Grocery shopping comes with many a plight: fighting for the last parking spot; digging for the perfectly ripened avocado only to pick the wrong one; running into your neighbor/childhood best friend/sister’s coworker/mother’s doubles partner/middle school teacher/cousin all while trying to breeze down the aisles and make it home in time to actually cook dinner; grabbing that extra box of cookies because you skipped lunch; getting in the express checkout lane behind someone who has clearly exceeded the 15-item limit; quarreling with the self-check-out machine and getting in the car — only to realize you forgot the garlic.

Okay, plightmight not be the best word for these trials but nonetheless, grocery shopping is a chore — one some people whole-heartedly dislike. If that includes you, take comfort in the fact that you’re not alone and there IS help! These four companies offer grocery delivery that can save you the time and the hassle of a trip to the grocery store. Sweet relief!

1. Build your shopping list and pick up your items at the door with Kroger ClickList.

Service areas: 15 stores in the Greater Nashville area
Cost: $4.95 (As an introductory offer, Kroger is waiving the $4.95 service charge for each customer’s first three orders.)

Kroger recently joined the online grocery shopping game with their ClickList service, which requires three easy steps: add items to your cart, reserve your pickup time and place your order. Once the order is placed, a Kroger store associate hand-picks the items. At your scheduled pickup time, you drive up to the designated pick-up lane and a store associate loads the groceries into your car. As soon as you have your groceries loaded, you can continue on with your daily happenings without breaking a sweat or battling the trials of the grocery store.

We have heard from several readers that Kroger ClickList has been the best thing that’s ever happened to make grocery shopping easier. You have the convenience of your car, your list and your timing. Just sit down the night before, when the kids are in bed and you have your quiet moment and place the order. Wake up the next day knowing you are already ahead of the game and all you have to do is drive to Kroger and pick up your groceries! Now, that’s the way to wake up — feeling ahead, not behind!

“Customers are loving the convenience of being able to order their groceries online and pick them up without ever leaving their car,” says Melissa Eads, Kroger spokesperson. “Moms with young children especially love the service as do busy professionals. We plan to continue to roll the service out to more stores.”

From fresh produce to pre-packaged snacks, all of Kroger's offerings are avaliable on CheckList!

From fresh produce to pre-packaged snacks, all of Kroger’s offerings are available on ClickList!

Have you used Kroger's online shopping?

Kroger’s easy-to-use online program allows you to pick and choose which items you’d like to pick up. After shopping, all you have to do is swing by Kroger and allow a store associate to place the items in your car.

2. Receive healthy recipes and pre-measured ingredients from HelloFresh.

Service areas: nine countries (including Austria, Australia, Belgium, Germany, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom and the United States and having recently launched in Canada and Switzerland)
Cost: $8.75 to $9.90 per meal

HelloFresh does more than grocery shop. They also create recipes and meal plans. You can choose three to five meals per week, which serve two to four people. For each meal, you can select recipes from HelloFresh’s extensive recipe box. Once the selections have been made, HelloFresh ships you the recipes alongside the pre-measured ingredients they call for. As long as you are stocked up on olive oil, salt and pepper, you are all set! Vegetarians and families will rejoice over the boxes that are designed specially for them.

The list of 4,000 -plus recipes includes everything from smokey black bean cakes and vegetarian bibimbap to personal pizzas and barbecue chicken. Even better, each recipe can be made in 30 minutes or less and meets internal HelloFresh nutrition standards. “With the top five causes of death in the U.S. being food-related, there is a huge need to take control over our diets,” says HelloFresh in-house dietitian Rebecca Lewis in this StyleBlueprint article. “Cooking from scratch at home is absolutely the best way to look after your health. When you’re working with raw ingredients and turning them into a meal, you’re in complete control of what you’re putting into your body. You control the salt, butter and oil.”

Not only does HelloFresh make access to fresh, seasonal ingredients a breeze, it also alleviates the stress of meal planning. “The recipes don’t require complicated techniques or equipment so they’re perfect for kitchen newbies and masters alike,” says Rebecca. “We respect our customers’ limited time and want to short-cut them to the stove top.”

HelloFresh delivers fresh recipes and and ingredients right to your door

HelloFresh’s in-house dietitian Rebecca Lewis smiles and chops veggies in her happy place: the kitchen. Image: HelloFresh

HelloFresh's fresh and creative recipes are mouthwatering!

HelloFresh’s fresh and creative recipes allow customers to retire the frozen lasagna and serve something they are excited to eat.

3. Get groceries delivered to your doorstep with Shipt.

Service areas: Nashville • Brentwood • Franklin • Gallatin • Hendersonville • Hermitage • Lavergne • Mount Juliet • Murfreesboro • Smyrna • Spring Hill
Cost: $99 per year; $14 per month with free delivery on orders over $35

If you have shopped at Publix anytime in the past year, you are sure to have shopped alongside a guy or gal donning a green shirt with a logo that looks like a UFO. These are the vetted, trained and speedy Shipt Shoppers. Those looking to use Shipt need only to download the Shipt app and signup for a membership, select the desired groceries and allow Shipt to do the shopping, which in Nashville takes place at Publix. Within the same day (sometimes within an hour of ordering), the groceries will be delivered to your doorstop.

Shipt launched in Birmingham and has since grown to more than 25 cities to deliver groceries. In addition to saving time, Shipt promises a satisfying customer experience. Picky shoppers will likely be impressed with Shipt Shoppers’ attention to detail. For example: If you provide specific instructions for ripe avocados — and heaven forbid there are no ripe avocados — the Shipt Shopper will text you and give you the option of unripe ‘cados or another superfood of your choice.

“I get emails from customers who say, ‘Thanks to Shipt, I was able to spend the evening with my kids instead of at the grocery store,’” Shipt Founder and CEO Bill Smith told our Birmingham editor in this article. “We hear stories every day of individuals who are not easily able to go to the grocery store. Whether it’s a story from a new mom or an individual with a health condition, it is incredible to think that this company that started as a simple idea is changing and simplifying lives.”


The Shipt app (which is accessible via iOS, Android and web) is extremely user friendly. With a few quick taps, you can fill your cart and expect your groceries in no time. Image: Shipt

Have you used Shipt??

Shipt is actively hiring and training shoppers to meet the growing demand for grocery delivery. Once you notice these green shirts, you won’t stop seeing them in the store.

4. Gain affordable access to farm-fresh produce, meats and dairy with Green BEAN Delivery

Service areas: Nashville, Brentwood, Franklin (check here to see if you are in the delivery area)
Cost: Membership-based subscription service with no sign-up or membership fees; delivery is free (when you meet your bin’s minimum order); weekly or bi-weekly delivery schedule

Founded by husband-and-wife duo Matt Ewer and Beth Blessing, Green BEAN Delivery is designed to offer easy, affordable access to healthy and sustainably grown local food. And what sets Green BEAN Delivery apart is their sourcing of produce and products. They don’t do grocery shopping to fill the bins but instead source from local or regional farms (depending on the season and availability).

There are six options for bins, all of which feed two to four people and are filled with $20 to $49 of fruits and vegetables. With each bin, you can add groceries (from a selection of 1000-plus local and natural products) to your selection of fruits and veggies. Options include meats and fish (grass-fed beef and bison, pasture-raised poultry and pork and wild-caught fish), dairy and eggs (grass-fed, low-pasteurized milk; cage-free, local eggs; locally produced cheese), bakery items (local freshly baked breads, delicious snacks and desserts and gluten-free options) and familiar brands such as Annie’s, Amy’s, Back to Nature, Bob’s Red Mill, Cliff Bar, Evol, Happy Baby, LaCroix and Organic Valley, just to name a few.

Nashville grocery delivery services

Green BEAN Delivery bins are customizable to fit your needs. In addition to fruits and veggies, you can stock up on grocery items, too.

Fresh and local through Green BEAN Delivery

Biodynamic, education, agriculture and nutrition are four pillars that represent Green BEAN Delivery’s mission in building systems that address our communities’ greatest food challenges. Through their delivery platform, they are making farm-fresh food accessible to all.

Make time for all of your other chores (or better yet, relaxing!) by leaving the grocery shopping up to these trusted services!


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