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This may seem like a circuitous way to approach a story about Jill Biden’s inaugural dress and that’s because, it is.  With an hour to spare and the economy on the brain, I decided check out a consignment store.  Not sure which direction to head, I remembered my friend Dana mentioning she had had great luck at Designer Finds located in Green Hills next to Bella Linea.

Obama Inauguration BidenDesigner Finds is a great store, well-managed and filled with treasures.

While I was there about four or five older women came in, some on walkers and some with canes.  They were a HOOT.  As I tried on a Worth coat, one women said to me, “If you don’t want it, I’ll try it.”   I was browsing the purses (of course I found a fabulous Beijo clutch with tags) and heard one of the women say, “Her daughter designed Jill Biden’s inaugural dress.”

I stopped in my tracks.

She was Reem Acra’s mother! The mother with whom she credits her fashion sense, her style and her love of fabrics. Having recently read about Jill Biden’s dress and Reem Acra in theHuffington Post, I spoke up and said the unspeakable, “I thought Jill Biden’s dress trumped Michelle’s with its color, style, and design.  You must be so proud.” She nodded and beamed as all her buddies looked on.

I have included this reference from the Huffington Post and Reem Acra’s website:

Influenced by her mother’s impeccable style and love of fashion, Reem was always fascinated by design.  As a little girl, she accompanied her mother to fabric stores to learn about the finest fabrics, textures and design details such as hand-embroidery that would later become signature elements of her iconic style.  As Reem grew up, her passion for design continued to evolve and she began designing dresses for herself, which were brought to life by her personal couturier.

As we checked out, I noted how lovely and stylish her mother was.  As she left, I asked, “What did you think of Michelle’s dress?”  She just smiled and said, “They could have done better.”

Nashville is a city of only five degrees of separation.  You be the judge of Jill’s Inaugural dress.

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