Elizabeth Scokin modeling her Glam It Up Luxe apron.  On sale for $150

Elizabeth Scokin modeling her Glam It Up Luxe apron. On sale for $150

To start with, my mother and my mother-in-law would simply not understand this apron.  So, they don’t get one.  But, if my kids want to give me one of these fabulous aprons one day….bring it on!

If you like to entertain, you know the dilemma: Do I have time to make this last one thing and still get dressed?  Take that strain away and always look fashionably great by throwing on this apron right before your guests arrive.  This is not the apron to cook in.  This is the “I cooked all this food and I’m the Hostess with the Most-ess (or HoM)” apron.  Or you’ve had the party catered, but you still want to look like a HoM, capable of cooking all the darn good food, you throw this apron on.  Believe me, if you have it, you will find the opportunities to wear it.  Just ask Oprah, or P. Diddy, or Martha Stewart.  They are all fans!

There is a fun video on YouTube which starts with the announcer proclaiming how to look “Bitchin’ in the Kitchen” This video has a brief interview with Nashville resident, and Haute Hostess Apron inventor, Elizabeth Scokin. Haute Hostess Video



Sure to be a conversation starter and a head turner…and possibly fulfill a few husband fantasies…this apron is a perfect gift for all the entertaining goddesses we know.  Is your mom one?  Buy one today with the half off sale.  Happy shopping! www.hautehostessaprons.com