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In 2014, United States Department of Agriculture Economic Research Service found that dining out has increased by 20 percent since 1970. With so many new restaurants in Nashville, we find ourselves contributing to this growing trend and wanting to dive into every new dish, dessert and drink in town. Thankfully, eating out does not mean you have to forgo your heathy eating habits (or leave the restaurant wanting more). Yes, we can still down a taco – or 15 tacos — but thankfully the options for healthy dishes that won’t weigh you down are plentiful, as well.

We polled a few health-conscious people from around town and asked their favorite restaurants to visit when they are watching what they eat, and what to order when they go. Here’s what they said.

*Note: some of these dishes may be seasonal menu items and are subject to change.

Susannah Herring of Hot Yoga Plus

Where to go: AVO Nashville
What to order: Avocado margarita

With a plant-driven menu, AVO Nashville has an abundance of dining and drinking options that won’t weigh you down. “I’m obviously biased because I own AVO,” says Susannah, “but all of the dishes there are fantastic, healthy options.” She points us in the direction of the bar, which is the only 100 percent vegan bar in Tennessee, for the avocado margarita. “It’s creamy and indulgent but with the good kind of fat and alcohol — a perfect combo in my book!” she says.

healthy restaurants nashville - where to go and what to order

Margaritas are often loaded with sugar. Skip the traditional option and down an AVO avocado margarita (with all of the flavor and none of the guilt).

McKel Hill of Nutrition Stripped, Laura Lea of LL Balanced & Vui Hunt of Juice Bar and Vui’s Vietnamese Kitchen

Where to go: Vui’s Vietnamese Kitchen
What to order: Xa Lach salad, the lemongrass chicken salad & the rice bowl

Vui’s Vietnamese Kitchen is new to Nashville’s dining scene and brings another option for fresh, clean eating to Berry Hill. McKel Hill of Nutrition Stripped can be found at Vui’s enjoying fresh young coconut, bone broth and the Xa Lach salad. Laura Lea Goldberg of LL Balanced also is a fan of the bone broth, as well as the the lemongrass chicken salad, while Vui’s owner Vui Hunt is currently loving the rice bowl with grilled shrimp and Vietnamese iced coffee. Nothing is fried; everything is 100 percent MSG free and many things are vegetarian.

healthy restaurants nashville - where to go and what to order

Vui’s selection of salads makes decision making a challenge! When faced with what to order, we lean toward the chicken and cabbage salad.

Hunter Hall of Fleet Feet Sports

Where to go: Chill Spot
What to order: Persian wrap

Hunter Hall and the Fleet Feet Sports team love the wraps from Chill Spot in Brentwood. The eatery is right across from their Brentwood store and, according to Hunter, their wraps are awesome! “I particularly like the Persian wrap, which is rice, organic chicken and spicy Persian sauce,” he shares.

Karen Meng of Orangetheory Fitness

Where to go:The Café at Thistle Farms
What to order: Harvest quinoa salad

Karen Meng, owner of Orangetheory Fitness in West Nashville, loves Thistle Stop Cafe, a great local spot in West Nashville.”Their menu has several healthy options packed full of flavor,” she says. One favored dish is the harvest quinoa salad, which combines butternut squash, cranberries, red onion, quinoa, kale and pumpkin seeds — all tossed in their house-made vinaigrette and served cold.

Thistle Stop Cafe is only one of the healthy places you can nosh in Nashville

If you are looking for something local and fresh in West Nashville, head to The Café at Thistle Farms!

McKel Hill of Nutrition Stripped

Where to go: The Wild Cow Vegetarian Restaurant
What to order: Market veggie salad

The Wild Cow’s market veggie salad features all of our favorites: broccoli, carrots, cucumber, beets, sprouts, avocado, tomato, toasted almonds and sunflower seeds. McKel likes her market veggie salad with buffalo tempeh, honey mustard dressing on the side and extra avocado!

Nikki Manscill of Sumits Yoga

Where to go: Etch
What to order: Roasted cauliflower

Nikki Manscill of Sumits Yoga is not one to watch what she eats (although she does stay away from processed food); however, she does watch how much she eats. When she is looking for a treat without over doing it, she heads to Etch for a glass of wine, their roasted cauliflower and a side of crispy potatoes. “I like to eat well, so I try to do that with smaller portions,” she tells us. “It is hard to do in a town with as many wonderful restaurants as Nashville. As for cocktails, I drink the gamut but stay away from the sweetness by asking the bartenders to leave off sweet mixes.”

healthy restaurants nashville - where to go and what to order!

Nikki suggests you check out the appetizers and sides when dining out. This will give you smaller portions and prevent overeating. Image: Etch

Kady Decker of Pure Barre

Where to go: Saint Anejo
What to order: Goat cheese and spinach salad

One healthy option that Kady Decker of Pure Barre loves is the goat cheese and spinach salad at Saint Anejo. Skip the chile con queso and order this salad, which features smoked grapes, jalapeño-lime vinaigrette, puffed amaranth and slivered candied almonds. You can top the salad with grilled chicken, steak, salmon, shrimp or tuna (Kady typically opts for the tuna).

Anissa Pollard of Marathon Pilates

Where to go: The Perch
What to order: Spanish egg scramble

Anissa Pollard, owner and instructor at Marathon Pilates, is a lover of The Perch. Her go-to order is the Spanish egg scramble with simple greens on the side!

Stephanie Waring of Juice Nashville, McKel Hill of Nutrition Stripped & Laura Lea Goldberg of LL Balanced

Where to go: Sunflower Cafe
What to order: Báhn Mi-style veggie burger or the arugula bistro-style veggie burger

Stephanie Waring of Juice Nashville, McKel Hill of Nutrition Stripped and Laura Lea of LL Balanced are all fans of the veggie burgers at Sunflower Cafe. Stephanie usually opts for the traditional sunflower-style burger (sundried tomato spread, red onions, field greens, tomato and garlic aioli), while Mckel orders her veggie burger Bánh Mi style, with no bun and on lettuce with sesame kale, bean and corn salad, and Bánh slaw. Laura Lea goes for the arugula bistro-style veggie burger and, like McKel, orders hers on a bed of greens without the bun.

Wondering how to eat healthy when dining out? We are here to help!

Sunflower Cafe has veggie burgers of many varieties and all are equally delicious. For a healthier spin, order yours on a bed of greens!

McKel Hill of Nutrition Stripped

Where to go: Samurai Sushi
What to order: California hand rolls

Sushi can be a great option for healthy eating. With high-protein fish that’s rich in omega-3 fatty acids — such as salmon and tuna, and fresh vegetables — an order of sushi can pack tons of nutritional benefits. At Samurai Sushi, McKel Hill bypasses the deep-fried rolls for California hand rolls, yellowtail nigiri, miso soup and seaweed salad.

Vui Hunt of Juice Bar and Vui’s Vietnamese Kitchen & Hunter Hall of Fleet Feet Nashville

Where to go: Juice Bar
What to order: “Orange You Glad” or “Fresh Greens”

It comes as no surprise that Vui Hunt recommends the fresh-pressed juices from Juice Bar as a healthy treat. Her favorite is Fresh Greens (celery, kale, spinach, cucumber, parsley and lemon). She also loves the nutritional and wellness benefits of taking a 2-ounce shot of fresh ginger every day. Hunter Hall of Fleet Feet Nashville also loves the juices and smoothies from Juice Bar. “I don’t think there’s anything better after a hot run than an Orange You Glad juice,” he says.


Laura Lee Gilliland of Iron Tribe Fitness

Where to go: Martin’s Bar-B-Que
What to order: The baked chicken plate

Barbecue doesn’t have to be the heavy meal we often imagine. Laura Lee Gilliland of Iron Tribe Fitness keeps things light with the baked chicken plate with no bread and sides, such as the broccoli salad and green beans as opposed to more traditional BBQ sides like mac & cheese and hushpuppies.


We can’t wait to try each of these healthy meals! Thanks to our experts who shared their favorites!


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