Hopefully you have been taking our hints that Father’s Day is coming and it’s time to do some shopping. If you still haven’t found a special little something for Dad, we have scoured our favorite businesses around town and gathered a list of local favorites, just in the nick of time for your Sunday celebrations. 


Swim Trunks

It’s swim season and time for dad to sport a new suit. These comfortable swim shorts from J. McLaughlin are a classic fit and are fashioned with an elastic waist and side pockets. These preppy prints are just right for afternoons at the pool and cocktails on the beach. $98.

Styleblueprint_J Mac_swimsuits_fday finds_6-14

Embroidered swim trunks, available from  J. McLaughlin. $98.

Bow ties

Local artisan Otis James has made a name by creating custom men’s accessories. Composed of stylish tweeds, patterns and prints, these bow ties are made-to-order pieces that are truly one of a kind. Otis James accessories can be ordered online and also are sold at Stitch It & Co. $88.

Styleblueprint_Otis James_bow ties_fday finds_6-14

Custom bow ties, available from Otis James. $88.

Stadium Blanket

We salute dads’ devotion to watching sporting events, whether that’s a Super Bowl game or a middle school match. This stadium blanket from Billy Reid is the perfect gift for the spectator. With its thick cotton interior, waxed cotton backing and leather straps, this convertible piece also functions as an oversized bag to hold other tailgating essentials. $395.

Styleblueprint_billy reid blanket_Fday finds_6-14

Convertible stadium blanket, available from Billy Reid. $395.

Rocco Boot

Another splurge-for-dad item would be these Rocco boots by Peter Nappi. Made from charcoal canvas in Italy, they are summer’s answer to their classic leather sibling. Local company Peter Nappi knows how to craft long-lasting, gorgeous shoes, and this new style has definitely caught our eye! $600.

Peter Nappi

Peter Nappi Rocco canvas boots. $600.


Cocktail mix and shakers

If your dad cherishes a craft cocktail, you must buy him these mixes from Cadeau. Nicely flavored and not too sweet, Eli Mason mixers are locally made, all-natural products we absolutely love. Paired with this classic shaker, Eli Mason mixers are a perfect gift for your dapper dad. $15-$38.

Styleblueprint_cadeau cocktails_fday finds_6-14

Cocktail mix and shaker, available from Cadeau. $15 and $38

Cheese Straws

Dads love to nibble on savory snacks (and don’t we all?). Betsy’s Cheese Straws are a gourmet Southern snack made with all-natural ingredients — only real butter here! Available in assorted flavors like blue cheese and classic hot, these delicious wafers are absolutely addicting. At Whole Foods starting at $6.20.

Styleblueprint_cheese straws_fday finds_6-14

Betsy’s Cheese Straws, $6.20 for a box, $19.60 for a tin, available at Whole Foods.

Nut Butter

Peanut butter and jelly is a classic combination most dads relish. But once you introduce your dad to these artisan nut butters, he’ll bid farewell to JIF. Big Spoon Roasters, a company based out of North Carolina, has fabulous spreads that are not your run-of-the-mill flavors. Our staff “went nuts” over the almond butter with sea salt and ginger crystals. $16.

Styleblueprint_PRB_almond butter_fday finds_6-14

Big Spoon almond butter, available at Porter Road Butcher. $16.

Chocolate Bars

If your dad has a sweet tooth, you must treat him to Olive & Sinclair chocolates. These artisan bars are stone ground and made with only the highest-quality cocoa and gourmet ingredients. Some of the most popular flavors include dark chocolate with sea salt and buttermilk white. $6.99.

Styleblueprint_olive and sinclair_fday finds_6-14

Artisan chocolate bars from Olive & Sinclair. $6.99.

Spice Rubs

It’s barbecue season and time to spice up dad’s grilling routine. These delicious seasonings made by the beloved downtown restaurant The Southern Steak & Oyster can be rubbed onto pork, beef, poultry and seafood for an instant flavor boost. $7 each.

Styleblueprint_The southern_rubs_fday finds_6-14

Seasonings from The Southern Steak & Oyster. $7 each.

Wine Opener

If your dad likes to wine, dine and entertain, consider getting him this gorgeous opener from The Oxford Shop. Adorned with sterling silver and wood, this is a masculine but elegant gift that he’s sure to treasure for years to come. $101.

Styleblueprint_oxford shop_wine opener_fday finds_6-14

Wine opener from the Montana Artisan Collection, available at The Oxford Shop. $101.


LifeProof iPhone case

From sporting to hunting to mowing the lawn, dads have a way with tackling the great outdoors. The LifeProof case from Cumberland Transit will resolve all his inhibitions about damaging his phone amid adventures. Waterproof, dirt-proof, snow-proof and shock-proof, there’s very little this tough case can’t handle. $39.99.

Styleblueprint_life vest_fday finds_6-14

LifeProof iPhone case, available at Cumberland Transit. $39.99.

Portable speakers

If your dad loves to jive, consider the Epic Sound portable speakers from Cumberland Transit as a Father’s Day gift. These small speakers can be synced to MP3 players, smartphones or laptops and deliver highly amplified sound. This little device is designed for the outdoors and can last more than 20 hours before being recharged. $59.95.

styleblueprint_speakers_fday finds_6-14

Epic Sound speakers, available at Cumberland Transit. $59.95.

Go Pro

Home-movie makers and adventure-seekers alike will go wild over the Go Pro. Touted as the “world’s most versatile camera,” the Go Pro is a waterproof and dirt-proof device that can be mounted to belts, hats, surf boards, snowboards and so much more. Don’t wait to make dad a hero with this uber-cool gift (also found at Cumberland Transit). $299.99.

Styleblueprint_go pro_fday finds_6-14

Go Pro camera, available at Cumberland Transit. $299.99.


If your dad is an academic or simply enjoys an afternoon read, get him a gift from BookManBookWoman. Chock-full of first editions, masterpieces and contemporary literature, this new and used bookstore has something for all dads to enjoy. We chose a selection of historical literature and works by local authors for our fathers. Remember, they have brand new bestsellers, always at a discount!

Styleblueprint_bookman bookwoman_fday finds_6-14

Great reads from BookManBookWoman.

These are just a few of our favorite local finds we think your dad will love. Be sure to check out our Instagram feed for more great ideas. Now get out there and shop local.

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