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My friend told me blogs have an interesting virtual quality which is almost magical.  Well, she is absolutely right.  Rog, my beloved decorator said to me, “Elizabeth, there’s a new store on 12th that makes custom jeans and I promise you, you’ll never buy another pair of jeans from anywhere else.”  Immediately, I asked,  ” What’s the name of the store?”  “Well, I don’t know exactly, but it’s run by some hippies on 12th out of an old gas station.”  Yes, that’s the funniest line in this post.

Matt & Carrie

Vintage boots galore!

The “hippies” are the oh-so international couple of Carrie and Matt.  Kentucky transplants with ties to India, Turkey, and all of Europe.  These two chose Nashville to start their business Imogene + Willie because they thought Nashville was kind of cool.  You see why I keep giggling about the hippie part?

There’s so much to see in the store.  You really have to stop by to “get” it.

Carrie’s family has a 20 year history of manufacturing jeans for Ralph Lauren, Levi’s and other high-end retailers.  But when NAFTA changed the playing field, the family realized working independently was the way to go.

Their jeans under the Imogene + Willie label are 100% cotton (no spandex and that’s a good thing because of the stretch factor), they fit to perfection  because the cotton molds and contours to your figure just so perfectly.  I don’t think you’ll want to buy another jean anywhere else unless of course, you’re buying vintage. Hemming included for the price of the jeans.

Belts by Hollywood Trading Company.

Necklace by Lux revival.

Speaking of vintage, Imogene + Willie’s tables of vintage jewelry, bags, boots, belts and jeans takes a minute to soak in; its an impressive spread.  Their huge inventory of vintage jeans will give pause, I promise.

Quirky.  Russian sailor shirts shipped in from a buddy in the Soviet hinterland, old army t-shirts adorned with the trademark “+”, belts from Hollywood Trading Co. (typically sold at retailers like Fred Segal), classic designs in women’s fashions with great buttons and stitching…ok, now, you can take a breath.  There are some unusual gift items like Turkish bath towels, scarves in natural indigo and perfume (more about the incredible perfume in another post).

Another interesting notation.  When you walk in you’ll notice 20 or so sewing machines.  Imogene + Willie manufacture jeans for the trade and can taut selling out of a special run of 500 jeans on the web in about 48 hours.

StyleBlueprint readers, if we have ever given you a lead about something so cutting edge, so hip, Imogene + Willie is it.  Consider this store a gift for Nashville.

“The Sally”, an original design with vintage buttons.

Custom made jeans are manufactured at Imogene + Willie.

Imogene + Willie

2601 12 Avenue SouthNashville, TN  37204615.292.5005

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