I just experienced a near perfect day. A couple weeks ago I met up for lunch with Carol Fails, owner of All Strung Out Designs and Elizabeth Trabue, owner of Trabeautiful Designs.  We ate at my hands down favorite lunch spot in all of Nashville: Marche.  We caught up and talked shop.  Elizabeth is getting ready for her busy season with orders already coming in for her custom designed Christmas cards.  After lunch, since we were already across the river, Carol and I fared goodbye to Elizabeth and headed out to see what East Nashville could bring Carol in the way of vintage pins for her new line of horn cuffs.



These cuffs are amazing.  I LOVE them. Carol gets them from this gal in South America who gets all the horns from a butcher (thus no animals are killed just to get these horns.)  After some initial trial and error, Carol’s customized measurements have been met.  The cuffs come in a variety of widths and are simply beautiful on their own.  However, Carol has such a great eye and she has taken them one step further by adhering vintage pins to the horn cuffs.  Each retail for $150-$175.  Even the closet gurus Tina Adams and Rebecca Thompson have gone ga-ga for these cuffs.  Read about their cuff love here.  Plain cuffs retail $75.

Carol checking out her pins at Wonders on Woodland.  Check out the cuff Carol has on!  Pretty Perfect, huh?

Carol checking out her pins at Wonders on Woodland. Check out the cuff Carol has on! Pretty Perfect, huh?

Our pin quest started out at the Hip Zipper.  They had a nice supply of pins, but we struck gold at Wonders on Woodland– and what a fabulous store!  So clean and well thought out.  I love a store where you can feel the pride of the owners and the care they take to ensure everything flows perfectly.  Not only did Carol find some gorgeous pins, we both oohed and aahed over the vintage quilts, pottery, artwork, furniture and how NICE they were!  I’ll be sure to feature this gem of a shop in a later post.

Just to show you what a find these cuffs are, check out the cuffs by bochic.  Their cuffs retail for around $8k-$12K (They are on the Gilt website right now at 66% off…starting at $3500!  There are only 2 of the dozens offered left.  This is a huge accessory for Fall!)  Granted they have precious gems scattered throughout, but the overall look is practically the SAME.  I’ll take the $150-$175 version and support local while looking LA chic!

To buy a cuff from Carol, go to All Strung Out Designs or be sure to see her jewelry at the October  6th – October  7th Nashville Trunk Show that is also featuring Trabeautiful Designs.  To be included on their mailing, email Carol. -Liza

Wonders on Woodland: 1110 Woodland Street, 37206; (615) 226-5300