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The home is a place of sanctuary — a safe, calming spot where the worries and stress of everyday living hopefully disappear the second we open the front door. It should be a therapeutic oasis that welcomes every resident and guest with good vibes and a healthy environment. As much as we focus on the physical, psychological and emotional health of our bodies, so too does this energy need to be utilized within our homes as well.

Castle Homes, one of Nashville’s most trusted home builders, is a huge proponent of creating healthy places to live. In fact, their green building philosophy is to follow an all-inclusive way of responsibly building homes that prioritizes healthier, everyday living for homeowners.

“The house not only becomes more energy-efficient, but it is also part of what makes our house a home,” says Alan Looney, president of Castle Homes. “It takes it to another level. We’re turning a home over to a family and giving them the healthiest home possible, from the air they breathe to the water they drink. The air quality in the home is affected by the products that we put into the home, as well as the filtration systems that are used.”

New homebuyers and existing owners alike have the right to live in a healthy interior environment. Alan shares with us five home features that can impact and enhance health, each of which can be incorporated in both new and older homes.

healthy home

With each Castle Homes house that is built, healthy living for the homeowners is at the forefront of each decision that is made.

5 Easy Ways to Create a Healthy Home

Air Quality

“We add ERV (energy recovery ventilation) to our mechanical systems, [which are] designed to bring fresh air into the house rather than just recirculating the air that is already there,” Alan explains. Castle Homes also offers different levels of actual filters, depending on the homeowners’ needs. For older homes, owners can install their own fresh air exchanger and research the various levels of filters that can be used in conjunction with an existing unit.

Low-VOC Paint

VOCs, or “volatile organic compounds,” are unstable chemicals that release harmful gasses, most notably found in paint. By reducing the number of chemicals released in the air, homeowners are bettering their own health and the environment.

Healthy Home

Castle Homes employs the use of energy recovery ventilation to keep fresh air circulating through the home.

Water Filtration System

Castle Homes installs water filtration systems from the street for the whole house, in addition to point-of-use filters at the kitchen sink and refrigerator. Adding water filtration is the first step in ensuring the entire family is consuming clean water and removing unwanted chemicals.

Energy Efficiency

A home doesn’t stand completely on its own; it’s connected to its surrounding environment. Alan says to use green products that can help ensure a healthy indoor space while reducing the home’s overall environmental impact. Examples include CFL and LED lights, programmable thermostats, solar panels and low-flow fixtures, for example.

Natural Light

Adding natural light into your home is a positive for emotional well-being. “Opening blinds and curtains lets more light in and helps the home even feel healthier,” Alan shares. “Lighter paint colors also bring more light into the home.”

Let the light shine in by opening curtains and blinds. It’s a free and easy way to help your home feel healthier.

Regarding the pride that goes into the work that Alan and his team put into each home they build, he says, “It’s peace of mind knowing that we are building responsible, clean, well-built homes that people are living in without breathing in chemicals that can be harmful to our health.”

While these ways of bettering wellness in the home will cost money, depending on the amount and quality of service and product being installed, if budget is an issue, Alan suggests focusing on any immediate needs first, perhaps adding a water filtration system, and then steadily continuing to fix or improve other areas of the home.

“When it comes to your health, it’s always worth the effort and the cost,” says Alan. “Why not spend money on an area that is going to help you live healthier and longer?!”

Castle Homes has been building homes for more than 25 years in Nashville, Williamson County and Middle Tennessee. Their experience and focus on the needs of their clients allow a finished product that is beautiful, safe, modern and focused on the health of everyone who lives inside.

To learn more about Castle Homes and find out how you can incorporate healthy changes in your home or build a healthy home from the ground up, visit

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This article is sponsored by Castle Homes.

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