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It used to be that “keeping up with the Joneses” meant having the nicest house on the street, the lushest yard in the neighborhood and the shiniest car in the driveway. But now having “the best” has a lot to do with what’s inside your house – amazing appliances and modern technology instilled to make our lives easier (and maybe still make our neighbors jealous). As technology zooms ahead and the latest home appliances enter the market at break-neck speeds, we’ve chosen a few jaw-dropping, envy-inducing gadgets you’ll likely wish you owned.

10 Home Appliances You’ll Wish You Owned

June Oven

Price: $499

“The June is seven appliances in one and uses technology to make cooking perfectly easy for everyone,” says Matt Van Horn, co-founder and CEO of June. “We have an HD camera and advanced artificial intelligence (AI) that instantly recognizes hundreds of common foods and suggests cook-programs that are constantly updating via Wi-Fi. You can also watch your food cook in real-time and be notified when it is ready via the June app, so you can leave your kitchen and focus on other things while June is cooking.”

Updates to the newest iteration of the June oven include faster cooking, a streamlined touchscreen interface and a durable, easy-to-clean stainless steel interior. Now, if only June’s technology could remove those calories …

June oven, a home appliance you'll wish you owned

Gourmet chefs and kitchen failures alike can create precision-perfect cooking in the June oven. With more than 100 chef-developed, one-tap cook programs, users can effortlessly make food to their liking. Image: June

Samsung Side-by-Side Refrigerator with Touchscreen Family Hub™

Price: $2,069 – $2,159

Before you can cook all that delicious food in the June oven, you need to store it properly. And who wants to cool produce, dairy and perishable treats in a boring icebox from the past? Enter Samsung’s ultimate tech-savvy fridge – a beautifully designed appliance with Family Hub™ technology that includes photo sharing, music streaming, note sharing between family members, and our personal favorite, an interior camera allowing you to stay on top of what ingredients you do and do not have. Plus, there are the tried-and-true fridge upgrades like an in-door ice maker, adjustable top shelf, fingerprint-resistant finish and an overall capacity at 26.7 cubic feet.

Silver Samsung refrigerator

There’s just something blatantly cool about seeing your refrigerator’s food without opening the doors. Perhaps it all goes back to when you were a kid and tried to open the door without turning that light on … or maybe that was just us? Image: Samsung

Automatic Pan Stirrer

Price: $25

We love cooking, but when a recipe calls for “continuous stirring,” we become a little defeated thinking about the time commitment. We just don’t have the patience – nor the forearm strength – to make sure nothing burns, clots or congeals. But Uncommon Goods sells the most intelligent product since the microwave: an automatic pan stirrer that can be placed in any simmering or low-heat liquid. After the hostess sets the stirrer’s timer, she can get ready for the party and come back to a perfectly blended dish.

Automatic pan stirrer

This automatic pan stirrer saves time (and your arm) with its automated ability to stir food. Image: Uncommon Goods

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Whirlpool 2.8-Cubic-Foot Smart All-in-One Washer & Dryer

Price: $1,699

For those living in tight quarters, every square inch of space is crucial, and wasting it isn’t an option. That’s when multitasking appliances become crucial, especially washer and dryer combos. Whirlpool’s all-in-one washer and dryer includes a ventless design for installation anywhere, connectivity with your smartphone, touchscreen controls that learn your family’s laundry habits, and a Load & Go™ Plus dispenser that holds detergent and fabric softener for up to 20 loads. Plus, the available color is a gorgeous metallic shade called “cashmere.”

Whirlpool all-in-one washer and dryer, a home appliance you'll wish you owned

Multitasking appliances are crucial when living in small spaces. The Whirlpool Smart All-in-One Washer and Dryer handles the heavy lifting of laundry in a compact, sleek way. Image: Best Buy

LG ThinQ™ Front-Load Washing Machine

Price: $1,529

Doing laundry used to be a chore, but artificial intelligence (AI) is now making it the coolest job in the house. The LG ThinQ™ front-loading washing machine features an AI Direct Drive (AI DD) motor that seamlessly deciphers fabric types and the volume and weight of every laundry load, and then programs the optimal cycle details to make your clothes come out perfectly clean and intact, every time. In fact, LG’s savvy washing machine won the 2020 CES Innovation Award – high praise at the biggest, most elite consumer technology show in the world. The washer can even connect with the LG ThinQ™ mobile app to notify users when detergent levels are low, and when paired with the compatible LG dryer, the washer can “talk” to its counterpart and send the optimal dryer setting for each specific load.

LG ThinQ front-loading washing machine

The LG ThinQ™ front-loading washing machine with Artificial Intelligence Direct Drive (AI DD) is one of the easiest ways to prevent laundry-based psychosis upon sorting loads and loads of clothes. Image: LG

Kohler Moxie Showerhead & Wireless Speaker

Price: $218.90

Your bathroom’s killer acoustics will pair nicely during your morning shower routine, with the help of the Kohler Moxie showerhead. The two-in-one product provides up to seven hours of music, news, podcasts and more by syncing with your Bluetooth-enabled device. And besides all of those sweet tunes, the showerhead element deserves its own ovation – the spray face features 60 angled nozzles for some effervescent “me” time. The magnetic speaker gets docked easily into the Moxie showerhead whenever you’re craving some background music for your performance.

Kohler Moxie showerhead + wireless speaker

With the Kohler Moxie showerhead, you can transform your boring shower into a Grammy-worthy performance. Image: Home Depot

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Price: $199.95

In these times of pandemic infections, cleanliness and disinfecting is a must. But who said it couldn’t be chic as well? Enter HomeSoap, a larger version of the original PhoneSoap smartphone sanitizer. The HomeSoap can clean not only smartphones, but other larger germ-attracting products like tablets, remote controls, toys and even books. The device works with two large, powerful ultraviolet short wavelength (UV-C) lights and a reflective inner surface that allows the light to break apart and destroy bacteria and germs. (Note: HomeSoap’s UV-C light is harmful to our eyes – this miraculous device is meant for products, not the people who use them.)

HomeSoap sanitizing station, a home appliance you'll wish you owned

HomeSoap is a sanitizing station for your smartphone, tablet, remote control and anything else in your house that raises your germophobe flag. Image: MacSources

Philips Hue White LED

Prices vary

Say goodbye to “dumb” lightbulbs of the past, because this smart lighting from Philips will make you finally see the light. The Philips Hue line includes a variety of LED products, including standard interior bulbs, as well as light strips, floodlights and more.  These lights and accessories (up to 50) connect to the smart hub, the Hue Bridge, and with the connected app, homeowners can customize their lighting throughout the day and conveniently create the perfect ambient light.

Room with Philips Hue lighting

Philips Hue lighting is a technological marvel that shows how powerful light can truly be. Customized options include adding color for mood, optimal light to concentrate or relaxed lighting when you come home from work. Image: Fortune


Price: $1,495

With smart homes come smart home gyms, and there are plenty on the market to get your cardio going. We narrowed the field down to three innovative companies – Peloton, Tonal and MIRROR – each offering its own version of streaming trainers, helpful equipment and motivational updates. However, it was the latter we eventually selected, not because of its technological advancements but because of the sleek, elegant design. It’s not obtrusive, and you could mount this equipment anywhere and no houseguest would be the wiser.

MIRROR offers more than 10,000 on-demand classes in over 20 different workout genres, as well as weekly live ones for MIRROR members. Additionally, members can access one-on-one personal trainers and make use of real-time optimization with in-workout adjustments based on preferences and goals.

Home gym MIRROR

MIRROR won as our favorite smart at-home gym accessory for its nearly invisible design that camouflages the home gym. Image: The New York Times

Furbo Dog Camera

Price: $199

We can’t have a list that doesn’t include at least one product focused on your home’s furriest residents. The Furbo Dog Camera is the coolest way to spy on your pup, ease his anxiety while you’re away and pamper that little pooch. The basic Furbo has a camera with two-way audio, so you can talk to your dog while out, as well as a fun treat-tossing capability (which makes a clicking sound prior to each throw, similar to positive reinforcement training), and real-time barking alerts. The upgraded Nanny version adds cloud recording, home emergency alerts (smoke and carbon monoxide) and a “doggie diary” (a 60-second highlight video from your dog’s busy day). A treat for you and your pup!

Furbo dog nanny, a must-have home appliance

Furbo Dog Camera allows you to talk to your pup, throw out treats, help alleviate separation anxiety and watch your dog handle his day at “work.” Image: BestTech.Reviews


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