Gloria Vanderbilt, Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, Coco Chanel…and SNOOKI?

Our guest blogger today is Mila Grigg, president of MODA Image Consulting.

The gorgeous Mila Grigg.

Here’s an introduction to Mila Grigg, in her own words:

“As a personal image consultant, I am passionately committed to helping you find your own style, elevate your self image and help you create a better life.  Together, in the privacy of your own home or office, we will transform and create an image that will show others who you truly are and how you want to be perceived.  My clients develop a unique style, image and wardrobe that will allow them to look terrific, enjoy showing their body type, feel confident about their age and do it all within a manageable budget.  I want to help you enrich your life and share the idea that your personal and corporate fashion is one key to a promising life.”

Today I took a moment to read Town and County, one of my favorite fashion magazines. I read a fantastic article about the one and only Gloria Vanderbilt.  The article begins with, “Vanderbilt is the most fascinating of the 20th century style legends…” What a worthy title for such an amazing woman.

Gloria Vanderbilt

Her story reminded me of the fashion icons of days gone by, and the difference between the women of glamour from our past and many of our current celebrities.  Sometimes I think my motto should really be, “Fashion is not FAD!!!”  Like glamour, class and great character, true fashion is more than seasonal, more than the latest reality show or the latest, greatest outfit at the music awards.  Fashion is not found in popularity on MySpace or Facebook.  Fashion, real fashion, is timeless. It is the elegant reflection of something magical that exists in every one of us.  It is that something that makes women different from men. It is that something that adds mystery and hope to a woman’s appearance.

When you see an exquisite outfit or the perfect dress, you just know it is right for you.  When you discover your personal style, perhaps begin to discover your own je ne sais quoi, you feel better and you know your inner beauty is radiating on the outside.  It is not called “BLING” and it is not called “HOT.”

Jackie Kennedy

Fashion is appropriate for every event and fits every age group.  Fashion does not come with a rating system like G, then PG and R.  True fashion represents how you feel about yourself, about being a woman, about being special in this crowded world.  Fashion is never defined by the description that says, “That is just something I wear when I am out at a party.”  That, my dear friends, is called A FAD, not fashion.  Many of today’s designers are really about fads; they do not design timeless pieces of clothing.  Instead, they litter the runways with outfits that shock us, outfits that take away the mystery of being a woman by showing as much skin as possible, and other expensive pieces that will have no real value within a year.

CoCo Chanel

Don’t get me wrong – fad can be fun, but I will tell you that 99% of the time it’s the equivalent of throwing money away.   Your hard-earned dollars spent on a fad will give you a marginal return on your investment.  As women, we are smart enough to spend our dollars on classic pieces with staying power. So the next time you are shopping and the girls are talking fashion, do notice the difference between fashion and fad.

Whether we like it or not, we are judged on our clothing and the statement we intend to make with fashion selections. Personally, I would love for my daughters to emulate CoCo Chanel, Gloria Vanderbilt or Jackie Onassis.

The “FASHION” of today’s stars like SNOOKI leaves something to be desired.


I’m not picking on SNOOKI, but why not, everybody else does.  We’ve all been there!  So always remember when you shop, when you get dressed each day, or when you invest in clothing – think Fashion, not FAD.  Think timeless. Think CoCo, Gloria and Jackie. Think about who is watching you!  Little girls, young women and aspiring professional women, all need mentors and examples to follow. Terms like bling and hot are not words that will bring added value to their lives or your own.  Remember, people are always watching you and when it comes time to impress, make certain that your fashion is truly fashion!!!!

Mila’s must have classics for your closet (in no specific order of importance!):

The timeless trench

Pearls make a statement, even with jeans.

This Michael Kors’ bag works for any season.

I highly recommend these Antonio Melani pants available at Dillards.


The classic flat from Nordstrom’s goes with everything.