Juice Bar, in Brentwood, TN
Juice Bar, in Brentwood, TN

Brentwood, I’m crushing on you these days. Not only is Nashville just getting more fabulous by the day, so are our surrounding areas. The past few years have seen a slew of locally owned stores open just south of the Old Hickory Blvd/Franklin Rd intersection in Brentwood. Now, there is a new one and I’ve visited it twice in just 4 days! You must check out ¬†Juice Bar. It’s fabulous.

The owners of Juice Bar are John and Vui Hunt and I can not believe how quickly they came up with this concept and put their dreams into action! John, after gaining weight and battling respiratory and skin issues, decided to stick to a fresh juice diet for 2 weeks after watching the documentary Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead. This all happened just this past February 2013!! Since then, he has discovered a brand new energy and zest for life, as well as losing over 50 pounds. Yes, 50. FIFTY. The big 5-0. He started this just 4 months ago! He now juices during the day and eats a normal dinner, meat included.

Here is John carrying a 50 pound bag of carrots, which is equal to the weight he has lost, through juice, in the past 4 months.

Vui has a background in vegetarian cooking and owned Veggieland in Atlanta several years ago. With this restaurant background, she and John jumped at the chance to share the joy of juicing. As an added bonus, Vui makes these amazing veggie spring rolls available in the reach-in cooler as well. And, to make it even better, there are also prepared kale/spinach/almond/quinoa/cranberry salads. Just grab, pay and go!

Spring Rolls. I want these everyday.
Kale-spinach-almonds-cranberries-quinoa salad!
Kale-spinach-almonds-cranberries-quinoa salad!

The juices and smoothies are all made without added sweeteners or artificial ingredients. The juices are both made to order and available grab-and-go for the most popular juices, Orange You Glad, We Got The Beet and Sweet Greens. At this point I’ve tried most of the smoothies and juices and they are all amazing.

The grab and go cooler.

Also of note is that you can bring in a glass container and have them juice a full day’s supply if you are doing a juice cleanse or if you would like a larger supply for a gathering of friends. Morning breakfast meeting? How about a large pitcher of juice from fresh squeezed carrots, oranges, pineapples and whatever else you want mixed in!

Both visits to The Juice Bar showed me just how popular this place is. Everyone is so nice and I think this photo proves that even little ones love these smoothies!

Currently you can add shots of ginger, wheat grass or you can pick the Grand Slam: a shot of wheat grass juice, with a ginger shot, and then a pineapple juice shot! Soon, Juice Bar is excited to start offering shots of essential oils. They’ve only been open since April 23rd, but they are already creating more juices and expanding their menu and options.


On top of all this, John and Vui and both so NICE. What is it about these juice people? Stephanie Waring at Juice Nashville and John and Vui Hunt of ¬†Juice Bar … it must be like yoga people, it just attracts the kindhearted.

There is both indoor and outdoor seating, and they also offer coffee and tea. But, really, why get a coffee when you can get juice?
There is both indoor and outdoor seating, and they also offer coffee and tea. But, really, why get a coffee when you can get juice?

Did I mention 50 pounds? More energy? Yep. Head on over.



128 Pewitt Drive, Brentwood, Tennessee 37027 (If you are on Franklin Rd and cross over Old Hickory Blvd, headed south, turn at your next light which is Town Center Way. You will see The Juice Bar directly ahead of you.)

Hours: Monday – Saturday: 7:30 a.m. – 5:30 p.m.


John and Vui Hunt, owner, Juice Bar.

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