Each new season offers a time to refresh. As we swap out our swimsuits for sweaters, we should also edit our health and beauty routines. Experts in the fields of health and beauty share how they change their day-to-day routines for fall. Whether it’s focusing on yoga instead of endurance, or adding in a daily facial mask, the changes keep them happy and healthy throughout the changing of seasons. We are borrowing tricks from each of these experts to keep our hair, skin and body looking fresh for fall!

How are you editing your health and beauty routine for fall?

How are you editing your health and beauty routine for fall?

Lee Wright

Owner and Lead Stylist at Style House Salon

Trick to borrow: Take care of your skin

“Outside of sunscreen, I tend to neglect my skin in the summer. So, every fall I get back on my regime of Retin A and regular facials with our esthetician, Britt Martinez. Also, every fall I schedule a sciton laser ‘nanopeel’ with Betsy Moran at RG Plastic Surgery. It’s awesome — minimal downtime and addicting!”

Diane Mulloy

Owner of Osteostrong

Trick to borrow: Focus on nutrients

“I just sent my third and last child to college, so this fall the focus is all about me and my health! The foundation of every woman’s appearance and health is bones and posture, so first I will make it a bigger priority to do my weekly 10-minute sessions at Osteostrong. But I have also re-evaluated my nutrition and daily supplements. At age 53, I am adding Standard Process’ Omega 3s and Trace Minerals to my daily intake of probiotics, calcium, D and B vitamins. It is hard to get enough of these important nutrients through food, yet our bodies really need them, especially during the cold and flu season.”

Dr. Amy Valet

Physician at Traceside Dermatology & Allergy

Trick to borrow: Use a daily antioxidant 

“Fall is the best season to revamp your skincare routine and address your skincare concerns that may have surfaced over the summer. The most common concern I see in the fall is uneven pigmentation resulting from too much sun exposure during the summer. Now is the time to re-evaluate your skincare and make sure you are using a daily sunscreen and antioxidants. My favorite regimen is to cleanse in the morning with SkinCeuticals LHA cleansing gel, apply either SkinCeuticals CE Ferulic (for dry skin) or SkinCeuticals Phloretin CF (for oilier skin), then follow with Elta MD Clear SPF 46. Follow that at night with SkinCeuticals Resveratrol antioxidant gel, and exfoliate weekly with a NeoStrata perfecting peel.”

How are you editing your health and beauty routine for fall?

SkinCeuticals is Dr. Amy Valet’s answer to the changing seasons.

Heather Happy

Licensed Esthetician at Cool Springs Plastic Surgery

Trick to borrow: Hydrate

“For fall and winter, I am working on bringing the radiance back to my skin. I am adding in Skin Benefit’s Koji Pads — a true multi-tasker to brighten and even out skin tone — every morning. With the cold weather and dry air in homes and offices, I will use a deeply hydrating serum that won’t leave me greasy or shiny. Skinmedica’s HA5 absorbs quickly and hydrates for eight hours. I also use this as an eye cream to minimize under-eye lines. As for treatments, I plan on having three BBL photofacials to address the red and brown pigment, broken facial vessels and diminish lines around my eyes and lips. There is little to no downtime with this treatment, so I’ll be event-ready!”

Paige Simmons

Owner of Paige Simmons Salon

Trick to borrow: Use a pigmented glaze 

“I get static electricity in the cooler months, so to help keep that away, I use Davines OI/milk and Davines Shine mist. And because my hair is very dark and gets a little faded on the ends from the summer, I put a pigmented glaze all over my hair to give it shine — plus I put a little color back on the end to keep it from going too dark. To keep my skin glowing, I use Pixi Peel & Polish twice a week. I feel in the cooler months my skin loses that summer glow and this helps with that.”

Kathy Mead

Owner, Exercise and Health Coach at Fit for You

Trick to borrow: Focus on strength training and yoga

“Although I’ll take advantage of beautiful fall days to ride my bike or go for a hike, I also commit to regular strength training and yoga. As fall turns to winter, I’ve created an indoor exercise habit that I’m more likely to stick with as we move through the holiday season and into the coldest months of December, January and February — when, I find, most people struggle to maintain their fitness routine.”

How are you editing your health and beauty routine for fall?

Kathy Mead is trading endurance for strength training during the fall months.

Joy Stewart

Esthetician at Rhapsody Spa

Trick to borrow: Hydrate and exfoliate

“For the cooler months, I cleanse and repair skin at night with a hydrating cleanser and overnight mask, which replenishes the skin for a dewy look. I also remove the dead skin cells from the summer sun and heat by exfoliating my face with a gentle rice-based polish. I dry brush the body daily to remove dead skin and toxins, and follow up with a sugar scrub and hydrating lotion or cream — extra for the elbows and knees! For tighter and brighter skin, I use a balancing mask every Monday.”

Keri Rae Campbell

Stylist at Shine Salon

Trick to borrow: Transition your hair from bright to rich 

“Fall … my favorite time of year! Also, the perfect time to fall in love with something new — or back in love with a familiar favorite. Personally, I am looking forward to the rich colors of the season, especially when it comes to hair and makeup. To transition my bright, summer sun-touched hair, I use Davines Alchemic line. OI shampoo, conditioner, oil and all-in-one milk are my go-tos on the daily. My fall beauty secret is Grande Lips hydrating lip plumper (paired with lip liners and stains).”

How are you editing your health and beauty routine for fall?

Davines will keep your hair fresh for fall.

Maegan Griffin

Founder of Skin Pharm

Trick to borrow: Layer serums

“My pro tip when moving into fall weather: layer serums just like you do sweaters! It can be tricky knowing when to apply which product in your routine. I stick with applying thinnest to thickest for a brilliantly executed routine.”

Mandy Burnett

Owner of Harper & Olive

Trick to borrow: Protect yourself from the dryness of fall and winter

“I love the EMK Beverly Hills Rescue Serum — it’s like magic! As our weather here in Tennessee goes from hot and humid to cool and crisp, it is very important to protect your skin from the dryness that comes with fall and winter. This serum keeps my face feeling fresh, moisturized and glowing. I’ll use this serum as a prep before putting on my makeup, and I’ll also apply on my clean face right before bed.

“I also love to tone down my hair for fall and winter. Typically I’ll choose warm, rich, caramel tones. A fresh hair cut will also aid in keeping my hair healthy and strong through the dry months. Nobody likes dead or split ends!”

Candice Bruder

Owner of Pure Sweat + Float Studio

Trick to borrow: Be active in nature

“Fall is all about being active in nature for me — hiking and biking nearby at Percy Warner and beyond — and taking in the incredible foliage and crisp air. This will also be my first season post-pregnancy, with ACL surgery prior to that! So I’m really going to focus on strength conditioning, as well as several infrared sauna sessions each week for further caloric burn and general health. I love nothing more than a deep sweat, especially when it’s cold outside!”

When its cold outside, Candice warms up with a sauna session!

When its cold outside, Candice warms up with a sauna session!

Try these tips to be your best self this fall!

Thank you to all the folks above for sharing their health and beauty routines and tricks! 


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