealing.
  2. It’s hard to beat the incredible amount of extra vitamins and antioxidants rushing into your body from juicing.
  3. Fasting has been around for thousands of years and it’s part of many religions around the world.
  4. When you are trying to make some big changes, sometimes having the buffer of a juice detox can mentally prepare and excite you for your new commitment.
  5. It’s trendy. Kinda lame to put this in as a reason people are enticed, but the truth is, people talk about juice detoxes and lots of people will support you. They’ll ask you lots of questions. You’ll be in “the know.”
  6. Fresh juice tastes good. (Okay, not everyone loves it, but I, for one, adore it.)

One thing to know before you juice is that the OJ and cranberry juice on the shelf or in the refrigerator at your local grocery store is pretty much solid sugar, according to all the fresh juiceries in town. The point is to nourish your body, not feed it empty calories. Do not go this route.

When you consider juicing, go local and go fresh. In Nashville, consider juicing from the following places: Juice Nashville, Urban Juicer and Juice Bar. Each specializes in providing fresh juices to fill your body with all good things.

Here is the low down on what to expect at each of these places, and how each is different. Then, we’ll dive into just what you should do to prep for your one, two, three or more day juice detox. But, just eating a little less and drinking a little more fresh juice, heavy on veggies preferably, will flood your body with good things, in just 30 seconds after first sip!

Juice. Nashville

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Juice. Nashville is the original juice place in town and the first cold-pressed juicer in the state of Tennessee. Cold-pressing is embraced by many as the way to go to get the maximum amount of nutrients from your juice with a much longer shelf life than when a centrifuge juicer is used (here). Juice Nashville is an expert at one thing: juice. And, with one thing to focus on, they do it fabulously.

Juice. Nashville also delivers–not just nutrients but actually to your doorstep! This makes a crazy lady like me happy, as it arrives at my house for a no-excuses way to start my week. You can also find Juice. Nashville at their retail location in the Gulch, at juice partnering businesses all over town (found here) or at the Franklin Farmers’ Market on Saturdays. They offer 14 different juice blends and 2 milk blends (almond milk blends that is).

Urban Juicer

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Urban Juicer started out in a couple of YMCA’s in town and opened up last year on 8th Ave in a modern, sleek spot. While their main focus is juice, they have plenty of other offerings, including sandwiches, beverages, snacks, smoothies and more.

Their juices and smoothies are super tasty, and there are plenty of nutritional add-ins to custom-create your own energy blast. But, during the hot and humid days that await us, you may want something … icy. Their frozen frushie is like an icee, but made with real fruit without the extra sugar and food dyes. The 24 ounce size is under 100 calories, and this makes for a nice shakeup if you are in the midst of a juice detox, but want a guilt-free cheat. As spring warms into summer, remember that you don’t have to be a member of the YMCA to order from the Urban Juicer bar in Green Hills and in Bellevue.

Recently, Urban Juicer has added cold-pressed juices to their selection as well for grab and go convenience.

Juice Bar


Juice Bar added their own fresh shot of juice energy to the Brentwood locally-owned business scene in 2013. The line starts early and many have Mason jars in hand to fill up and sip on throughout the day. Yes, just bring your big jug and they will fill it up, charging you by the ounce, so you don’t need to worry about all the extra, smaller containers. They also have 64 ounce glass jugs on hand for just this type of purchase. They will juice whatever combination you most enjoy. This works out well for juicing types of people, but it also works for breakfast parties and office lunches, too. (Just be sure to add some food — you don’t want to force juice detoxing on people. That would be very un-namaste of you!)

Juice Bar also has some food options, all vegan and gluten-free. These hit the spot when some “real” food is needed but you are still trying hard to pack in the nutrients in a non-inflammatory way that is easy on the digestive system. Their spring rolls and kale/quinoa salad are pretty darn addictive for even non-vegans.

Look for The Juice Bar in Brentwood, yes, but one just opened in Huntsville and another will soon open near 100 Oaks as well.

Prepping to juice:

It’s best to ease into a juice detox or you really may suffer from some flu-like symptoms as your body tries to adjust. For best results, follow these guidelines:

  • If you are an unhealthy eater (fried foods, lots of processed foods), prep 5-7 days out. If you normally eat lots of fresh veggies and a “clean” diet, prep 3 days out.
  • Drink 64 ounces of water each day leading up to your fast.
  • Stop eating all processed foods and sugar a week before you fast.
  • 3 days before you fast, stop eating all wheat and dairy products and increase your fruit and vegetables.
  • 1-2 days before you fast, stop eating meat.
  • Ease off the caffeine if you plan to forgo your coffee during your cleanse
  • Following this plan will allow you to ease into your juice detox.
  • And, sipping on the veggie-heavy juices, not just the fruity ones, will allow you body to soak in extra goodness without the high added sugars associated with juices, even if it is natural.

For those of you who naturally gravitate towards healthy eating, you may not feel the need to jump into a cleanse head first. But don’t hesitate to pick up a juice from one of these places as a tasty way to supplement your clean routine.

If you do plan to fully commit to a cleanse, be sure to consult a physician first to be sure this is a healthy option for your specific needs.

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