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We had another post written, to stay in line with fashion on Fridays.  But, then I went to Carol Reynold’s Open House – featuring her handmade creations – and immediately scrapped the other post to devote today to this Open House.  If you can go, lucky you.  If you can’t, you will simply fall in love with these pictures.  These handmade decorations are so special and we wanted to make sure you had the opportunity to see them.  Without further ado…. see why her client list includes some of the most famous names in town:

The studio door

Smokehouse door

Note: you can incorporate your childhood toys in the design

Each Santa is painstakingly crafted by hand.  Their faces require hours of work to master the precise dimensions and life-like qualities present in each and every one.  Carol scours the flea markets in Paris and London to find the vintage clothing that adorns them.  When Santa is finally complete — I promise you — they are magical.  The Santas created by Carol are not inexpensive, but each will withstand the test of time and become keepsakes forever.

The velvet chapeau and ermine cape make this Santa irresistible.

This Santa sports Victorian boots and a vintage Ferris wheel toy.

Mr. & Mrs. Candy Cane wait on a bench.

Carol’s fanciful whimsy is seen all over her studio. I especially love these centerpieces which can used on a mantle or dining room table.

A snowy white owl in a gilded cage.

If you notice the left hand corner, Carol makes a cameo appearance.

I hope the photos of Carol Reynold’s creations have inspired you to go visit her studio during this Holiday Season.  I want to thank my dear friend, Ellen Wright, for helping me out in a pinch when my camera’s batteries decided go dark. I found out during this last visit that Carol used to teach third grade.  Her students must reflect often on the amazing and inspiring Mrs. Reynolds.

Open House weekend – Today, December 3rd and Saturday, December 4th from 10-4PM.

However, if you can not make the Open House, Carol will graciously be available by appointment.   If you have not driven down Moran Road lately, you are in for a treat — It is simply one of the most beautiful roads in town.  Both Carol’s view of the Harpeth River and her gardens are exquisite.

[email protected]
1111 Moran Road
Franklin, TN  37069


Add to this Open House an assortment of fun and wonderful events in town and your weekend is set.  Check out THIS WEEK for trunks shows, art openings, and other fabulous Open Houses!  Have a great weekend!

-Elizabeth and Liza

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