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When TRILUNA co-founder Elizabeth Moore and IT professional Brent Amick met on Tinder eight years ago, they took it a bit slower than most. And boy, was it worth it. “We talked for a couple of weeks, which, in Tinder time, was a lifetime!” says Elizabeth. But their connection led to an exchange of numbers and, eventually, wedding bells. Check out this beautiful, long-awaited greenhouse wedding the bride describes as “moody forest glam.”

bride and groom posing in wedding attire
Elizabeth Moore and Brent Amick said “I do” on January 28, 2023, at Long Hollow Garden & Vineyards on the outskirts of Nashville, TN.

Brent and Elizabeth’s engagement story happened under the guise of a fashion show, with a lot of help from family and friends. “My brother-in-law, Eric Adler Bornhop, is a fashion designer, so my sister invited Brent and me to a fashion show he was presenting in,” explains Elizabeth. “We decided to get drinks beforehand at Crying Wolf, which immediately made me suspicious — it’s where we went for our first date and where we said ‘I love you’ for the first time.”

Elizabeth started asking questions, but Brent kept his cool. He asked if she wanted to jump into the photo booth for a picture to capture the evening. “We have a strip of photos from our first date there eight years ago,” says Elizabeth. To her surprise, Brent pulled out a ring just before the camera flashed, asking, “Do you want to put this on?”

“I blanked, panicked, got excited, and started laughing, all on camera,” Elizabeth tells us of the emotional moment. “And then after the photos, I asked, ‘Do you want to actually ask me?’” Once the official words were spoken, the happy couple stepped out of the photo booth to find everyone cheering them on.

wedding details
Florals by Elizabeth’s friend, Leah Mattix, complement a beautiful, gold-embellished invitation suite.

Finding the perfect wedding dress wasn’t the straightforward experience Elizabeth hoped it would be, but despite the challenges, she wound up looking and feeling beautiful. “My dress was a saga,” she admits. “I have a long history of body dysmorphia and eating disorders, so it was the part I was most anxious about. I went to Vow’d with my mom and sister and got this beautiful strapless and very puffy dress. We took the I said ‘yes’ photos and went to have some champagne.”

But when Elizabeth got home, she wasn’t so sure. “I got home, had a panic attack, immediately changed my mind, and had to call my mom and sister the next day to tell them I’d made a huge mistake,” she says. “My sweet sister bought me a pair of super shapewear (Honeylove is the ONLY way to go), and we went back to try again. I ended up with this incredible, formfitting simple white dress with spaghetti straps and knew I would take this one and edit it.”

bride posing with bouquet
“I needed something easy to move in, unique, and, of course, flattering,” Elizabeth says of her beautiful two-piece wedding ensemble. “The dress was all of those things. I’m grateful for the team that helped me work through my body dysmorphia to feel confident and calm in those amazing dresses.”

Bringing her dress to local designer and seamstress Eleanna, Elizabeth spent the next six months turning it into not one but two fabulous looks for her wedding day. “We added these beautiful organza sleeves with white cuffs and buttons,” says Elizabeth. “Eleanna fitted it to me perfectly before cutting the dress in half. For the reception look, she used accordion organza to make a short skirt with a fitted white skirt underneath.”

To help handle the rest, Elizabeth hired a wedding planner. “I had a close friend I trusted immensely, and I called her almost immediately,” she shares. Fortunately, her planner knew the perfect venue — a suburban farm and greenhouse in Gallatin overlooking a vineyard.

exterior view of long hollow vineyards
The couple’s wedding planner recommended the perfect venue: Long Hollow Gardens & Vineyards in Gallatin.

“My dad started a garden center with my grandparents, which is actually where he met my mom,” says Elizabeth, adding that her mother was a customer when her parents first hit it off. “My sister and I grew up running around the greenhouse and through rows of mulch, selling lemonade and sneaking side glances at all the boys as they watered the plants,” she recalls. “Some of my best memories are in that garden center, and now my wedding memory will be in one also.”

In keeping with her soft spot for greenhouses, Elizabeth chose a theme that would showcase the space and incorporate greenery, coupled with glamorous touches. “Just like my dresses, there are two very distinct sides to me: earthy-simple and fancy-unique,” she tells us. “I needed both sides to play out. We landed on ‘moody forest glam.’”

greenhouse set up for wedding ceremony with tea lights and greenery
For the ceremony, the greenhouse was decked out with wooden garden seating, hanging market lights, a candle-lined aisle, and of course, plenty of greenery.
aged greenhouse fountain
Set up for the ceremony, the greenhouse’s rustic elements provided moody contrast to tea lights and twinkling disco balls, setting a romantic scene for the festivities.

Additionally, Elizabeth’s parents brought in their expertise and artistry to create an even more custom aesthetic. “I come from a super creative family, so I knew I wanted to use the concrete bowls my mom makes and stuff them with the moss my dad collects,” she says. “My dad is a renowned moss expert, so this felt like a way to honor him. I also had my mom make some centerpieces out of wooden blocks with test tubes, to which we added individual flowers.”

“I called my friend Leah Mattix and begged her to do my florals, and she graciously agreed. I told her I wanted ferns and anemones; the rest was up to her,” adds Elizabeth. “She absolutely blew me away with the end result and was happy to work with our existing moss bowls, wooden centerpieces, and bud vases.”

Wood dining table with plants, cameras, and a guestbook.
The greenhouse offers warm, inviting vibes with greenery around every turn — a nostalgic element for Elizabeth, whose parents and grandparents owned a garden center.
Wooden vase holder with red and white tulips
Handmade by Elizabeth’s mom, these centerpieces offer the perfect splash of color.

When the big day arrived, Elizabeth got ready with her female family members and “friends in green.”

“It was absolutely the best to have so many friends from so many different eras of my life together in one place,” she offers. Snacking on pretzels, bagels, coffee, and champagne, Elizabeth says everyone “danced in and out of the room,” and she “felt so wildly loved on.”

The ceremony followed first looks, with the couple exchanging non-traditional vows and enlisting their 130 guests to join in, promising to stand by them and act as an example of love. Additionally, Elizabeth’s best friend (and co-owner of TRILUNA), Ashley Brooke James, read a blessing.

Friends look on as the bride and groom see each other on their wedding day.
Since Mother Nature is very particular about her lighting, Elizabeth and Brent conducted first looks to take advantage of the natural light. “We had all of our friends and family line up with Brent facing them, so they were all there to witness it,” she says of the moment they saw each other on their wedding day. “It was overwhelming but also really special; those photos are some of our favorites.”
The bride and groom pose together outside.
“I wore my grandmother’s ring on my left hand, a beautiful set of earrings from my friend Hunter Claire, and a pleated veil,” says Elizabeth. “I got a pair of lovely heels on Poshmark for less than $10 and then changed into a pair of Betsey Johnson rhinestone sneakers for the short dress.”
Wedding guests gather outside for a photo with the bride and groom.
“We both have really big groups of favorite people, so we decided, in the end, to have our sisters stand with us only,” says Elizabeth of her atypical bridal party. “My sister, Rachael, stood by me in a black jumpsuit and silver sequin jacket, and Brent’s sister, Morgan, stood by him in a black leather bustier, black velvet jacket, and gold sequin pants. I told them to find something they love in silver or gold, and they both absolutely nailed it.”
A group of 16 women, all wearing dresses in shades of green.
A vision in green, Elizabeth’s friends gather to celebrate and support the happy couple. “I asked all my loves to come in green, and it was so, so special to see them all dressed up together like that,” she tells us.
A chair holding a "reserved" sign and a photo of a man in a tuxedo.
Taking care to leave space for loved ones gone too soon, guests took their seats to celebrate the happy couple.
The bride and groom face each other during their wedding ceremony.
The wedding was officiated by Elizabeth’s childhood friend (and chosen family), Ben Wright, who attended school with Elizabeth — from third grade through high school.
The bride and groom walk up the aisle after the ceremony
Introducing the newlyweds!

At the greenhouse reception, guests grabbed a mug of spiked cider bearing Elizabeth and Brent’s wedding logo. They also added Polaroid selfies to a whimsical superlative wall that now hangs in the happy couple’s guest room. In a generous, personal touch, Elizabeth and Brent had hand-written notes for each couple.

“It was really important to us that when people walked into the space, they felt loved and honored,” says Elizabeth, “so we hand-wrote letters to every single couple. We wanted to usher them into the space with a warm beverage on a cold day and a love note. After the ceremony, we opened the bar and served mini grilled cheese sandwiches with tomato soups and small bites of shrimp and grits.”

Elizabeth’s friend and business partner, Ashley Brooke James, finds her own “love note.” (How stunning is Ashley’s cape by Nashville designer Charles Lord?!)
Close-up of two white coffee mugs that read "Brent & Elizabeth."
Custom mugs filled with spiked hot cider greeted guests upon their arrival.
Superlative board featuring polaroids of wedding guests.
The superlative wall was a HUGE hit. Something tells us we’ll be seeing this time and time again!
A serving stand of chocolate cupcakes featuring an "Elizabeth & Brent" sign.
The Cupcake Collection knocked it out of the park!

Looking to keep the party going and the energy levels high, Elizabeth and Brent hired a food truck in lieu of a seated dinner. “We opted to do a food truck to keep the vibe casual and focused on the main event: DANCING!” the bride tells us.

Once everyone hit the dance floor, it was clear that’s where they would remain for most of the evening. “My favorite moment (other than getting married, of course) was an epic dance floor moment,” says Elizabeth, recalling one of the evening’s cherished memories.

The bride and groom have their first dance beneath disco balls
“Brent and I danced to ‘The Love That We Made’ by Humming House,” says Elizabeth of their first dance, adding that Brent and his mom, Rhonda, danced ‘The Shag’ to James Taylor’s ‘How Sweet It Is’ and blew everyone away with their dancing skills. (Check out that gorgeous organza skirt. We love a reception look!)

Returning to the dance floor after their dinner break, Elizabeth and Brent began slow dancing to Etta James, gradually making their way into a fabulous Lizzo mash-up courtesy of DJ Desmond Newsom. “Brent and I separated, our friends got the memo, and everyone rushed the dance floor,” gushes the bride. “It went from the two of us to a completely full floor in less than 10 seconds, and it’s one of my most proud moments.” They followed that strategic move with the distribution of giant glow sticks, and the party had officially begun.

wedding reception dance floor
The guests got the message loud and clear — it was time to report to the dance floor.
The bride and groom kiss on the dancefloor
As for a grand exit? “We did a secret sneak away,” says Elizabeth. “We didn’t tell anyone, but we had the DJ announce that we were headed to Bastion for the after-party.”

Looking back, the bride offers some sage words for other brides. “Advice is hard because every experience is unique,” she admits, “but the main one is don’t let anyone talk you out of your own mind. If you want something, and your gut says it’s the right decision (like eloping, not allowing children, or having a drag brunch), do it. It’s your day, and you get to decide what that means.


Ceremony & reception: Long Hollow Gardens
Wedding Planner: Natalie Finley
Photographer: Christy Hunter
Flowers: Leah Mattix
Hair: Cayman of One10 Beauty
Makeup: Kristian Miller of Kris Miller Artistry for makeup
Bride’s gown: Vow’d with styling and seamstressing by Eleanna Flautt Stanton
Bride’s shoes: Shiny sneakers from Betsey Johnson
Catering: Southern Spoon
Cake: The Cupcake Collection
Entertainment: Desmond Newsom


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