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Keratin complex before & after

As I handed over my credit card to the cashier at Elan, I thought, “Have I gone completely mad?” I had just spent over $300 to have my eldest daughter’s hair straightened, using the Keratin Complex treatment, after she begged me continually for MONTHS.  She inherited what some call a curse:  the combined Fox/McDonnell gene pool of really really thick hair. Hair so thick your average Target clip doesn’t work.

Occasionally, when I would take her to get her hair blown out, after about an hour, the stylist would look at me with sweat on her brow, as if to say, “Why me?” I guess my reluctance to spend the money comes from my conservative fiscal background; we’re do-it-your-selfers. I was raised in no frills household where a splurge was a “Pixie” haircut from Christine at Gould’s in Memphis.  And, believe me, you don’t want one.

Let me declare:  the Keratin Complex Smothing Therapy Treatment is worth every penny. Keratin Complex infuses natural keratin deep into hair’s cuticle at a higher payload – 40% higher (but still, what is a payload?) than ever before.  This revolutionary therapy eliminates up to 95% of frizz and curl and instantly adds amazing shine, silkiness and condition to the hair.  The results are astounding.  Clients rave that “this is a life-changing experience.” But it does indeed save a HUGE amount of time.  Your hair is more manageable, smoother and easier to style than ever before.  It is perfect on all types of hair and can be used on hair that has been previously colored, straightened or chemically processed.  Keratin Complex is considered one of the most innovative products to hit the hair industry in a long time.

A HUGE advantage is that this treatment lasts for 3 – 5 months and can be boosted in the interim to buy you more time.

Downside: For the first 72 hours you are supposed to let your hair hang straight down and you can’t wash it.  No pulling it back (some stylists say even to wash your face.)  This makes workouts and even answering the door hard.  I’ve heard my friends compare themselves during this initial “setting period” to the Boober, the Muppet stage.

If this treatment is for you, be sure to get it done by someone who has been trained in this process as it’s too expensive to experiment with a new stylist (which is why I also don’t recommend the do it yourself kit s – they are about $150 and the results, from what I have read, are not as good.  Kinda like DIY color I suppose…)  Also, be sure to buy all the products that extend the life of the Keratin Complex treatment because they continue to infuse Keratin back into your hair.

Here is what real Nashvillians are saying about Keratin Complex treatment:

“It has changed my life!  Blowout time has been cut in half, no de-frizz product necessary and my hair can endure a humid day without resembling a chia pet!” – Shelia Davis Curtis, makeup artist extraordinaire
“Blow outs are much easier, your color looks better, faster get ready time and I don’t put product on my hair anymore.”  – Melissa Lyons, nurse and wonderful mom.
g>”I hate my life, I hate my parents and most of all, I hate my hair and Keratin Complex fixed ALL of it!” – Lucy Fox, typical 14-year-old who has found Keratin-bliss.
“Absolutely worth the money…With the Keratin treatment my hair felt polished and I felt more put together. My appearance felt neater (even if I was in workout clothes). Wearing a ponytail seemed smoother and not like a rabbit’s bottom. On the other hand, as opposed to curly hair, with straighter hair you have to keep your roots colored more often…” – Mary Wilson, mom, excellent tennis player and Pure Barre enthusiast.

So, it comes down to this: if you have been fighting your hair and this will be what it takes to give you some mental energy back, this may be an excellent use of your money.

These places have come highly recommended for the Keratin Complex:

Summer is coming.  Get ready to say GOODBYE to FRIZZ!

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