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Mary Lawless Lee, the influential mastermind behind one of our favorite style sites, Happily Grey, is one day away from giving us an even bigger reason to visit the recently opened L&L Market, found on Nashville’s west side. Fortunately for us, and her many fans, Friday marks the grand opening of her new retail experience! Mary is taking her well-respected brand to the next level by turning her online presence into a bricks-and-mortar store filled with a curated selection of home and fashion treasures with several brands new to the Nashville shopping experience.

(SB TIP: Get to the grand opening early, because Mary is hosting a Q&A session at 9 a.m., and the first 50 attendees will get a swag bag. Doors officially open at 10 a.m. on January 24, 2020.)

Amid the celebratory excitement, we caught up with Mary to get the scoop on her grand opening, how she landed at L&L Market, and all things Happily Grey — including a coveted sneak peek inside of the new store!

Mary Lawless Lee of Happily Grey

Influencer Mary Lawless Lee is finally opening her bricks-and-mortar store, Happily Grey! Image: Jessica Steddom

You made the transition from a nurse in the Cardiovascular Intensive Care Unit to a full-time fashion blogger, then you segued into an influencer, and now you’re launching your shop. What inspired you to expand your brand and go bricks-and-mortar even though you already have a significant online presence?

To me, the Happily Grey retail experience is having a face to the brand. I saw the L&L building almost three years ago and fell in love with the architecture. I immediately knew it was the perfect spot for Happily Grey Headquarters and started asking people in town if they knew the plans for the building. I was actually one of the first tenants to sign on to the space, and my dreams for it expanded from there.

As we started mapping out our headquarters, and more continued to develop with the brand, it felt like a natural step to have a physical space that reflects everything Happily Grey is — fashion, beauty, lifestyle, home — in an honest and transparent voice.

Storefront for Happily Grey

The Happily Grey storefront, with its subtle signage, offers a glimpse into what we can expect inside.

Collage of finds at Happily Grey

From candles to statement earrings, each piece in Mary’s store is thoughtfully selected.

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We are so excited for the grand opening of Happily Grey. Can you tell us what we can expect from your store?

Every single detail you see, from the paint to the tile to the texture on each table, has been chosen to reflect the core of what Happily Grey represents. Readers should expect this to feel like walking into my closet!

What brands and products will you be featuring?

All of the pieces you see in the store — home and fashion — are the brands that I love. For fashion, look for Nanushka, Alexa Chung, Baum Und Pferdgarten, Farm Rio, Toga Archives, & Other Stories, Merlette, C/MEO Collective, Lapima, and Valet. For home goods, look for Oyoy, Sin, Skeem, Yield, Mifko, Vancouver and House N023. My sister’s accessory line called Her New Tribe will also be in the store.

Interior hat wall at Happily Grey

Check out the hat wall!

Interior of Happily Grey, with couches, shelving, clothing rack

Walking into Happily Grey is like walking into Mary’s closet. And what a closet it is!

curated finds at Happily Grey- cactus planter, earrings and bowls

The curated finds at Happily Grey include cactus planters, earrings and bowls.

Bowl with gold earrings at Happily Grey

Happily Grey runs the gamut of style offerings, from home to fashion. Here, a fun pair of bold, gold earrings are on display in an equally beautiful bowl.

I love you hand mold with Greek vegetarian book and woven bowls

A store that sells gorgeous recipe books, handcrafted bowls and fun art to adorn our shelves? We’re in!

What has been the biggest challenge or surprise in the process of opening your new store?

Where do I start? Ha! I’ve never done retail before, so it’s all been a learning curve. But I’ve loved the challenge. Whether it’s merchandising or the construction process, it’s all new but exciting.

What do you like most about L&L Marketplace?

I know I mentioned it, but the building itself is what initially drew me in — the history and architecture is stunning. I love the idea of maintaining something old but putting your unique spin on it. Being here, the community has been amazing. All the business owners at L&L have been on this journey of opening their doors together, and it has been so unique and special to be a part of that.

L&L Market sign

L&L Market is even more of a hot spot now that Happily Grey has taken up residence!

Inside L&L Market store, Happily Grey

The open floor plan and stunning windows at L&L Market make for a shop with a view.

Office set up inside L&L Market

This office set up is perfectly dreamy.

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You recently built a house, you have a new baby daughter, Navy, and now you’re opening your store — talk about extreme multitasking! How do you manage it all?

Well, it’s a give and take sometimes, but ultimately, my heart’s full of gratitude for an amazing team and support system that helps make it happen … Anndddd my husband is a rockstar. He balances me out while still pushing me forward and is an amazing dad to Navy.

As if you don’t have enough on your plate already, do you have any other plans this year that we should know about? Do tell!

Yes! Actually, a huge part of my initial vision for the store is Happily Grey the label. More to come soon!

row of white blouses

Clothing from handpicked, high-end brands are intermittently spread throughout the space.

Chanel book, earrings selection and cactus at Happily Grey

We could spend hours perusing the treasure trove of finds!

Is there anything else you want to add about what we can look forward to from Happily Grey?

I’ve never been more excited for this chapter of Happily Grey, and I’m so thankful to everyone who has followed me on this journey!

Congratulations, Mary, and thank you for letting us celebrate your grand opening with you! All photos taken by Leila Grossman, unless otherwise specified.

To visit Happily Grey’s new Nashville retail location, head to L&L Market: 3814 Charlotte Ave, Ste. 147, Nashville, TN, 37209. Store hours are Monday through Saturday, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. 


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