The morning of William Braddy’s wedding day in 2016, a terrible snowstorm blew in, complicating all of the plans the couple had made for their special day. The last thing a bride- and groom-to-be need to worry about hours before their wedding is every single detail going awry thanks to the weather.

But thankfully, the couple had hired Infinity Hospitality Group, a Nashville-based event planning and catering company that stepped in and handled everything so the couple didn’t have to. Company President Nathaniel Beaver not only reassured the bride and groom that all would go as planned, he actually delivered on his word.

“The rehearsal dinner was amazing, and due to some challenges around staffing due to the eight inches of snow on the ground, Nathaniel and his wife personally came to help make sure all went smoothly,” William recalls. “The reception was amazing, and Nathaniel coordinated through all the weather challenges with our wedding planner in a calm, effective way. I actually think it ended up going better than it would have with better weather.”

From seating and twinkle lights and every flower-lined row in between, Infinity Hospitality Group can manage every last detail of any kind of event. Image: Sara Bill Photography

Have a last minute group of guests who can suddenly attend your event? No problem. Infinity has a warehouse filled with everything needed to pivot on a dime — tables, chairs, linens, you name it! Image: SheHeWe Photography

Infinity Hospitality Group can coordinate with all types of vendors — including florists — to ensure your event is flawless. Image: Details Nashville

Nathaniel says this is a perfect example of why any event needs to be organized and managed by a professional.

“People tend to underestimate how much it takes to manage all the elements involved in any event,” Nathaniel says. “The DIY approach may appear to have advantages in some instances, but in reality it can end up costing much more money, as well as adding stress and time of organizing all of the details.”

Unlike many event companies, Infinity does things in-house, which eliminates juggling multiple vendors, payments and timelines. Having one point of contact throughout the entire planning process is not only easier but provides a cohesive grasp on the event from start to finish.

“When you come in to have an event with us, we think about the client, their guests and the big picture,” Nathaniel says. “It’s about their experience. For many venues in town it is just about getting the date booked, and moving on to the next. We care about every facet of the event to ensure the end result is spectacular.”

Nathaniel adds that day-of challenges often arise for events, such as weather, family emergencies and unexpected additional guests. His team is there to make sure that every detail is ironed out so that the client never has to address or even notice the challenge at all, making the event flawless while allowing the client to enjoy the event.

Nathaniel cites one event recently where the attendance went up by nearly 100 people the day of the event. “There’s no way another company could have pulled that off,” he says. “There’s catering, who will need more food, staffing, tables and so on, and it all had to happen within five hours. With us, we had all the tools and resources to do it.”

What a breathtaking space to be married! Image: Rachel Moore Photography

It’s all in the details, all of which Infinity can tackle. Image: Rachel Moore Photography

Beautiful event design — and all of the logistics that come with it — is what Infinity Hospitality Group does best. Image: Janelle Elise Photography

Infinity does every type of event from weddings and parties to corporate events and filming, but Nathaniel says his favorite events are weddings.

“Weddings are the most amazing because it’s the biggest event of a person’s life,” he says. “That’s truly special to be involved. It’s a lot of responsibility, and we don’t take that lightly. We also take the education process about planning a wedding very seriously.  You are only going to do this once in your life, and we don’t expect you to know how to do it. We want to provide the tools that make it an enjoyable process, while creating the vision that is in each client’s mind for their memorable day.”

Just ask William, who is a lifelong fan since Infinity saved his wedding two years ago.

“I couldn’t imagine using anyone else for any event, either personal or business, because all events have challenges, and there is no one better at overcoming them than Nathaniel and Infinity.”

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