At this rate, you’ve heard about … or maybe experienced … the barrage of people headed for the Music City this weekend.

The above graphic, by doorbell Real Estate, has made its rounds, and we’ve been strategizing our weekend plan and debating whether we brave the crowds for the experience … or hide out in the less-frequented areas of Nashville away from all of the craziness.

In case you’re in the same boat, we’ve created a little map of a few favorite spots that are sure to be free of visitors and (hopefully) little to no wait. It also marks the spots to avoid – those where the biggest events are happening this weekend! Save it, study it, reference it … and decide whether you want to hit the center of it all or stay in the safe areas.

Our neighborhood recommendations …

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And, if you’ve been looking for a weekend to hang out in Franklin … you have found your weekend! Here’s an article about the many fun things to do while in this charming Tennessee town.

Good luck out there, Nashville!