When it comes to toning up, there are seemingly endless options out there, quite possibly more than you realize. From running to group fitness classes to eating more cleanly, there are plenty of tried-and-true practices for sculpting and toning your body. And while there is no substitute for taking care of physical and mental health in those ways, as technology advances, new ways to tone up and lose inches also become available. Perhaps calling this “Lazy Girl’s Way…” should be substituted with “The Impatient Person’s Way …” as these technologies work for men and women alike, and many are getting results much quicker than “just” traditional exercise.

DISCLAIMER: We have not tried all of these treatments, and as with anything having to do with your health and well-being, please consult with your physician before you do!

Many people need a workout that is doubly effective in half the time, or they’ve found that traditional forms of exercise haven’t given them the results they are looking for. In these cases, unique new body treatments exist that provide alternative ways to tone up, lose inches and even smooth out cellulite (not that there is anything wrong with cellulite, but some of us would like a little less …). Three of these – Cryoskin, Emsculpt and Manduu – are available here in Nashville, so we set out to explore the offerings and find out how they work.

3 New Ways to Get Toned

Cryoskin 3.0

Cryoskin 3.0 is a technology developed in France offering two different treatments: Cryoslimming and Cryotoning. The CoolSpot Cryotherapy on White Bridge Road offers Cryoskin 3.o, and they gave us a little insight into the two procedures, what a patient can expect and the results they’ve personally seen. The Cryoskin 3.0 machine uses the science behind cryolipolysis to freeze and destroy fat cells. Totally non-invasive, the treatments take less than 30 minutes and don’t require any serious downtime.

“Cryoslimming,” the CoolSpot team explains, “uses thermal shock to naturally destroy fat cells.” First, the technician protects the skin with a specific gel that also allows the cool temperatures to reach more difficult, deeper fat cells. Then, they warm the skin only to shock it with a wand that is anywhere from 4 to -8 degrees C, which kills the area’s fat cells without damaging other surrounding tissue.

The goal of Cryoslimming should not be weight loss (though it can occur), but rather loss of fat inches and the gaining of a more toned physique. In the hours following treatments, patients are advised to completely cut sugar and carbs from their diet, as sugar feeds the fat cells and keeps them from dying. The team at CoolSpot also encourages exercise after the treatment, but it is not required. Kate*, who recently underwent Cryoslimming and Cryotoning, expresses with enthusiasm her satisfaction with the procedure. As she’s gotten older, she has noticed changes in her body that are difficult to attack with diet and exercise. “The slimming and toning have assisted in giving me a younger and slimmer look and given me a boost as my body ages,” she shares. “I will continue to use the services as the staff is very helpful, professional and friendly.” We talked to someone who had lost four inches on her thighs (combined) from these treatments which definitely perked our ears up.

What does it cost?
At least three treatments are recommended for the best results, and a package of three is $975 at CoolSpot Cryotherapy.

The second treatment, Cryotoning, uses the same machine and technology, but different settings for a different result. This process is slightly shorter, at just 20 minutes per treatment, and is said to help diminish the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and cellulite. While it is most popular for facials, the treatment can be applied anywhere cellulite is a concern. Slightly different in process, the gel is applied and then the wand immediately cools the area to around -2 degrees C. The team at CoolSpot explains, “This improves local microcirculation to boost collagen, reduce cellulite, improve skin elasticity and reduce pore size.”

What does it cost?
The Cryotoning facial is $150, and other Cryotoning treatments are $250.

Visit The CoolSpot Cryotherapy at 103 White Bridge Pike #2, Nashville, TN 37209. For more information, to see before and after pictures, and to purchase CryoSkin 3.0 packages and treatments, call (615) 457-2530.

Cryotoning facials aim to diminish the appearance of lines, wrinkles and cellulite. Images: The CoolSpot Cryotherapy


Each 15-minute Manduu workout includes stretching, flexing and contraction motions, using electrical stimulation on each muscle used in the workout. The results are said to yield results in the way of a stronger, more toned body.

Here’s how it works: Each time you move every day, the brain sends an electrical impulse to your muscles. At Manduu, instead of relying on the brain to send the impulse, a machine is used to trigger the muscle contraction. Working against these contractions builds muscle, so the low-impact movements become more effective. Participants wear a special suit covered in electrodes during each session, and according to Manduu, each 15-minute session is equivalent to six hours spent lifting weights in a traditional gym.

The impulses created by the Manduu electrodes penetrate the muscle 100% – versus the normal 65% when the brain signals this impulse on its own. Essentially, Manduu does more for you in a workout than you could do on your own. And because of the low-impact nature of Manduu, all ages, backgrounds and fitness levels can use Manduu. René Evans, Manduu’s Marketing Manager, shares that Manduu participants range from those who have experienced injuries in a gym to busy professionals who don’t have time to spend an hour a day lifting weights.

Mandy Oakes has been doing Manduu for a year and a half, and she turned to it during a particularly difficult time. In February of 2017, Mandy was struck with an undiagnosed illness that left her nearly immobile for several months. Finally, her doctors diagnosed staph infection in her spine. Six months after back surgery, she began Manduu and hasn’t stopped. “During the course of my sickness, I became emaciated. Eventually, I gained back about 15 to 16 pounds, but when I saw the break down on the InBody [that measures fat and muscle mass], my jaw dropped. I had gained that weight back strictly in fat – not muscle,” she shares. “Within six months of doing Manduu, my body fat is lower than it ever has been, and my muscle mass is higher than it’s ever been.”

What does it cost?
Three different packages provide three different prices for the unique workout, with a 60-session package at $39 per session providing the lowest price per session. The first session is free, though, so visit one of their locations around town to try it for yourself.

Visit Manduu’s website to learn more, purchase packages and find hours and addresses of their various locations.

Through a series of low-impact movements paired with EMS technology, Manduu claims to work muscles as intensely as spending six hours at the gym — all in a 15-minute session. Image: Manduu

Manduu may be an ideal solution for those who have less mobility or strength due to past injuries, age or other conditions. Image: Manduu

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Emsculpt is a new treatment that works the muscles in your abs and/or buttocks using HIFEM® (high-frequency electromagnetic) technology. Sessions last 30 minutes, and a more toned body may be achievable in as little as a few weeks.

There is no preparation needed for Emsculpt, as patients simply lie on a table while a doctor places the machine on the desired area. For 30 minutes, at varying intervals and intensities, the Emsculpt machine applies electromagnetic waves forcing the muscles to contract 20,000 times — or the equivalent of 20,000 sit-ups or squats. According to Andria Brennan of Binhlam Aesthetics, an Emsculpt provider in Brentwood, TN, “This is the only technology that builds muscle and burns fat simultaneously, all while leaving the surrounding tissues unaffected.”

The candidates most ideal for this treatment are those who lead an active lifestyle and are looking for a way to both build endurance and tone up their abs or buttocks. Emsculpt is not intended to be a weight loss solution, but instead, a way to amp up muscle tone and perhaps see the results you’ve been working for and haven’t quite achieved. Those who have more fat or weight to lose might consider a different treatment, but for those who are looking to tone or strengthen their problem areas they can’t quite shape with regular exercise and diet, this may be a viable option.

Bryn Reeve, who has received six treatments, explains that she elected to try Emsculpt when she noticed that her core muscles weren’t as strong after giving birth to two large babies, one 10 pounds and the other 11. Lower back pain developed as a byproduct of her poor posture, which impacted her quality of life and the activities in which she could participate. She says, “Since having the treatment, my core muscles feel more engaged, and I have begun to notice that my back pain has started to subside. I’m able to hold planks longer, poses in yoga longer and have begun running again.”

What does it cost?
Cost is $1,000 per session, or get a package of four for $3,200, which is the recommended number of treatments for most patients.

Visit Binhlam Aesthetics at 1649 Westgate Cir Suite 200, Brentwood, TN 37027, or call (615) 425-3223 for more information about Emsculpt offerings. 

The non-invasive transformation all happens with this high-intensity electromagnetic technology. Image: Emsculpt

Reap the benefits of 20,000 situps with Emsculpt technology. Image: Emsculpt

*Names have been changed to protect privacy.


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