I was kinda blown away a couple of weeks ago when I had the pleasure of sitting down with sculptor/jeweler Trey Geary. While I had seen his jewelry in pictures, seeing the collection up close is a completely different thing. The depth, attention to detail and the um, how do I say… absolute cool factor will blow you away as well.

Cuffs, earrings, necklaces and more.

To start with, Trey sculpts each piece from old wood. So, each piece is one-of-a-kind and amazingly light weight. Imagine picking up an old piece of wood in the forest. We all know that it’s sometimes surprising how light such wood can be. It’s the same with this jewelry. To show you an example of how the jewelry is crafted from old wood, I took this picture which illustrates the point far better than my words:

Here, you can see that this pendant was made from this old piece of wood.

Each piece requires so many steps to complete that more than a month is required from start to finish. Trey adds metals, turquoise, quartz and even opals to the wood as he crafts them into his wearable art:

Incorporating metals and semi-precious stones, this jewelry is the kind that makes people stop and ask, “Where did you get that?”

He even makes rings:

Rings can be sized down and there are many to choose from.  Custom orders are welcome for all pieces, including wedding bands.

His jewelry has already been spotted on Rascal Flatts, Jerrod Niemann, Brad Paisley, Crystal Shawanda, and Robin Roberts of ABC news.  One of his biggest fans is none other than Kimberly Williams Paisley, one of our favorite celebs who lives locally and has amazing taste.

Kimberly Williams Paisley has been photographed many times wearing Trey’s designs.  Photo by Jerry Atnip

Kimberly Williams Paisley at the CMA’s. Notice the ring and bracelet.

OK, obviously Kimberly is a fan. Notice the pendant. Do you think with three pictures in our post today that she might start reading Style Blueprint?  Photo by Jerry Atnip

For now, his jewelry is available online, www.tgeary.com and by appointment.

BREAKING NEWS: Trey’s work will be featured at an art trunk sale next week with Gregg Irby Fine Arts Gallery, from Atlanta, here in Nashville.  The show will be at 3617 Central Ave, 37205.  Our post on March 1st will have all the details on this fun show.

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