Summer travel and entertaining are in full swing! As you head to visit your cousin’s lake house, your in-laws in the country, your best friends at the beach or just down the street for a barbecue, pack a gift for your gracious hostess. Of course a tea towel or candle will always suffice, but this summer, consider something that offers a taste of Nashville. Introduce out-of-towners to Nashville’s best in sweet, savory and everything in between. With a gift like one of these, we promise you will be invited back again next summer!

Pimento cheese and sweet & hot pepper jelly 

Two things that are now seen as undeniably Southern: pimento cheese and pepper jelly. Regardless of the origins, you are sure to find them stocked in just about every Southern pantry and fridge you stumble upon. If you are heading north or west this summer, bring these treats that out-of-towners are sure to love as much as we Nashvillians do. If you are just heading down the street, bring these and remind the hostess just how good Southern can taste. Pick up one of each at Tinwings. The homemade pimento cheese is available in half-pint sizes for $5 and the sweet pepper jelly is $8.

Pimento cheese, $5 and sweet pepper jelly, $8 at Tinwings

Pimento cheese, $5, and sweet pepper jelly, $8, at Tinwings

Lemon white chocolate cookies

This summer, local cookie maker Christie Cookie Co. is baking a few batches of their lemon white chocolate cookies. A little tart, a little sweet and a lot of delicious, these cookies will make any hostess smile. Share a taste of summer with an 18-cookie tin from Christie Cookie Co. You can purchase tham at their Germantown location or online for $34.99.

Lemon white chocolate cookies, $34.99 for 18 cookies at Christie Cookie Co.

Lemon white chocolate cookies, $34.99 for 18 cookies, at Christie Cookie Co.

Southern sauces

Sister establishment to The Southern Steak & Oyster, Southernaire Market befittingly sells sauces that are served at the restaurant. Take them home and test them out on every dish you cook. They range from sweet with a hint of spice, to extremely spicy, so pick your poison! Find James Bros, Southern Belle, Southern Gentleman and Texas Ketchup for $9 each at Southernaire Market.

Southern sauces, $9 each at Southernaire Market

Southern sauces, $9 each, at Southernaire Market

Blackberry Farms saison 

Blackberry Farms produces a few varieties of craft beer that are well-loved across the country. Brewed at Blackberry Farm’s Tennessee brewery, the classic saison is a Belgian-style farmhouse ale. You will find aromas of fruit and floral hops. The medium-bodied beer pairs well with just about every food, so bring it to your next cookout or seafood dinner. Pick up a few bottles for $16.99 at Midtown Corkdorks Wine, Spirits & Beer or Green Hills Corkdorks and take a bottle to your friends!

Blackberry Farms saison, $16.99 at Midtown Corkdorks Wine, Spirits & Beer

Blackberry Farms saison, $16.99, at Midtown Corkdorks Wine, Spirits & Beer and Green Hills Corkdorks

Gift basket 

Why bring one thing when you can bring six? Green Door Gourmet has a wide selection from which you can build a supreme gift basket. In this case, we chose pickled okra, FROG (fig, raspberry, orange and grape) jam, balsamic vinegar, olive oil and farm-fresh tomatoes. All of these items are available for $7-$16 and would make for a mighty fine selection of summer aperitivos (feel free to add cheese).

Gift baskets, items avaliable for $7-$16 each at Green Door Gourmet

Gift basket items, available for $7-$16 each, at Green Door Gourmet

Sesame vinaigrette salad dressing

This salad dressing is a Nashville favorite. Not only can it dress your favorite summer salad, it can be used to marinate meats and veggies — and just about anything else. We suggest you stock up not only to use as hostess gifts, but to use in regular rotation in your cooking. Head to The Corner Market and pickup a few bottles for $6.99 each.

Sesame vinaigrette salad dressing, $6.99 at The Corner Market

Sesame vinaigrette salad dressing, $6.99, at The Corner Market

Sparkling rosé & orange/chocolate swirl sweet flats

Bringing a bottle of wine is sure-fire way to impress your hostess. Mix things up for summer and introduce them to a bottle of rosé from northern France. The fresh, bright wine offers a touch of fruit and pairs perfectly with orange/chocolate swirl sweet flats, which have a surprisingly savory flavor. The French wine and artisan crackers hand crafted in Asheville, NC, make for the perfect post-dinner treat. The rosé ($22.99) and sweet flats ($6.49 for 6 oz. bag) are available at Harvest Wine Market.

Sparkling rose, $22.99 and orange/chocolate swirl sweet flats, $6.49 at Harvest Wine Market

Sparkling rosé, $22.99, and orange/chocolate swirl sweet flats, $6.49, at Harvest Wine Market

Learn more about these hostess gifts from Megan, who shows them off on WSMV! Click here to watch the clip! 


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