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Last update: 01-11-20, 8:53 a.m. 

When crisis hits Nashville, the people of Nashville always respond. 10 years ago, floods ravaged this city. Thousands of people responded and helped neighbors in need, tearing down drywall, hauling off trash and feeding the countless volunteers. This past March, we woke up to a tornado barreling through Middle Tennessee with North Nashville, Germantown and East Nashville taking a direct hit along with areas east of the city. So many volunteers showed up that many were turned away. Where else is the problem TOO MANY volunteers?

We are a city made up of people who want to help. We are the volunteer state and our actions prove it time and again.

With the Christmas Day bombing in downtown Nashville, we all want to help. We want to get shovels, clean up, get our hands dirty and start to heal through physical work and being together, shoulder to shoulder, as one community.

But, downtown is sectioned off. We can’t bring our shovels and wear our work gloves. And, of course, the pandemic continues to tear through the area as well. It’s a heavy year.

There are other ways to help out and even a $5 donation will help. Please look through the following list of opportunities and consider a donation.

In the end, we are a city made up of many differing views, from many different backgrounds, and we are united in our love for this city and our desire for it to heal.

Nashville Non-profit Resources for Donations

Nashville Neighbors Fund

The Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee and News Channel 5 WTVF set up the Neighbors Helping Neighbors Fund to provide financial assistance to nonprofits providing immediate and long term assistance to those impacted by the Christmas Day bombing that injured three people and damaged 40+ buildings. Make a donation here.

Help for the Homeless

The destruction in downtown Nashville has many of us thinking about our homeless population. There are several opportunities to donate money and/or supplies. Please see for multiple ways to help out.

Visit Music City Donations

Visit Music City, Nashville’s CVC, is collecting funds to directly help residents and businesses affected by the Christmas Day bombing. Please donate online from $10 to $1,000 to any specific donation you have. Find the donation form online here.

The Community Resource Center

As we saw with the effort to clean up after the tornado, the CRC actively secures supplies that bring immediate help. They are currently in need of items for disaster clean up and items for first responder needs. See their Instagram updates below. You can also make a monetary donation here.

Disaster Clean-Up Needs:

First Responder Needs:


Several Nashville businesses damaged by the blast have set up GoFundMe pages to help out their employees who are now without jobs after a particularly hard year. As the GoFundMe page for The Old Spaghetti Factory so aptly states, “2020 brought tornados, COVID shut-downs, and now this disaster will again send our Team Members to the ranks of the unemployed. Please help!”

Rodizio Grill: Rodizio Grill is located quite near where the explosion was and “100% of monies raised will be given directly and quickly to the staff…” See GoFundMe here.

The Melting Pot: Owned by the same family that owns the Rodizio Grill Nashville franchise,”Unfortunately, on the day of Christmas there was a bombing in Nashville, Tennessee. As a result, the Nashville Melting Pot team members will be without jobs for the foreseeable future … we hope in this time of holiday spirit to raise money for the team members and their family during this unfortunate time.” See GoFundMe page here.

The Old Spaghetti Factory: “Please help support the employees of the Old Spaghetti Factory. Early Christmas morning, an explosion rocked downtown Nashville, TN and caused significant damage to our restaurant.  No one was physically injured, but it could be weeks or more until we can reopen.” See GoFundMe page here

Ensemble Nashville Boutique, Pride and Glory Tattoo, Simply the Best $10 Boutique: These three businesses have united their efforts in one fundraising ask, “All three businesses are owned by Nashvillians.  They aren’t big corporate entities, they are your neighbors.  They have struggled through the loss of foot traffic and tourists due to the last 9 months of COVID restrictions, but now they will have total losses due to the blast of Christmas morning 2020.”See GoFundMe page here.

Bartella: This business opened just a year ago and “unfortunately Bartella was a few feet away from the explosion and they were hit hard and they will have to rebuild the business back from the ground up. Bartella Nashville is a small family business owned by four Nashvillians …” See GoFundMe page here.

Buffalo’s Nashville Staff Help: Like these other businesses, Buffalo’s is located near where the blast was, “On Christmas morning, our bar sustained substantial damage when a bomb exploded just yards away. While we were extremely lucky considering, many of our staff are now facing an uncertain future. All funds will go solely to helping our hourly employees with living expenses during this difficult time.” See GoFundMe page here.

Nashville Ink Tattoo Artist Help: “As you all know our shop got destroyed by the Christmas day bombing in Downtown Nashville. It will take a while to rebuild it and our employees will be out of commission, without the ability to provide and support their families. We ask for your help. Every dollar donated will go directly to our employees.” See GoFundMe page here.

Also, everyone who needs more help (likely everyone affected) please see what Marcus Lemonis has offered to do via his Instagram account below:


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