If you do not know what the Clarisonic is, you must be a new reader to this blog.  Both Elizabeth and I use it and love it.  As does Oprah, Lorrie Turk (local makeup artist to the stars), and skin guru Tracey Harris. The Clarisonic has a 4.6 out of 5 stars rating on Sephora based on 580 reviews.  So, when Tracey Harris gave me the heads up about a new product about to be released by Clarisonic, I was all ears.

At the end of January, Clarisonic is releasing the Clarisonic Opal. I figure a company who has such a strong and stellar reputation would not dare dilute it.  Thus, the new product must be one destined for the same high marks as the original Clarisonic.  While I (frustratingly) can’t find any before and after photos, HOLD ON!  Clarisonic just sent me some, via Facebook, right before I was about to post this!  Here you go– before and after pictures: (and I think we are the very first blog out there to post these!)

5 minutes after first use.

one month out, different person from first picture

The Clarisonic Opal is a new device made to combat our wrinkles and here is the promise: our newest innovation combines sonic infusion technology with our Anti–Aging Sea Serum.  You have seen the benefits of our sonic cleansing — softer, smoother skin — now experience what sonic infusion can do for your wrinkles. The Clarisonic Opal Sonic Infusion System provides an immediately noticeable reduction of fine lines and wrinkles that lasts for hours, with results that build over time.

While doing the little bit of research I could, for a not-yet released product, I found this quote at Aesthetic Trends & Technologies: According to Robb Akridge, PhD, Clarisonic’s Vice President of Clinical Affairs…

“Opal’s soothing, gentle vibrations infuse Anti-Aging Serum into the epidermis where it begins to work immediately. In our clinical studies most women reported seeing an immediate reduction in fine lines and wrinkles and firmer, brighter, more hydrated skin in just one minute.  The results typically last for hours and benefits improve over time.”

I for one, certainly hope the hype is worth it because I am saving my money to buy one.  At $249, this is not cheap.  But, the results sound like it just may be worth it.  This is when I wish I had two sisters who lived next door and we could split the cost to try it out…..Pre-orders are being taken now and supplies will be limited at first, so if this is a must-have product for you, go ahead pre-order through Tracey Harris or Maxwell Aesthetics.  This looks pretty revolutionary and I can’t wait to read the reviews on Sephora in February.

Here is a video about the product.  Now you are just as in the know as we are!  Have a great day.  (Note: video has been removed.)