School is back in session, and we’re gearing up for a season full of events with no signs of slowing down until after the holiday rush. But we’re determined not to let the season pass us in a blur! We spoke to Adam Edwards, a design consultant at California Closets Nashville, for tips to help us organize our spaces and streamline our busy schedules — so we can really be present in our lives. For busy families, these four organization tricks are an absolute game-changer.

Adam Edwards, Design Consultant at California Closets Nashville
Adam Edwards, a design consultant at California Closets Nashville, shares his top four organization tips for busy families.

4 Game-Changing Organization Tips for Busy Families

Make a plan, and plan to execute it.

Adam’s first (and perhaps most important) organization tip is inspired by Stephen Covey’s The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, which calls out the idea that all things are created twice — first, when you come up with an idea or a plan, and then again when you execute your plan. This means that when it’s time to start organizing your home, the best first step is to establish a strong game plan. This could include choosing a specific time to tidy up or simply making a list of items to keep, toss, or give away. “Even if it’s a simple plan like drawing something on a napkin or making a list, that’s a good start,” says Adam. “Once you do that, you can set aside another time to execute the organization.”

Adam adds that a strategy can differ depending on the type of organizer you are and the space you’re tidying up. “Having things tucked away behind doors is nice because you can get away with being less organized, but if you have things like open shelves and spaces that are a little more visible — like a mudroom with coats — then it helps to purge things that don’t need to be there and get proper baskets, boxes, jars, or bags, so there’s a system in place,” he adds.

Neatly organized closet
Adam’s first piece of organizational advice is to make a plan and then execute it. The result could be as stunning as this one!

Accessorize your space.

When it comes time to start organizing, California Closets Nashville offers various accessories and organizers for specific rooms and items in your home. “We have accessories, components, and practices built for the very specific nuances of your life,” says Adam. “If you have a lot of ties, belts, or scarves … we have specific items that help you organize these things. Not only organize them but hide them when they don’t need to be around and pop out when you need them.”

These specialized items include California Closets’ popular accessories like the Engage drawer and Everstyle drawer, which ensure items like small electronics and ties have homes. Clients can also add different LED lighting options to showcase specific items in a space — all while elevating the overall design.

Desk area designed and organized by California Closets
This home office designed by Adam includes open shelving that displays knick-knacks and decor neatly while offering plenty of drawers and cabinet space to keep clutter out of sight.
Walk-in closet with cowboy hats
Pictured here is a beautiful walk-in closet designed by Adam. Take note of the space-saving techniques such as multiple shelves and drawers, hanging areas, and hat hooks.
Everstyle drawer from California Closets with ties and belts
Here is an example of California Closets’ exclusive Everstyle drawer, which keeps items like belts and ties neatly organized.
Shoe display in closet with LED lighting
Adding LED lighting to a closet not only creates a more elegant look, but it also allows for easier color distinction and matching of your wardrobe.

Don’t sacrifice style for function.

In addition to accessories, California Closets Nashville offers customizable storage options for almost every space in your home — from your bedroom’s walk-in closet to your kitchen, garage, and laundry room. This ensures that your storage options reflect your style while combining beauty and function.

Adam tells us that the experts at California Closets Nashville try to say “yes” to client requests whenever possible. “If you like darker finishes with black hardware or a more farmhouse look, we tend to be able to give you exactly what you want,” explains Adam. “We have a lot to offer, so we find your sweet spot and nail the design.”

At-home bar area designed by California Closets Nashville
In this at-home bar area designed by Adam, custom shelving and storage allow glassware and wine bottles to be neatly displayed.

Consult with experts.

Even with the above tips in mind, the mere thought of organizing or revamping a cluttered space can be overwhelming. If you have questions or need inspiration, the experts at California Closets Nashville are ready to help. You can expect white-glove service from your first call to California Closets Nashville.

“The goal is for you to walk away from the design process and say, ‘Wow, I didn’t expect this to be so fun or enlightening,’” says Adam. “It starts the first time you call us or the first time you book an appointment. Our team is great at just being helpful. We all like our jobs, which shows in how we handle and interact with each of our clients.”

Walk-in closet with black detailing that was designed by California Closets
“The goal is that when we’re done installing, you won’t even know we were there,” says Adam of the design process. “You just walk into your space and have a new closet, entertainment center, or garage. It’s clean, it’s crisp, and the installers walk you through how to use everything.”

California Closets Nashville is located at 2601 Winford Avenue and 420 Cool Springs Boulevard. To learn more, visit

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