Co-chairs Breck Wheeler & Chris McPherson with featured artist Deann Hebert

Co-chairs Breck Wheeler & Chris McPherson with featured artist Deann Hebert

All of us who have donated our time and talents to our kid’s schools, favorite charities or neighborhood organizations felt the pain of the two chairs of the Harding Art Show when it was announced that the show had been cancelled due to H1N1 or more commonly known as the swine flu.

Events like the Harding Art Show take on a life on their own with 42 committee chairs, hundreds of  volunteers, and  over 70 regional and local artists.  The decision to cancel was not like “pulling the plug”, it was like topping a fast moving locomotive.

So, it is with a great collective sigh relief to know this weekend, we can support a great school and say thanks to all those volunteers who either had mild strokes or nervous break downs upon hearing news of the cancellation.

Here’s why I love the Harding Art Show:

  • 72 of the original artists will be there.  Incredibly, only one artist can not attend due to a conflict.
  • With 21 new artists in residence, the show is guaranteed a fresh look.
  • The weekend is completely free including the two parties on Thursday and Friday nights for adults 21 and older.  Happily, adult beverages and food will be served both nights!
  • With its 33 year old history, The Harding Art show is still the best place to find local art at affordable prices.
  • Let’s face it–what a great way to start the summer.  Drag your husband or boyfriend for that matter and his checkbook or yours or both for a fun filled evening.  Art is one of the best ways I know to spruce up a room with a minimal investment.

Deann Hebert is the 2009 Harding Art Show featured artist.  Hebert, is a Franklin resident and rising star in the art world.  She won her first art contest in 4th grade ( of course, the prize winning portrait was of her Mother!) and never looked back.   After a lengthy stint as a graphic artist, she followed her HEART and ART.  She was voted one of Nashville’s favorites by the Nashville Scene.

Since I consider myself  a self proclaimed local collector, here are some of my personal FAVS.

artist cindy wunsch

artist Kim Baarick

Artist Kim Baarick

artist Darryl Glenn Steele

Artist Lauren Ossolinski

Harding Art Show
170 Windsor Drive
Nashville, TN  37205
Thursday, May 28 6pm-9pm
Friday, May 29 10am-9pm
Saturday, May 30 10am-3pm